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Wow, so VidUKon happened (HI EVERYONE!) and then I was like, wow, I can take a week off, sleep, chill and then get on with my fabulous life of leisure. Except then I got some more freelance work and an offer to temporarily go full-time at my regular job in a different department and Kev started reducing his medication which meant he was in a kinda fragile state and tl;dr OMFG you guys, it's tiring! Actually the first few weeks I think I got through on adrenaline. It's just been the last few where I've felt like a brick wall hit me. I'm pretty sure I'm just adjusting. Still, props to all you regular working people. Soon I shall be just like you: more tired and slightly less poor. (Oh god, the extravagant things I'm going to buy with the money! New glasses! House insurance! Such things, my friends, such things...)

Anyway, that's why I've been so horribly absent except for intermittent political rants on twitter. I haven't been on tumblr at all for months.

Point is - I'm really out of touch with what's up with you guys so HI, and HOW ARE YOU, and if you posted anything really important in the last month, I probably didn't see it and I'm sorry, but LET ME KNOW about it?

In exchange, here are some things I have been thinking about recently:

Steven Universe! )

Ant-Man! )

Politics! )
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Okay, so, I promise, normally, I speak of geek things; vids and morally ambiguous women and comic books and telly, but I'm feeling grotty as hell today (just a cold), so with apologies to the few new people I've met during my move to dreamwidth, now you get to see the other thing I occasionally post about: local politics. :D?

So yeah, seriously, this will interest about 2% of you, so, seriously do not feel obliged to read this! But if my body has to feel like snot personified, I can at least unload my mind, so you get this first, instead of recent thoughts about OUAT -

2011 Census: Apparently Welsh is tanking again, or, why I think that's sorta mostly true but also half of a complicated picture. )

Yeah. Well. Anyway, as you were.
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...and it was all going so well, too.

Caution: Anger within. )

This isn't just something gay/bisexual people should care about. This is something everyone should care about. This diminishes all of us and it's ridiculous. And we should be furious.

And right after Obama made a fairly radical decision to include, "gay and straight," like it was an actual, legitimate choice in his acceptance speech too.
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Really. I know the polls predicted it but I didn't trust them after the illegalities of the last two and just...just...hope is fragile and I honestly felt like I had to convince myself losing was a possibility or I wouldn't be able to handle the crushing despair that would take me if it happened against the odds.

I was too afraid to take it for granted. So I'm just...massively massively relieved.

Like there's an actual feeling of adrenaline-relief going through my entire body, and I don't think I realised I was quite so consciously blocking feeling anything about it until it was over.

It's so weird to have a President I think was put into office legally.

I always loved that line, "I might not have voted for him, but he's my President," (though clearly not enough to remember who said it) as a way of approaching the idea that you can still expect your President to be responsible and honourable and good at the job even if it wasn't the President you hoped for (and conversely I guess it can be used to suggest that you need to shut up and support everything that President does, but I don't like thinking about it that way).

It was a really weird day when I realised that I didn't feel that way about George Bush. I didn't feel like I could claim him as my President because I didn't think he was anyone's President. Our President was elsewhere.

It's sort of weirder to now feel that there's someone in that office who is my President.

Yeah. It's...a sense of slightly dazed wonder that democracy worked this time and massive, massive relief.

Anyway, I'll end there. Everyone and their dogs are making posts about this, but that's as it should be.

ETA: So I finally got to watch Obama's victory speech. It was a good speech. I actually cried which makes me feel sort of dorky because while I cry at the drop of a hat, usually not about like, at speeches that I'm acutely aware are very cleverly crafted and think are about 50% excellent and 50% very cheesy.

Partly it was that "tears of joy brought on by adrenaline and emotional-all-over-the-placeness." I think it was also just because it kind of hit me how enormously huge this is, that I actually helped somehow, and that it's both wonderful and absolutely fucking terrifying.

Wonderful for obvious reasons; terrifying because it's so big. The everything's such a mess, the job is so huge, and it seems so impossible. I think true, honest hope goes hand in hand with terror. Because if there's no real and frightening chance that you might fail, it's not really hope, it's just an expectation.

I think perhaps this is the first time I've felt safe enough to really consider having hope, and the enormity, and, yes, to steal a quote, the audacity of that are...enough apparently to reduce me to tears.
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So I've decided this can be my Teaching English Icon. It seems apt...

Cut for all y'all who aren't interested in my ramblings about teaching small and not-so-small Korean children about chickens sleeping in the barn. )

Some stuff about living here and the terrifying cinema I have no reason to be terrified of. )

Unrepentant giggling about faux-english t-shirts! )

The bizarreness of getting reverse-homesick for America while being quite homesick for Britain. )


And thus ends the daily wrap-up of all the things I haven't been writing about for...ages. I think mostly because I do it all day and LJ and the internets is my fun escape from that in the evenings. So I'm not sure how regularly I'll blog about school, etc. especially since I think a lot of you are mostly here for the BSG and the geekery (coming soon - more vidlets and perhaps some thoughts on the new Star Wars animated film!)

So, yeah. I figured I'd let everyone know how I was doing and what I'd been doing, and I'm about done now.

Still truckin' all!

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