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Guys, you guys, you ALL need to see this vid!

loved her to ribbons by [ profile] chaila43.

Don't worry if you've never seen Damages, cus I haven't, but I still love it. All I know about that show is 1) apparently the main character, played by Glenn Close and named Patty Hewes (and I'm not even sure I spelled that right) is a badass lawyer who does all kinds of dodgy shit in the name of greater goals, and 2) IN THIS VID I AM HER.

Cus the premise? Patty is a Laura Roslin fangirl watching in increasing despair, drunkenness and violence as 4.5 destroys her beloved TV crush.

It works on three levels.



3) Actual powerful and subtle commentary, not just on the fact that the show failed but on all the ways it was the FAULT of the show that it failed. That it should have known better. For...a more eloquent summation of these things, see [ profile] grrl_unscripted's comment at the above link.

Really guys, you all need to watch this vid.

Again, it makes me feel vindicated for my belief that all the best things, serious or not, are deadly serious crack.
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Yeah, so I thought the meme looked fun, until [ profile] nicole_anell gave me Laura Roslin, Natalie the Six and Tory Foster. HARD CHOICES PEOPLE.


1. Comment and I will give you 3 people for a fandom I have some idea you are interested in (if I know the characters).
2. Post this meme with your answers.
3. Provide pictures and the names of three people.
4. Label which you would marry, shag, or throw off a cliff.

Marry, Shag, CLIFF! )

Okay, now it's your turn! You know you want to play! :D
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Here's my eighth response to [ profile] thearchive2's challenges!

Title: I Want to be Evil
Video: Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Audio: I Want to be Evil - Eartha Kitt
Summary: Tory wants to know how big a difference Laura sees between them; because she doesn't see much of one at all.
Editor's Notes: My thanks to [ profile] cyborganize for the beta and for being the mad genius behind [ profile] thearchive2 and to its cylontastic vid-enabling denizens. This is in response to [ profile] thearchive2's eighth challenge: microscopic.

Direct download available here. 22 megs approx. RightClickSaveAs!

Password: vidses

Cross-posted to [ profile] thearchive2, [ profile] galactica_vids and [ profile] vidding.

Other vids available here.
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So, I totally failed at being AT ALL productive yesterday - no vidding (though the next challenge vidlet is in hand), no writing, didn't read over my essay, nuttin' but cruisin' the internet in a generally bored fashion and being nowhere near as excited about getting my first paycheck in 8 months as I should be because...I have nothing to spend it on!

SO, I randomly found this meme on the wilds of the internet and the last time I tried one of these it was HILARIOUS (at least I thought so). So even if it entertains no one but me, I'll feel like I "achieved" something today. RAH.

Pick 10 characters from as many fandoms as you wish.
Answer 16 questions. Drabble responses are very welcome, too.

Bonus: Name the meme pairing you like best and least.


And that's that, folks!
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Title: there's a war going on for your mind, laura.
Audio: The Flobots, tracks from Fight with Tools.
Video: Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Spoilers: Through 4x10 Revelations.
Summary: Laura Roslin and the Cylon Hybrid engage in a rap battle.
Editor's Notes: With thanks to my heroic betas [ profile] cyborganize and [ profile] heyiya for many things but most especially for butterfly wings, braille, and for the hybrid.

Direct download available here (55 megs approx). Right Click Save As!

Password: vidses

Also I'll just take this opportunity to mention that my other videos are available here and I've recently fixed the problems that prevented Hummingbird Song, Ghosts and Tricks from displaying in the correct aspect ratio in many media players.

Cross-posted to [ profile] galactica_vids and [ profile] vidding

Feedback, in whatever form, is love.
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So I got really, really bored yesterday and today and wrote 7 pages of BSG 'fic which is...unusual for me (and probably not to be encouraged since I should have been writing something else). I wasn't going to post it because it's unbeta'd and unfinished, but then I thought blah, why not? If I wait until it's actually finished, BSG will probably be over and perhaps it'll entertain someone for a few minutes. SO, with all errors entirely my own, and in the hope I complete it at some point:

Title: The Body is a Myth
Rating: Um, PG?
Spoilers: Through 4.09 The Hub
Disclaimer: I don't own them! I make no money!
Summary: What happens to Laura Roslin after she dies? What happens to Kara Thrace after D'anna reveals the name of the final cylon?

The Body is a Myth. )

So, yeah, there's that. :)
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And this, my friends, is why Laura Roslin always was, and always will be, a far better, a far more decent person than Gaius Baltar.

I tried to cut this down, I promise, I did. I can't. It hit me in the gut. So the first part is longer than sanity, and please, feel free to just read the above sentence then skip down to "Reality", which is where I get crack!serious.

Why Laura Roslin is a better person then Gaius Baltar. )

Laura Roslin and Love and Soul-Saving. )

Reality. Victim of Style or Intent? )

Also, cus I didn't get a chance to say it anywhere, AHAHAHAHA! THREE! YOU SLAY ME.

But I'm a little disappointed that you said that to Laura because now that there's a fake-out it's unlikely to be actually true and that makes me sad. :(

BSG: Faith

May. 15th, 2008 06:18 pm
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Well, I didn't get around to this last weekend cus of being quasi-unconscious through most of it, and then it sort of slipped away from me, but there's NEW BSG tomorrow and I don't want to not do a reaction as, well, it's BSG, and I liked it, and I'm wordy.


The Scene I Hated. )

Faith vs Truth: or This Wasn't Very Interesting, Good Thing Mary McDonnell Is A Kickass Actress! )


I feel mean. This is probably the most negative review I've written so far this season, which seems very unfair to the episode. Which I liked. I just...I hated the last scene and while I enjoyed the acting, I had some thematic issues with the B-plot because this show is usually better than this. If I'm tearing it to shreds, I'm not doing so because I think it's an example of awful television or insulting storytelling, but just because...usually it doesn't give me this ammunition.

Messy Sam Makes A Mess. )

Prophetic Hybrid Makes a Prophecy. )


Gotta wonder about that... I mean, I don't think the show will forget. But it'd be like, the FIRST thing I asked her.

Or maybe not. Maybe they're all scared of her, like, shooting them or something. She was pretty scary back on the Demetrius. "So Kara about that Harbinger of...kittens thing. That's what she said, right? Harbinger of kittens?"

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I cannot process this episode. However, hopefully, that means that this entry will be an exercise in brevity. least by comparison to last week's mammoth overload, which is not saying much. ;)

It's not that I think anything in this episode was particularly awful, or unbelievable. I think I'm just overinvested, and confused, and...I can't process it. I suppose that means it blew my mind?

It's everything I wanted, twisted. Not deliciously twisted: bitterly twisted. Twisted in a way that makes me recoil. I cannot decide if this is an absolutely excellent thing or not. Certainly I think this episode was meant to make me uncomfortable. If certain parts were meant to make me this uncomfortable, I can't be sure.

For instance, Lee and Laura: )

For instance, Boomer: )

For instance, Tory: )

For instance, Cally: )

Not for instance, Kara: )

Other Random Points: )

BSG, you still own my soul. And my heart. Please be careful with them.
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So, [ profile] projectjulie asked me - if I was sure that having a bizarre reversal of religious significance and making Kara a human, but a tool of the Cylon God and figure in Cylon scripture, while making Laura the final Cylon but still being a figure of religious significance to the humans and working to save them, was an awesome idea - how did Gaius Baltar fit in?

Because he's the other character with bizarre humanocylon religiousness going on.

So I figure: if we're using the Matrix as a metaphor - he's Agent Smith.

Srsly, stay with me here:

Spoilers for the Matrix Trilogy and BSG Season Four follow... )

Anyway, that was what I was thinking about last night!
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So, had an idea for another 10 second vid this week too, and managed to get it done in double-quick time on my snazzy new laptop. I was right: laptop definitely > financial health! XD Yayz!

So anyway:

Everything You Ever Wanted: 15 seconds of Kara, Laura, Tory and Natalie in Six of One. Right Click Save As.

Obviously, massive spoilers for that episode!

Also, perhaps I should sign up at imeem... I'm kinda loathe to do so because I don't quite understand these newfangled web 2.0 things, and I certainly love having a website so that people can choose to download it (thanks again, Julie!), because that's my preference. But a lot of people seem to like imeem? Certainly it seems less dodge than YouTube? Especially for snippets like this, imeem might be more accessible to people?

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I just got to rewatch this episode without glitching every other moment, so I think I'm ready to talk about it now. Although I fear a great deal of what I'm about to say is massively personally biased crack!

So, I give you: the episode in which everyone except Adama learns that you can wake up one day and decide, "to hell with the rules."

How the quieter Lee scenes fit to illustrate the theme. )

Kara is free. )

Adama can't deal with the way Kara keeps moving sideways. )

And Adama can't cope with Lee moving sideways either. )

I am not a Kara/Lee shipper, but moving sideways, I think this is beautiful. )

Laura is free. )

So, can Adama cope with Laura moving the same way as his kids? )


Natalie is free. )

Other issues in this episode:

The Lee/Dee thing. )

Is Tory free or is she trapped? )

And...that's it. That episode was awesome. The end. :)
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Wow. So, after forever, it's back.

And I'm late reviewing because my friend was over this weekend so I literally only just finished watching. Usually I see what others have to say, think about it a while, then post a long, rambling review. But this time, I'm just gonna start writing and see where it takes me.

Gaius Baltar is the Least Interesting. )

The Final Four are More Interesting! )

The Cylon Plan is Super Interesting but Largely Unintelligable. )

Now, finally, Kara and Laura.

OH. I love this show.

Laura Roslin is the Most Interesting. )

But When You Mix Laura and Kara it Breaks the Awesome Scale. )

The Fact that Adama didn't Make Me Angry is Interesting. )

It will NOT be Interesting if Zak is the Final Cylon. But Lee's Thoughts were Interesting Enough. )

And, on another final note: I really forgot that the show was almost over! I was watching that scene with Kara breaking into Roslin's quarters and then there was "to be continued" and I was like NO! NEXT WEEK? NO! NO!

So yeah. This is going well so far. Very well.

I have vague plans to steal an awesome idea from [ profile] projectjulie and make 10 second vidlets for all the episodes. I have an idea for this one already, though I don't know if I'll make it or not. We'll see.
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Next, on becca-write-to-order-with-sucky-titles (srsly, if anyone has a better one I'm open to suggestions) we have [ profile] projectjulie's story! It's ZOMG 5,350 words.

The prompt I used was: Roslin/Maya/Six, shape of future - they thought Maya was just an ordinary girl, an innocent bystander to history (they couldn't have been more wrong)

Disclaimer: don't own, no money!

I am Maya Argo. )

* * *

Authorial Ramblings... )

Next up is more BSG for [ profile] greycoupon this time probably feature Hera instead of Isis! Again, I'm looking to keep up with momentum, so I don't like using excuses but I'm moving house in about a week and I have to spend at least some of the upcoming weekend buying packing materials and starting that whole awful process so it may be Sunday by the time I get yours done. Hope that's all good!

See y'all soon! :)
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Next up on becca's write-o-rama is [ profile] asta77's request for a missing Lee/Laura scene from Razor. So, (because I still suck at titles) I present 3,000ish words of:

ETA: it's been a long time since I did this - disclaimer; I don't own these characters or this setting and I'm not making any money!

How to leave with everything you came for. )


Authorial Ramblings... )

Next up, some STAR WARS for [ profile] were_lemur! I'll be as quick as I can but this one took quite a while so I'm a bit behind on my schedule. Plus your prompt is a headscratcher! But I'm still aiming to have it up for tomorrow. Oh, also, if you see this, your LJ profile and icons suggest you're pretty well aware of the Star Wars Expanded Universe; so if you don't want your fic making use of my vast interest in that, please let me know now while I'm still in the planning stages! :D

Finally HAPPY GREGORIAN NEW YEAR! May you all have a wonderfully Gregorian 2008! :)
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Yes. It's actually finished. For sordid details, see vidder's comments below:

Title: Hallelujah
Pairing: Lee/Laura (Lee POV)
Spoilers: Through 3.20
Summary: Lee and Laura; love is a cold and a broken hallelujah.
Link: Hallelujah - 35mb, .wmv file.

Password: vidses

Feedback is love.

Commentary on this video from the crazed vidder. )
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Gacked from [ profile] nightxade

The Challenge:
Assemble a super team from your favorite films, TV shows, books etc.

Your team must consist of the following:

Team Leader
Comic Relief

All your superteam members must be from DIFFERENT sources.

Warning, I liked this meme so much that I gacked a bunch of pictures to illustrate, so it may mean slow loading for some.

Playing by the rules, here is my team! )

And that's my team.

Though if I were allowed to add my own categories I'd expand my squad like this... )

And that concludes today's game of Fantasy Superhero League!
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I’ve been putting off writing this for a while and I can’t really explain why. Perhaps the episode needed time to settle in my mind. It left me with a strange sense that this should be the last episode, unresolved as it is. Also, this is monster long, even for me. Use of cut-tags to skip to more interesting sections is encouraged.

This is a Donnie Darko ending, right? You don't realize how many answers you've been given. )

So, if this WAS the finale, here are the answers I'd claim we'd been given. )

Enough with philosophy, let's move on to social commentary! )

My horribly, horribly biased view of the Laura-Lee-Adama dynamic. )

Ships! OTP, OT3, OT4?! )

Crazy Mad Love For Tigh! Also, Adama yet again wins the prize as Enabling Douchebag Friend of the Year! )

Finally, Meme! Gacked from [ profile] asta77

Comment and I will...

1 - Tell you why I friended you.
2 - Associate you with a song/film/tv show.
3 - Tell a random fact about you.
4 - Tell a first memory about you.
5 - Associate you with a character/pairing.
6 - Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7 - Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
8 - In retort, you must spread this disease in your LJ.

Note – Unless you specify you’re commenting in response to the meme, I won’t reply re: it.

Also I don’t friend all that many people because I get nervous about being presumptive or friending people I’ve not really chatted to much. This doesn’t mean I discourage random commenters or new people. I actually love that sort of thing! I just get a little shy about up and friending people if I don’t know them/they don’t know me. So anyone out there who I haven’t friended or who’s friended me and I haven’t friended back, go ahead and comment and I’ll do my best to answer! I do actually like meeting new people.
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The bulk of my reaction can be summed up in this open letter to Lee & Laura. That reaction in a little more detail is explained in the rest of the letter, i.e. the post scripts, behind the fake-cut.

Dear Lee, and Laura,



PS, PPS, PPPS, PPPPS, PPPPPS & PPPPPPS. Because who am I kidding, I was never going to be that brief. )

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