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1. OH MY GOD YOU GUYS THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER! It's slightly more amazing if you are familiar with Tom Waits, but it's still awesome, regardless:

I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO UNSEE IT. I love Tom Waits, but from now on, it will always be Cookie Monster singing.

(Random sidenote, I got a Cookie Monster hand puppet for Christmas when I was about three, it had a hole in the back of the throat so you could make it eat the cookies it came with, and one of my earliest memories is TOTAL CONFUSION when my Dad did that. WHERE DID IT GO? I KNOW THAT'S A PUPPET!)

2. I've been enjoying the DC relaunch but I'm really sad that there's no Marvel family, especially that they're not using the chance to fix that crap they did to Mary Marvel way back when. Anyway, I was also thinking that I miss Stephanie Brown, and thus, I have come up with the BEST TEAMUP COMIC EVER. Seriously if I could draw for shit I would totally draw fake covers, but I can't, so whatever. But there should totally be a comic called: SHAZAM & the Power of Spoiler! (With an exclamation mark - that is a very important part of the title).

The Adventures of Captain Marvel and Stephanie Brown! )

3. I have really been enjoying the last few episodes of Fringe, and I am really not looking forward to Peter coming back. I don't want to dislike him, I really, really don't. But all the interesting stuff is Olivias and Walters and Peter is the catalyst for so much of it but only ever makes me annoyed when they try to actually include him. I think I may get one more episode max before he comes back, so I will do my best to enjoy tonight's story and hope it has more BAMFlivia action. I really enjoy watching the two of them interact. And Walter is back to being heartbreakingly unstable instead of bordering on functioning enough we can start to hate him again.

4. Oh, Doctor Who. I don't hate you are anything? BUT. )

The acting, at least, was lovely! :)

5. I LOST MY JOB. LOLS. Well, not lols, actually it kind of sucks, but there you go. I'm employed til the end of the month, then I'm going on holiday for a few weeks which I'd already booked so, you know, I'm just gonna go. It was kind of not totally shocking but I did think I had a good chance of at least holding on until the new year. ALAS. I'm kind of annoyed because due to work shenanigans, they issued my redundancy notice three weeks earlier than they had to, legally, and it's going to screw me out of two weeks of redundancy pay I could claim in lieu of notice from the National Insurance Fund, and we asked them not to do it this way, but they did anyway. So now everyone's pretty irked. Whatever, on the plus side I may qualify for some money to do some professional training courses to help me find another job, so I might finally get a certificate or something to PROVE I can audio type faster than monkeys eat nuts.

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Title: Hands Away
Editors: [ profile] chaila43 and [ profile] beccatoria
Music: Interpol
Video: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles//Fringe
Summary: I can't reach you. Sarah Connor/Olivia Dunham
Notes: Premiered this weekend at the [community profile] wiscon_vidparty. Thanks to everyone who made that vidshow happen!

Streaming and download options can be found HERE!


Password: vidses

See all [ profile] beccatoria's vids here | See all [ profile] chaila43's vids here.
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OKAY. So this time I'm probably not gonna get to watch Doctor Song on time anyway because I'm off for bowling and tasty food (yes, ironic considering the guest character in this week's Fringe) for a friend's birthday, and also, having spent a week or so considering it, I'm not sure whether I want to maintain a weekly response for this series or to just...wait until it's over and then respond to it as a (half) season. We'll see. Either way, instaresponse to Fringe.

In four words, better than I expected.

Obviously, for me, it was all about Olivia. And so awesome and such a relief to get her back. I still find myself wondering what the point in the Bellivia arc was because all it seems to have done is wipe clean the fact that Peter killed those shapeshifters (why even RAISE it if you're not gonna address it?) and give Olivia a moment of zen fearlessness that apparently is going nowhere. But...whatever, I'm back to tentatively considering that the third season may overall end positively even if it got hella wobbly in the middle for a while.

Briefly, What I Didn't Enjoy. )

Okay, so the stuff I did like basically comes down to the kickass and the emotional.

Kickassery! )

Emotionality! )

Sam Weiss? )

In sum, surprisingly well-played Fringe. Keep it up. And try not to annoy me with all the shippy stuff I imagine is coming next week.
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Okay, I'm writing this up a bit early and probably without quite enough thought because later today DOCTOR SONG comes back and I imagine that will eat my brain for a while.

So. That was actually...mostly pretty cool.

The thread that fails in an otherwise excellent episode. )

To move onto the things I liked about it though:

All the stuff I liked! )

And, I'm done. :)
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SO. Four word review: meh, needed more Olivia.

This is super short for me. Like, almost a sane length for a review. I should be ambivalent enough not to be overly interested in dissecting my ambivalence more often!

Bye Bye Bell? )

Olivia. )

Peter. )

Weren't there some murders or something? )

So how 'bout that ending? )

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DUDES. It has been forever since I posted any vids. Because I have been doing silly things like Making Things for Cons which Cannot Be Released Forever (or, in the case of one of them, until just over a week from now omgs). So, possibly I should have spent more time on it, but GLEE A VID ATE MY BRAIN. To one of the most overvidded songs on the planet even! :D

Title: Mad World
Video: Fringe
Audio: Mad World // Gary Jules
Spoilers: Up to 3x17.
Summary: This is a single moment and everything is happening now. [Olivia, Walter, Peter].

Direct download available here. 48 megs approx. RightClickSaveAs.

Password: vidses

Cross-posted to [ profile] vidding and [ profile] fringe_tv.

Other vids available here.
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Four word Fringe review: I didn't hate it!

Also I'd meant to get these things out a bit quicker than I have been recently. I think it's because either I haven't been as enthused or my thoughts (as last week, as, to a small extent, this week) have run somewhat tangentially to the actual episode and have thus taken me more time to get in order.

Basically, in some ways, I think the wound in my soul left by BSG has finally done some...good in that I was so afraid of Fringe falling down the rabbithole of 4.5-level suck because it had suddenly "gone there" on a romance I narratively feared, and had introduced babiez, that my minimised expectations - the fact I'd reached the bargaining stage of grief for a storyline we may yet get but I suspect not (the epic, permanent breakup of Peter and Olivia), - this was a vaguely pleasant surprise.

Things Which Did Not Happen! )

Bloodlines vs Immortality; Altlivia vs Olivia; Daft Plots vs Better Emotions. )

Science vs Nature; Fringe vs BSG; Standalone vs Standalone. )

So, back to the episode.

No, not really, we're actually going back to Stuff I Hope Happens before the end of the series and Stuff I Don't Know how they can resolve. )

NOW we're going back to the episode! Four final thoughts. )

Thus concludes the most pointlessly rambly review I've written in a long while... ;)
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Well goodness this icon suddenly seems appropriate.

I really only have two things to discuss re: this episode, and surprisingly neither is an actual opinion about the merits of putting Spock in Olivia's body. Which I thought Anna Torv handled surprisingly well given I was...impressed but not entirely taken in by her voice at the end of the last episode. This time I think the physicality she brought to the character did and the delivery did more than the accent. Regardless; I'ma wait and see whether they did something awesome or just weird with that. I got some thoughts, though, briefly on Bell and less briefly on the nature of reality, physics, spirituality and the relationship between those things, (a) in my head and (b) on Fringe.

William Bell. )

Okay, that over with, let's talk about the possibly religious chatter about meaning and purpose at the end.


Fringe: Os

Mar. 16th, 2011 06:12 pm
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For those of you who even noticed I hadn't posted a write-up on this yet, the reason for its lateness is probably easily guessed - it wasn't that interesting.

The plot, Walter and Nina. )

So, yes, I liked that.

Blah, blah, Peter/Olivia, and also some stuff about the way I've started having to see Peter's character. )
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Well, that was...not horrible! Yay! I mean it was a bit weird, and since it occurred entirely in flashback, not only did I miss Anna Torv like crazy, it didn't really deal with any of my ongoing anxieties regarding the direction of the show. That said, it wasn't as retcontastic as I'd feared, destiny was nowhere to be seen and the twist at the end was pretty awesome. On the negative side, I kind of expected more answers, and Fringe does its usual thing of presenting interesting ideas without Directions on Use, meaning I'm fairly certain they'll be seen in far more...well, to indulge myself and hopefully not offend anyone reading, stereotypical shippery ways than I think they should be.


Plotses. )

Peterses. )

Walterses. )

Oliv(e)(ia) )

Last thing: Orla Brady as Elizabeth Bishop was really, really excellent and that's about all I have to say about her, except that I really wasn't expecting this episode to mostly BE about her, and was...somewhat impressed and charmed that it was, and therefore feel guilty about not actually...taking more time to talk about her. Both of her. Because she totally owned a lot of this episode and completely convinced me of her character and all its nuances, in both versions.

Soooo yes. A cautious thumbs up that would be a big thumbs up if I just trusted the show and the current direction slightly more.

ETA: OH OOPS FORGOT TO ADD, I have to admit, while I occasionally found the "VCR" lens they were using a bit offputting, it was HILARIOUS to see that they cleaned up the picture a little in the "Betamax" footage.
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Okay, I have super ambivalent feelings about Fringe right now, but, if this isn't just some onset prop error, this is KIND OF AWESOME:

Watch the lights behind Olivia when she's looking a bit stressed out by Walter's ranting. THEY ALL FLICKER.

Fringe: 6B

Feb. 19th, 2011 03:30 pm
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My four word Fringe episode review, as illustrated by my icon: This ship is better.

Okay, for serious though that...happened. I'm struggling to articulate how conflicted I feel about it, on a narrative level. I think I have found the problem with this storyline, and it's...not actually the story. Well it is, because it's a bit dumb, but MORE than that, it's Peter.

6B )

Promo for next week. )

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Spoilers for the US and Canadian promos follow (available on your friendly youtube):


Here's sincerely hoping I'm overreacting. I've been known to do it before. Le sigh.
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My four word non-spoilery review: "Oh Fringe, honey, no."

Eh, but I'm not eating my last post just yet. And I'm still kinda worried that the ratings dropped so much this week - and am oddly gutted at the prospect of not having it around for season four. There's other show I watch really. WHAT WOULD I DO? I'm kind of hoping that it was a temporary dip considering everything dipped about the same amount that night, but I have no idea if for the amount of advertising Fox are expecting it to actually like, idk, completely astound all common wisdom on the nature of Friday night programming and/or actually beat CSI: NY instead of coming within .1 of it in the demos.

Right, okay, enough ratings chatter. Let's get on to my four gabillion word spoilery review:

Oh Fringe, honey, no. )

Fauxlivia )

Walternate )

The Altverse and that thing pretending to be a plot. )

Next week...? )

In sum: Oh, Fringe, honey, no.

(Also eventually I will get around to my epic post about how I think the show has completely failed to give Peter a character, but another day. It will be better for all our sanity.)
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Okay, I have a Lot Of Thoughts about this. Basically, haters may wish to bookmark this post so that when the show goes totally off the rails and fails worse than BSG, Lost, and that Dallas Shower Thing combined, they can come back and mock me mercilessly.

However. I honestly think they're setting up these pins to knock them down. Here is why:

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So, I liked that episode. I spent so much time recently wringing my hands about the fact I now had to deal with a ship I didn't particularly want to set sail, that I forgot that, while Olivia has been my favourite for a long time, and I've always loved her, it was probably Walter who first stole my heart.

Walter and traditional science fiction and characterisation and consequences. )

So yes, I enjoyed that episode quite a lot.

Olivia and Peter and why I can't quite connect to Peter, with extremely vague, generic spoilers and spoilerspace for the shy at the appropriate place. )

Anyway, them are my thoughts.
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SO! Fringe is coming back soon and I kind of fell out of habit of posting about it during the latter part of the first half of the season and mostly responded in others' posts. But since we're about to take the plunge back into the show again, I thoughts I would...catalogue my thoughts.

They mostly relate to Olivia and her character development and her arc and her romantic arc with Peter because I'm not really in a place of speculation about the metaplot except inasmuch as it intersects with those aspects because (1) it's crack (this is not a criticism), and (2) I'm not really that fussed about figuring it out ahead of time. It's fun not knowing, even though I still think people from before the times of dinosaurs is the most ridiculously dumb shit I've heard in a long time. Unless there's timetravel involved. Which there might be. Damn, there I go, speculating on the metaplot when this was supposed to be all about OLIVIA and why I don't ship her with people and stuff.

OMG I am so untrusting. Here are my anxieties. What do YOU think will happen next? )

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For [ profile] ghanimasun! I wanted, originally, to do your Farscape prompt because I've never really vidded Chiana and I imagine it'd be wicked fun, but annoyingly the prompt just wasn't clicking, so I decided to move on and add to my growing collection of vidlets about how Olivia is Alone. My narrative kinks, let me show them to you. *facepalm* ;)

Title: I'm Gonna Fall
Video: Fringe
Audio: One Foot Wrong // Pink
Summary: It's all down to you, kid. Don't trip up.

Direct download available here. 10 megs approx. RightClickSaveAs.

Password: vidses

I will index and crosspost all vidlets at the end of November or when I've done all the prompts if I decide to keep going to finish them.
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For [ profile] grav_ity!

Vidder's notes, wherein I hope I did not squick my prompter... )

Title: Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
Video: Fringe
Audio: Slow Dancing in a Burning Room // John Mayer
Summary: Nobody's gonna come and save you, we've pulled too many false alarms. (Peter/Olivia)

Direct download available here. 10 megs approx. RightClickSaveAs.

Password: vidses

I will index and crosspost all vidlets at the end of November or when I've done all the prompts if I decide to keep going to finish them.

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