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For [ profile] teenygozer!

Title: i say fever
Video: Farscape
Audio: I Say Fever // Ramona Falls
Summary: love is a fever.

Direct download available here. 32 megs approx. RightClickSaveAs.

Password: vidses

Vidder's notes - aka, why this accidentally turned into a vid not a vidlet... )

I will index and crosspost all vidlets at the end of November or when I've done all the prompts if I decide to keep going to finish them.
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You guys, it's not even BSG!

Title: Gunz Yo
Video: Farscape
Audio: Gunz Yo // Sage Francis
Spoilers: Eeeeeverything.
Summary: My pistol wormhole is a sex machine.
Editor's Notes: My thanks to [ profile] asta77, [ profile] kiki_miserychic and [ profile] sabaceanbabe for helping me out on beta duty! Also, I feel I've now officially migrated to Ulead CorelVideo Studio as it's now known. Um, go me?

Password: vidses

Direct download available here. RightClickSaveAs. 27 megs approx.
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Anyone want to beta a just-less-than-three minute Farscape vid for me? *bats eyelashes*

It's about John and his frelled up relationship to guns and other weapons of mass destruction. HIS GUN IS BIGGER THAN YOURS! Ahem.

*bats eyelashes some more*
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Wow. I'm vidding again. It's...weird. I did a very little bit about a week ago on this project, but now I'm like...spending hours VIDDING again and it's...weird.

Mostly weird because I'm not rusty in one sense - I've been working with editing together footage for the past three or four months all the damn time, but also I wasn't quite ready for how unfamiliar this particular sort of editing would feel. Even though, like I said, I don't exactly feel rusty. More...sideways. Huh.

It probably also doesn't help that I'm vidding something other than BSG for once (Farscape, John Crichton and his obsession with guns and weapons of mass destruction, for the curious) and I'm not so aware of the clips as I would like/once was, plus I'm having to get used to the lack of native camera movement in a vid that could really use it.

I'm certainly not done with BSG vidding. I still have about a billion vid bunnies for it, though weirdly (or perhaps not at all weirdly) a lot of the old vid bunnies I had died and got replaced by new vid bunnies in the wake of the finale. (Though only one of them is a meta-critical-of-the-ending type of thing, the rest are just...vids for BSG just...not the ones I wanted to make before).

But hey.

Maybe I'm growing as a vidder. o_O


As you can see, there really is no point to this post.
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Okay so. When I started hating The X-Files, it was right around the time I fell for Farscape. When Farscape got axed BSG very kindly showed up to steal my heart. Now that BSG is over (and my heart is in tatters; nope, still not over the surreal anti-intellectual reactionary technophobic crap: after all the stuff it pulled and the wars fought in its name they should have kept the tech and thrown GOD into the sun) I find myself adrift.

My cunning plan was to jump on the Terminator train and develop wallow in an enormous crush on Agent Ellison and an intellectual crush on Weaver/Cameron/John Henry. However, it's looking increasingly and depressingly likely that it won't get renewed. *commences wailing*

And for real, I watch like, no television. Occasionally I'll catch an episode of House or Bones or something but other than that, my TV schedule consists pretty much exclusively of BSG, Terminator and, when it's on, Dexter. So I need advice on what to start watching next.

I know you can't force fannish love, but I can at least start, um, "seeing other shows," and finding out if there's a spark, right?

So, my personal ad! Sorta.

I am SOOOOO picky. Damn. )

I guess what I want is intelligent science fiction, with a side-order of character-arc and extra epic.

Do any of you know where I might be able to find such a thing these days?

* * *

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Because I realised while cleaning up my tags (AHAHAHAA okay, while cleaning up one of my tags) that I got this journal for my second vid, so every vid I've made is archived here except the first, which seems wrong, somehow.

This vid is on my website and everything so I'm pretty sure anyone with an interest has already seen it. So please don't worry about commenting, etc. This really is just going up because I'm a completist and want all my vids archived here.


Title: Alexandra Leaving
Video: Farscape
Audio: Alexandra Leaving - Leonard Cohen
Summary: John leaves and is left by everyone.
Editor's notes: OMG first evar vid. Though actually I think it's better than my second, so go figure.

Direct download available here. 56 megs approx.

Password: vidses

You know, it really is a shame I got into vidding so late in my Farscape career. That was one beautiful show. Maybe one day I'll vid it again. *nostalgia*
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So on a forum I hang at, there's this plan to come up with the forum's top 100 shows by popular vote. Everyone's encouraged to submit their top ten and then they'll poll the results. I figured since I spent time thinking about this, I'd cross-post here. Especially since with hiatus fever there's been a distinct lack of fannishness here-abouts.

It's a very personal list and the fact that I probably watch very little TV means that I'm sure there are loads of other shows out there I'm missing that really oughta be in this list. But still, my biased attempt:

The Countdown, BABY! No,'s not in reverse order. The Countup, Baby! )

And thus ends my pretentious, non-inclusive list!

And yes. I feel terrible that Doctor Who isn't on here because it's massively iconic and I do really love large tracts of it, and I shouldn't let my emerging vendetta against Russell T Davies affect my enthusiasm as much as I'm doing. It almost made it on several times. But in the end, I guess, I figured there are other people who'll fight for Who. And while it might - overall - be one of the most important TV shows I've ever seen, I'm not sure I can genuinely claim it's one of the best? I don't's a tricky one and I hope no one decides to skin me alive for leaving it off. ;)

P.S. [ profile] asta77, have started watching House. It's pretty impressive! Enough so I may make a stab at watching it this fall season, though my schedule's pretty tight with Heroes, Dexter and perhaps the Sarah-Jane Smith adventures. Either way, thanks for the recommendation!
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Holy shit.

I have no idea what to make of this. I mean it's kind of awesome but it seems odd bringing back such a complex, expensive looking universe for thirty minutes of programming. Especially if they're going to get Browder and Black back. And if they're not...or if they're going to scrimp on sets, etc., well, I'll watch, obviously, but...feh. It's So unexpected, I guess.


Aug. 20th, 2006 12:08 am
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Today I will write
only in haiku because
then I sound so wise.

for [ profile] sonofgodzilla
Oh, feline purrers
what do you know of hardship?
I ache for your paws.

for [ profile] automated_alice
Captain Jack Sparrow
your eyeliner is pretty.
All the boys agree.

More Haikus for the brave. Including Snakes on a Plane, my current surroundings, and increasingly serious three line character studies for Farscape, Battlestar Galactica & Doctor Who. I'm so geeky. Can you guess which is which? )

Becky is so tired.
Why will she not stop writing?
Wisdom's addictive.

Anyways, night all. I'm off to bed. Want a custom Becky-made haiku? Leave a request in the comments.

Hmm, this is the closest thing to fan fiction I've written in forever - maybe there should be a new sort of fic - Haiku!fic - the new drabble!

ETA:two new Doctor Who haikus. This is proving addictive, and problematically serious.

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