Apr. 13th, 2011

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So, I'm not sure that this is a proper con report, more a sort of, I came, I saw, I didn't freak out and run away! story, but I figured I should write up some stuff about my first vidding convention (almost my first convention generally) and my first experience of premiering a vid somewhere (and somewhere I was too). This is vaguely chronological but it's also as much about parsing my own reaction to the con as about What Actually Happened, so you know, fair warning for rambling. :)

Friday! )

Saturday! )

We interrupt Saturday to bring you a long, rambling internal monologue on my process of determining my stance on vidding process, OH WAIT ALSO VIDSHOWS VS PANELS. )

Saturday again! River Song Room Parties and Bad, Bad Cakes. )

Premieres! )

Sunday! Femslash and Future Cons. )

In sum, I'm glad I went. It had a nice chilled out atmosphere, it was big enough it felt like an event but small enough I felt I at least got to say hi to everyone, and that I had time to really spend some time getting to know some cool folks from on my flist and off it. Parts of it I enjoyed more than I was expecting, parts less (though that led to interesting points about myself as discussed earlier), but I was curious about what it would be like and would always have regretted it if I hadn't gone. And like I said, if it's here, I will go again, if it's not I probably won't, but I still have a desire to support a proliferation of vidding events so I think I would want to support from afar in some way.

So, yes. I think I will call it a Success.


From the premieres my favourites were (in order of their appearance in the show, not preference):

This Is The Lullaby by [livejournal.com profile] chaila43, which is a Damages vid that has a fantastic sense of creepy, building atmosphere.

Blue Caravan by [livejournal.com profile] such_heights, which is an Amy Pond (Doctor Who) vid that is eerie and beautiful and feels slightly like a shiver in your spine.

Monster Hero by Franzeska Dickson. It's 90 seconds of pure Gozilla-induced HILARITY but unfortunately it hasn't been posted yet, so that link goes to her DW page in case she posts it sooooon. :)

Fascination by [livejournal.com profile] charmax which is Billy Elliot Dancing Joy.

Hug My Soul by [livejournal.com profile] bop_radar, which is also not posted yet and to a Japanese drama that I have never seen but is so surreally adorable I defy you not to watch it and...be uncertain whether to boggle in confusion or melt from delight.

When I Fall Asleep by [livejournal.com profile] buffyann which is Doctor Who but you don't need to know anything about Doctor Who to love this. It's just beautiful and I'm worried if I say much more I'll wreck it, but trust me, YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE. It is uplifting, adorable, inspiring and visually stunning. Probably my favourite vid of the con.

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