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1) A rec:

[ profile] obsessive24 has made an absolutely incredible BSG vid - Slow Down Gandhi. It's about the politics of the mutiny, the fate of the underclasses, the abuse of power in the political and military hierarchies, dangling Earth like a carrot while letting Cylon fill the Fleet. And it manages to do this in a way that also invites the viewer to cast a critical eye on the vid's narrators - Gaeta, and, to a lesser extent, Zarek. At least as I watched it, I found myself as angry at Zarek for his opportunism and selfishness as I was with Adama and Roslin frakking while the world burns. And Gaeta is in the middle, angry, and making all the wrong choices. Perhaps it's my unfailing love of all things Cylon, but despite [ profile] obsessive24's worries, I found the Cylon sections of the vid to be some of my favourites.

Anyway, I want to do justice to the layers of discussion in this vid, but I'll fail if I try, so I will just say, OMG POLITICS! RUN! GO WATCH IT!

Also, if you have any weakness for political rap, the music is amaaaazing.

2) Getting...recced?

So someone decided to link The Enemy Within on TWOP's Gender in Galactica thread.

Which is nice and all, and I'm surprised but glad it's getting a slightly wider audience than I thought and everything. And true, only two people have said anything about it (the poster who linked to it and one respondant), but...both of them seem to have completely missed the fact it's really, really GAY.

I mean...really. Did I not put in enough porn? (Don't answer that, Julie.)

It had actual, literal girlslash goggles.

Oh, internets. I thought you would never fail to see subtext. Or, you know. Text. Which involved nakedness.


This is the What the Frak Happened on Battlestar Galactica official SciFi Recap for Daybreak I.


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I hope everyone in the entire world has already seen this, but on the offchance any of you have not, you need to watch Unnatural Selection by [ profile] charmax.

I wish I had the words to describe how mindblowing it is.

It's Battlestar Galactica and The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but while I'm usually kind of uncomfortable with multi-fandom videos (I often feel like the connection between the fandoms is "I wanted them both in this vid!" rather than something organic) there is just...nothing like that here. The two shows fit together flawlessly in one epic clusterfrak of robot apocalypses, evolution, death and God.

The vid's arguments on evolution, that it is not the strongest but the most adaptable who will survive and that the machines are changing far more quickly than us, violently expressed and beautifully edited, are just stunning.

This monkey's gone to heaven, but at least she was replaced by Six, the devil.
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No, really, my pipes froze so I had no water on TWO SEPARATE OCCASIONS; also on two separate occasions, angry Korean men yelling things at us. )

On the more positive side, I came home to this:

We Didn't Start the Fire by [ profile] chaila43

It's an AWESOME vid. Go watch it. (Warning: it has historical spoilers! But only up to 1990.)

It's an epic cycle-of-time, everything-that's-happened-in-the-show vid. To Billy Joel. It's wonderful. I can't really parse why it works so well, but I'll try. The vidder categorises it as "crack (sort of)" which I think is along the lines of what I call "deadly serious crack".

Sometimes ideas are crazy but work if you commit to them. I think the reason this vid works despite a song choice many would assume could only work for comedy (although there are some hilarious moments. Srsly. Laura Roslin is Elvis. WHO KNEW), is that it underscores the absurdity of, well, everything.

And absurdity is just as good for poignancy as humour.

And yes, I do believe that BSG is absurd. In the philosophical sense that they all live in a world where things just happen and therefore things are meaningless. Which might sound entirely contradictory considering my deep affection for the cycle of time, both in the show and this vid, but I don't think it's contradictory at all. What's more meaningless, arbitrary and absurd than being trapped in a giant cycle of events? Just because it's happened before doesn't empower it with a special gravity of meaning. It doesn't mean it'll count for something extra special later.

Oh. Yay! I think I just found my zen if they decide to do anything truly insane or disappointing in the last half of S4! Also. Again, this will help me handle any and everything to do with Bill Adama.

And now I am finished.
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Remember way back, kids? When I loved Lee because he was Laura's boy and clearly they were destined to LOVE EACH OTHER even though I never held any illusions that it was destined at all, and that made me a little sad? Maybe I wasn't even really blogging much back then; maybe I'm the only one who remembers those heady days of early season two when I'd started to sour on Adama and jump 'ship.

Whatever, the point is, I loved him once. And if you told me at the start of season two that I'd have an icon with ANDERS but not Lee icon, I would have been mightily confused.

So today I finally watched this Lee vid that I've had for a while and been meaning to watch but never did because I kind of hate the music. THE VID IS SO AWESOME IT DOESN'T MATTER THAT I HATE THE MUSIC.

Signal to Noise

Go watch. Now. (Note: the link is to a post with four vids; Signal to Noise is the second on that page).

Sorta-meta about Lee's character, the way he's constantly being put on the wrong show, and the way this vid turns that into something really impressive. )

All around the world is turning to noise.

Of course it would be, for him. I should have seen it sooner.

Plus the vid manages a task I previously thought impossible: making Lee's murder of Phelan actually look like an interesting and worthwhile part of the story.

So...yeah. That's that. My Lee-ifesto.

And since we're on the topic of definitive character study vids - here's an amazing Gaius vid:

The Noose.

It has spoilers for season four and I love it because it tackles an issue that I wish the show would be clearer about, head-on. Namely, you feel redeemed, Gaius, and that's wonderful, but do you actually deserve it?

Also since I'm reccing Baltar vids and this one's great, here's [ profile] nicole_anell's Baltar/Gaeta vid, Another Place to Fall.

/battlestar boys.

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