Fic: The Viscount's Daughter

May. 21st, 2017 07:22 am
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Double post in quick succession because I have the memory of a sieve and didn't wait for reveals before making my last post. *eyeroll*

But! My [community profile] fandom5k fic was:

The Viscount's Daughter (9129 words) by shopfront
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Cora Hale/Lydia Martin, Allison Argent & Lydia Martin, Allison Argent/Scott McCall
Characters: Aiden (Teen Wolf), Natalie Martin, Derek Hale
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Tudor Era, Alternate Universe - Historical, Courtship, Drama, Slow Burn, Misunderstandings
Summary: The Honourable Lydia Martin, daughter of Viscount Martin, has been the talk of the country gentry since losing the Whittemore heir as her fiancé. But with the son of a Baron now calling, and the Duke Hale and his sister moving in nearby, will Lydia get a respite from gossip - or wind up the centre of another scandal?

Cardiff + gardening

May. 20th, 2017 07:13 pm
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Two really cool things I need to squee about. Firstly, gardening! I am not killing everything yaaaay. Happy garden things that have happened this week: Lots of garden babble, cut for the uninterested. )

Second exciting thing is we're off to Cardiff next weekend for the first time, to take advantage of the public holiday Monday and use up some Doctor Who tickets a friend gave us for Christmas. My shortlist of stuff to do depending on weather is: Bute Park and Cardiff Castle, Castle Coch, St Fagans, Cathays Cemetary, and of course walk the bay. But if anyone has any recommendations I'd love to hear them! We're only there Saturday-Tuesday, but given it's only three hours from door to door we're heading out early Saturday and back late Tuesday so I'm hoping we'll be able to squeeze a few things in.

In other news: note to self, enrol to vote tomorrow (it is SO WEIRD being eligible to vote in another country. So weird.)

*points to icon*

May. 20th, 2017 06:55 pm
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I didn't realise how much I needed another woman in command of a Starfleet vessel until the Star Trek Discovery trailer came out. A woman! A Chinese woman! A Chinese woman with an accent! Mentoring the main character, who is also a black woman and seems to have some interesting identity stuff happening with regard to Vulcans!

I'm trying to moderate my enthusiasm by concentrating on the fact that Georgiou is not the captain of the USS Discovery, and may therefore be a minor character, or she could even be killed off early on, despite what Wikipedia and IMDB say about Michelle Yeoh's appearance in all 13 episodes.

Buuuuut. I'm excited.

The Vorkosigan Saga in 5 Books

May. 19th, 2017 04:27 pm
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Friends! One of my favourite things made of words ever is up for the Best Series Hugo this year! That is correct, The Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold is a Hugo Finalist. And I am here with the lovely frequent Lady Business guest poster [personal profile] forestofglory (Anna), a fellow Vorkosigan fan, to present you with two ways to skim the highlights of this series in 5 books each.

Five books is kind of an arbitrary cutoff, but it's a lot fewer than 17!

Isn't that right!

Now, you may have seen that your Hugo packet includes Borders of Infinity as the sole representative of the Vorkosigan Saga. This is a collection of novellas/short stories with some interstitial material that constitutes its own (very) short story. If Baen, the publisher, had to pick ONE book, this is not a bad choice, as it gives several interesting adventures and tones from this series. However, Anna and I think it doesn't really cover the breadth of the series, and we're here to fix that.

This post is intended for two audiences: (1) People who have never encountered a Vorkosigan book in their life, or maybe have read one or two but don't really know the full series, so we can suggest a subset of the series that is readable by the Hugo voting deadline; and (2) Fans of the series so they can come argue with us about our picks. BOTH ARE SO WELCOME.

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May. 19th, 2017 09:33 pm
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Some feedback is now circulating regarding the Wonder Woman movie, and it is delighted feedback? GOOD JOB EVERYBODY

Also the teaser for the new Star Trek dropped! Even though I only watched it once on twitter in horrid quality after much buffering, I am still made of squee :DDD


Sidetracks - May 18, 2017

May. 18th, 2017 09:46 am
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Sidetracks is a collaborative project featuring various essays, videos, reviews, or other Internet content that we want to share with each other. All past and current links for the Sidetracks project can be found in our Sidetracks tag.

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SGA team video: "Friends"

May. 18th, 2017 01:07 pm
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This was made as a treat video for Equinox Vid Exchange 2017 Spring edition at AO3 - the theme of this vidding exchange was VIDS IN SPACE!

Title: Friends
Music: "Friends" by Flight Of The Conchords
Summary: Friends do things together...
Pairing/Character: everyone
Category: Humor/Team
Rating: general audiences
Length: 2:12

Vid, download link and lyrics at my LJ

The new Alien

May. 18th, 2017 07:32 pm
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I saw Alien: Covenant on the weekend, and gosh, it made me so happy. It delivered even more than I could have hoped for! Spoilers )

I guess I had a couple of fears going into Alien: Covenant – one being that they would try aggressively to get away from Prometheus (which they didn’t do), and the second being that they wouldn’t, and everyone would be really mean about it and I’d have to listen to them being mean when actually I’d liked it.

Instead, even people who think Prometheus is worse than Alien3 seem to have liked Alien: Covenant. Everyone wins!
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- Missing you already! Yes, I've been called away on another urgent holiday and am unlikely to be around next week. I'm informed that this booking also offers us discount entry to the "Flambards Theme Park", lol! Although not, alas, any holiday attractions with equally inappropriate names that I'm now imagining: the Poldark Experience... Frenchman's Creek Watersports Centre... Jamaica Inn Pony Trekking... My Cousin Rachel Gardening Courses (or should that be cookery?)... Zennor in Darkness Watercolour Weekends... Tristan and Iseult Speed-dating.... Any further suggestions, o flisty ones? Rebecca? Camomile Lawn? Penmarric? The Dark is Rising?

- Having received a complaint about the lack of lighthouse photos from Berry Head, I shall attempt to rectify my lapse with SIX photos of Flat Holm lighthouse and foghorn on the Welsh island of Ynys Echni in the Bristol Channel. The lighthouse was built in 1737, the gun emplacements followed in 1860 (and were still in use during the Second World War), and the foghorn was added in 1908. The island also has some locally rare flora including wild leek, which amused me by growing abundantly near the toilet block, lol.

1 Flat Holm with lighthouse, Ynys Echni 10-16

2 Flat Holm lighthouse, built 1737, Ynys Echni 10-16

4 more small images for lighthouse enthusiasts. )

(no subject)

May. 16th, 2017 09:47 am
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Interested in icon-making friends? Join our friending meme!

[community profile] icontalking is on dw now :D Good place for all your icon community needs!
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 photo tales-from-the-tbr-banner_zpsoc22mjt7.png

The book: Books 2-6 of the InCryptid Series by Seanan McGuire, starting with Midnight Blue-Light Special

The summary:

The Covenant of St. George was founded to uphold one simple ideal: anything that was not present on the Ark—anything they deemed "unnatural"—needed to be destroyed. Monsters. Creatures of myth and legend. All of them would be wiped from the Earth in the name of Man's dominion. Unfortunately for them, not all the monsters agreed with this plan...and neither did all the human beings.
After their rather abrupt departure from the Covenant, Alexander and Enid Healy found themselves alone in the world, but with a simple mission of their own: to protect the cryptids of the world from those who would harm them without just cause. It was a cause that would eventually claim both their lives, leaving their children, and their children's children, to take up the fight. Now in the modern day, their descendants struggle to stay beneath the Covenant's radar, while defending the cryptids from humanity—and humanity from the cryptids.

How I found it: Like many of us, my gateway Seanan McGuire book was Rosemary and Rue, the first October Daye story. From there, I began seeking out her other work, and as another urban fantasy series, InCryptid seemed like the natural next step. I read the first book, Discount Armageddon, in 2013 or so, and I enjoyed it, but didn't fall in love with the universe or the characters nearly as much as I had Toby and her world. So when I had to set aside the second book, Midnight Blue-Light Special, only a few chapters in, I didn't feel any strong urgency to return. But I kept buying the new volumes, on the assumption I would get back to them someday. And someday is now.

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- Berry Head and Brixham harbour, Devon. Berry Head Lighthouse is known as the "shortest, highest, and deepest" and cutest lighthouse in the UK due to being only 5m tall but 58m high above mean sea level, and was originally turned by a weight dropping down a 45m deep shaft dug into the limestone headland (Devonian rock, obv). This is the view south west towards Cod Rock (cod is a fish, obv), the Mew Stone (a mew is a gull), Durl Rock (named for Durl Head), with Sharkham Point and Scabbacombe Head beyond. The lighthouse is behind me, with Torbay beyond.

B05 View south west from Berry Head, Brixham 05-17

Legalise Freedom.

B04 Legalise Freedom, Brixham 05-17

Three images of boats, and a book review nobody need read. )

Talking to Artificial Intelligence

May. 15th, 2017 06:44 pm
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Now the video is online, I thought I would link to Talking to Artificial Intelligence, Genevieve Bell's talk at Webstock 2017. It's like half an hour, though you can probably skip the first 4–5 min.

Genevieve Bell is very cool. She's an anthropologist has worked in tech a long time, and this talk is basically an imaginary ethnographic interview with AI, based around five questions:
  1. What's your name?
  2. Who raised you?
  3. Where did you come from?
  4. What do you do every day?
  5. What are your dreams?
My fav talk at the conference!

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