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[ profile] obsessive24 is running an auction for a full-length vid, the proceeds to help her hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand, which as I'm sure you know just got hit by a massive earthquake, the second in a very short space of time.

I'm sad to say I haven't the resources to bid myself, but this may reach someone who does.
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SO. I have a draft of my VidUKon premiere! This is quite exciting!

HOWEVER, before I can get too self-congratulatory, I have a problem. I'm using (and yes really need) some TV rips as well as DVD footage. So there's a FOX watermark on the footage. Generally I've never worried too much about that - a lot of my vids have watermarks on some of the clips. It's a shame, but whatcha gonna do aside from never vid the new stuff you're actually excited about?

However, I get the feeling that this is A Bit Frowned On, so I'm...toying with doing other things.

I have discounted the idea of zooming over the watermark as it negatively affects the quality of the footage so it's even easier to tell it's not of the standard of the DVD footage - I'm only doing that where I'm forced due to those annoying Bigger Watermarks and stuff.

This leaves me with a few options:

1) Leaving it be. Does it really matter that much?

2) Cropping the vid above the watermark so that the vid itself is just shorter in height. I'm a little reticent to do this because there are several clips where I'd need to pan to compensate for people's chins or other important things being cut off and a bunch more where I'm pretty sure panning so I don't miss the bottom of the clip will make me miss something important at the top of the clip. Idk, other people do this and it's okay, but when I tested it it just...felt like I was taking a machete to it for the sake of a watermark which seemed a bit extreme given that I think it negatively affects a fair bunch of the clips in terms of framing or content.

3) Put a watermark over the FOX watermark across the whole vid so's it looks like I've just watermarked the whole thing. Problems with this include the fact I'm generally not a fan of watermarking vids (again I don't have anything particularly against people who do it - it's never bothered me, it's just never been something I wanted to do), and the fact that I can't make it as opaque as most vidder watermarks are because then it starts showing the network watermark I'm trying to hide in the first place. Plus I can't have it just be a gigantic rectangle or it'll be obvious what I'm doing, but the options re: making it look like a design are limited. Either way, I have come up with the following - see screencap:


[Poll #1667335]
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Ahahahaa. So. I took the BBC's new science musicality test thing which measures five different parts of your relationship to music, from technical skill at keeping the beat, etc., to remembering songs, to emotional connections, etc.

Anyways, it reflected my somewhat weird relationship with music quite well, that being, I'm actually reasonably good at it, really love it when it's around, but don't exactly make space for it in my life or actively pursue my moderate talent in that area. I think this is partly down to my inability to focus on much for very long - I think it's why I'm drawn to vidding. I can immerse myself in music and interact with it, but with...extra bits. Music is a background to a lot of my life, but rarely ever foregrounded.

I miss when I was regularly playing cello, guitar, piano, bodhran and singing, but apparently not enough to dust off my beautiful cello and tune it.

I have this vague wish that I lived in a place where music was more generically around so I could casually participate, but not enough motivation to go out there and do something about it. I don't miss it enough, and I have...headphones and vidding.

Anyways, the hilarious point being, here are two of my five test results:

Musical Perception (things like rhythm, pitch, tuning and genre): 98%.
Musical Curiosity (things like seeking out new music, genres, artists): 1%.

I can keep the beat, you guys, but damn if I ain't lazy when it comes to finding new stuff. If it doesn't FALL OVER ME, I will stick to political hip hop, emo indie rock, and Romantic or Minimalist piano. ♥

If you're curious, the test is linked in this article:
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HELLO PEOPLE OF LJ. Sorry I've been AWOL for ages. Real life has been pretty crappy plus then that whole Christmas thing happened, which was very nicely not crappy at all, but was time consuming. I promise my absence doesn't signal my boredom in any of you. ;) But it is that time again since I'm not going to be posting any more vidses this year.

FIRST AN ANNOUNCEMENT. I am going to VIDUKON next April. I think you should go too.

Now, on to the end of year vidding meme!

For reference:

NaViMaMo 11/2010 | 2009 | 2008



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WOW. Okay, so I actually finished it. It was both exhausting and awesome and at times a bit stressful, but I'm glad that I really, honestly DID it. And now I'm finished, I'm going to ramble FOREVER about it. Probably the part you're all interested in is the index of vidlets, so feel free to skip on over to that part. :)

General Thoughts on Vidlets. )

Because I'm not planning to include these vidlets in my forthcoming End of Year Vidding Meme, I figured for the hell of it, I'd use that meme to talk about just these vidlets. Because I'm feeling verbose and contemplative!

List of NaViMaMo Vidlets. )

And now, THE MEME (in which I will cheat and choose multiple answers and refuse to interpret questions as they were intended!):


So, in conclusion, I think people had fun, and it's really awesome to make presents for people, and I do enjoy vidding as a distracting activity when I have Real Life Crap I want to be distracted from. Which means, I think, we can count NaViMaMo as a ridiculously named success! :D
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Folks, I have reached the wall and apparently the wall is when I have to stay at work until 8 to take minutes for the world's. most. boring. board. meeting. ever. It was all the bloody budget stuff that I don't understand and sounds horribly dire and did I mention never, ever ends? OY. I also accidentally convinced half the board I'm some kind of numbers genius by blurting out the answer to a tricky sum when they were all reaching for their calculators. It was a tactical error: now they're all trying to foist extra accounts-related admin duties on me, and I'm not even THAT good at maths. I was just super bored and doing all the sums in my head in an effort to STAY AWAKE. So I was probably working on the sum a good ten seconds longer than they realised. All in all not one of the better ways I've spent an evening.


Wait, yes. Vidding.

I R TIRED. I'm also a little surprised it took me this long to crash out.

But never fear, interested parties, I imagine vidding will resume tomorrow, or maybe the next day. NaViMaMo, the vidathon of ridiculous name, lives on!

ALSO FRINGE! Because of all the crazy vidding I haven't had the chance to really talk about Fringe, so I will, a bit, now:

OLIVIAAAAAAAAAAA. Also some Altlivia and some stuff about teh romances. )

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I'm bored and out of vid ideas that I can actually work on right now (due to waiting for footage, collaboration or inspiration).

Thus I declare NaViMaMo! National (well, you know, for the great state of beccatoria) Vidlet (I'm aiming for about a minute, but it may be half or twice that) Making Month.

Yes, I have started five days late. This is because I only just thought of it. Here are the rules:

Below you will find a list of fandoms I can vid. Comment with a song choice. I will make you a vidlet. If you comment with more than one suggestion, I'll probably just pick one. Unless I'm really bored.

Also, feel free to comment even if we don't really know each other or what have you. PARTY TIEM.

Fandoms I've Vidded Before:


The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Battlestar Galactica (okay I'm gonna be lame here; please take pity on my poor soul and don't ask me to vid anything Adama/Roslin related, or anything about how awesome the finale was: beyond those parameters, we're probably good).

Doctor Who (like, season five Eleventh Doctor stuff - I don't have very much of the rest.)

Doctor Song (whut, it's totally a fandom by itself!)

Star Wars (any of it, trust me, if it ever aired on any kind of screen, I'll have it someplace.)



Fandoms I've Never Vidded Before But Would Totally Give A Go:

Jekyll, Leverage, The Middleman, Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, Watchmen, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hogfather, Hancock, Star Trek 2009, Speed Racer, Those Recent Batman Movies, That Recent Superman Movie, Laputa - Castle in the Sky.


ETA: I'll actually post the vidlets in a new post and stuff. Not sure yet whether I'll post 'em all at once or in bits and pieces as I do 'em. We'll see how the fancy takes me! :)

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Hey dudes,

So I made this Olivia vid, and while normally I subject [ profile] chaila43 to this sort of thing, since she makes me prescreen the episodes and skips half of them, it's perhaps best to also get someone else to take a look at my crazy lyrical-association-obsessed surrealistic angry rap vid since half the time she won't actually know what's on screen even.

SO, anyone wanna take a look? I'm...actually reasonably happy with it at this point, so I'm probably not looking to totally restructure it or something, but also I do like someone to take a look over it and idiot-proof it for "dude that's a REALLY bad cut," or "dude, that clip REALLY doesn't work and makes me thing [insert bizarre thing]".

Vidder/non-vidder, I really don't mind, mostly I want someone who's at least passingly familiar with most of the show.

ANSWERS ON A POSTCARD. Or rather, please comment below.
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So this is my background project, that frankly, is so ridiculously ambitious and quite probably actually impossible, I'm not sure I'll ever finish it. But, since I really miss actually posting here and Fringe hasn't showed up to distract me yet, allow me to walk you through an assortment of scenes from Becka's Ridiculous Take On The Prequels.

I am mostly making them cus it's an editing challenge, cus I'd like to make as radically different a version of them as possible as part of that challenge, and because the idea really, really cheered Kev up one day, cus he took disappointment in the prequels much harder than I did, and I'm using one of the ideas he always had as a kid as a central point in Stuff We're Changing, which is they really ought to have cloned Anakin Skywalker, cus it's called THE CLONE WARS. And like, no one we care about gets cloned! Not even once! Ahem.


So, err, for the curious here is a vague rundown of what'll be in the edits, but it's hardly required reading for the crazy clips I posted. )

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I'm not entirely sure it's a good idea to post this (all the best posts start this way...) but in the interests of not having my head explode with thinking, I figured why not. I was going to flock it but that seemed kind of cowardly. Not that I feel particularly brave right now. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but...I have an opinion, so I'm going to try and state it, hopefully without it seeming like I'm the type of person who likes burning kittens for fun.

I would also like to acknowledge that my opinion is based on the discussions I've seen around fandom regarding this vid, but I would be shocked if that were anything approaching exhaustive. If I've missed anything or am labouring under some misapprehension, I apologise and welcome further information.

Wherein I disagree with some stuff and hope I don't look like I'm burning kittens... )
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I have one more vid in the can (which will get released shortly...ish) but after that, I have nothing and I'm not even working on anything!

I mean...that's not entirely true. I have some future projects:

- Collab with [ profile] cyborganize, but that's not something that can start right away.
- Helping The Boy hack Star Wars to pieces and put it back together again, but that's an Epic Project that I'm not currently in the mood to attack because it means watching the cartoon again.
- EPIC OLIVIA DUNHAM VID. But for that, I want to wait until I get the S3 footage because, well, I think it's gonna really improve the vid if I get even a fraction of what I think I will. I don't want to make a vid knowing the part of her story I'm likely to go nuts over is gonna be showing, making me WISH I'D JUST WAITED, when I release it.
- Potential(ly hilarious) Olivia & Fauxlivia vid to DEEPLY SINCERE emo!rock. But again, I need to wait for next season to see if it's even possible.

So like, I have these nebulous future thingies but nothing I'm doing right now and it's weird.

After the first half of the year was filled with VIDWAR and then right after that I dove into a couple of songs that stole my brain and made me make them... It's just superweird not to have a THING right now. I haven't done ANY vidding in a whole freaking WEEK. It's CRAZY. And also sort of fortuitous seeing as it's been a busy Real Life type of week. But still - it unsettles me!

FLIST. WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH MYSELF? I promise nothing but any and all ideas will be entertained! Possibly while I'm sans-internet in the Lovely Town of Plymouth for the next few days... (I know, I know, you'll all miss me desperately).
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Dudes, I'm sorry it's been so long since I posted anything. Nothing's really been going on. But! I did want to link you all to this post! Because Vidding is Love and YOU CAN DO IT TOO, if you want to. And you might hate it, and that's okay, but you might looooove it and the world needs more vid love. It's basically a great post about how vidding Isn't That Hard.

I mean, it can be and it can certainly be frustrating, like every other aspect of or activity in fandom, but what I think the post is really about, and what I wholeheartedly agree with, is there's this perception that the tech entry level to vidding, either in terms of owning a computer that can do it, or being able to do it creatively yourself, is SUPERHIGH, which is really isn't. Most computers sold after 2000 are going to be perfectly able to run a simple vidding program; most probably already have one.

So what I'm saying is - and I'm sure anyone who ever reads my journal already knows my opinion on this - if you want to try vidding, try it. You may not fall in love with it like me, but I guarantee you it's completely achievable.


My mother is currently in the States in phase one of what she claims is Operation Live On Two Continents but I'm convinced is Operation Move Back To America By Stealth.

Since this was kind of on my mind, I decided to look up exactly what rights I had as a US/UK dual national and learned one depressing fact and one hilarious one:

Depressing fact: the immigration laws are insane. Even though I'm a natural-born US citizen I wouldn't be able to get my husband of more than two years a green card without proving I have x amount of income per year, preferably via an American work history (which of course, if I were moving TO America, I would not have), or a family member willing to provide said cash, which is unlikely since all my close relatives are retired. This is not exactly a crippling issue since I had no plans to move to the US and if we really wanted to I'm sure we'd work it out. But, nonetheless, odd.

Hilarious fact: I was born in the US, lived there until I was a year old, then moved to the UK and have lived here ever since. I am a US citizen by virtue of birth (and my mother) and a UK citizen by virtue of being the child of a natural-born UK citizen. Fair enough. Nothing hilarious there.

Where it gets funny is if I ever had kids. America allows you to pass on US citizenship to a child born outside the US if you are (a) an American citizen (which I am) and (b) have lived in the US for at least 5 years, two of which must be over the age of 14 (which I have not). So, no dice there. Excluding issues of paternity and location, my kids will not gain automatic US citizenship.

Meanwhile, the UK allows you to pass on UK citizenship to a child born outside the UK if you are a UK citizen who was born in the UK, regardless of how long you lived there. This is not true of me. So again, were I to have a kid outside the UK, excluding issues of paternity and location, the kid would not be British.

I mean, practically this will never be an issue, and also in both cases, I could apply for my kids to be naturalised via my parents or...something confusing.

But I just think that it's crazy. If I'd done it the other way around - been born in the UK and grown up in the US, I'd get to pass on both wherever I was living when/if I had kids.

But because I did it this way around?


Seriously, I could theoretically have a stateless child. That's kind of ridiculous.
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Okay, so, as you all know, I switched operating systems last October/November from Windows to the Ubuntu GNU/Linux Operating System and mostly I've been really happy with that decision. To be honest, the only place which required even a small amount of readjustment has been with vidding (I imagine that there'd probably be a similar adjustment in any area which requires specialised computer programs, it's just that I don't, for instance, use in depth graphics programs almost ever).

SO. When I switched, I was worried about vidding because I'd heard that Linux didn't really have a strong suite of video editors. I have discovered that this is...not really true, but it is true to an extent. What it lacks is a midlevel vidding program such as Ulead or Vegas. The choice seems to be something akin to WMM/iMovie vs something that offers levels of functionality akin to something like Premiere but without much of the user-friendliness for newbies.

There really is no need for Yet Another Linux Video Editor Review, since if you google "linux video editor review," I'm sure you'd find much more in-depth reviews, certainly more accurate reviews (since I'm explaining things through my rather untechy personal experience, and particular computer setup). Especially since I don't think anyone reading this blog is a Linux Vidder, but hey. Maybe one day you will be. Maybe this will entertain you; it's certainly entertaining me as I currently lack the focus to do any actual vidding after a long day at work.

Anyway, mostly this is just me musing on Cinelerra, noting a few resources for it, and noting the other Video Editors I am aware of along with brief comments on them and why I didn't choose to use them as my primary vidding program. This is ungodly long, cus in large part it's here for me so I can one day look back on it. But if you're curious, look closer...


Overview of the look )

Basics & tutorials )

A sidenote on Cinelerra vs Cinelerra CV )

Installation & settings )

Stuff it does that I like )

Stuff it does that I'm indifferent to )

Stuff it does that I don't like )


Other GNU/Linux Video Editors )


Cinelerra is an incredibly impressive piece of software for a free release. It's very powerful and frankly, the more I get to grips with it, the faster and more effectively I feel I'm able to edit. That said, it isn't amazingly user friendly. I got to grips with it reasonably fast, to the point I felt comfortable editing in it pretty much straight away, but it's worth noting two things. Firstly, that my use of other video editors definitely helped me understand a lot of basic concepts I otherwise would have been completely at sea about, so it's maybe not so great for total newbies (though also not insurmountable; perhaps OTHER issues I had wouldn't have arisen as I would have brought no preconceptions), and secondly, I was happy to just get on with it and learn as I went. A LOT of stuff confused and frustrated me and I fell back on my habit of coming up with complicated work arounds. However, unlike say, WMM, or even Ulead to a degree, in Cinelerra, more and more I'm learning the sensible way to do things that doesn't require these workarounds.

Which both confirms to me that it's an excellent piece of software and that it's not very user friendly at first. ;)

If you're looking to start vidding, or continue vidding in a simpler environment that requires less of a steep learning curve, I'd recommend getting either OpenShot or Kdenlive.


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OMG it has been forever since I posted here! I am a bad eljayer. It has also been forever since I released a vid. I'm gettin' shakes, man. In my defense, I do actually have a totally finished (and not even SLIGHTLY snarky!) BSG vid sat on my harddrive, but I can't post it until the [ profile] twelvecolonies vid challenge is over. I do not know how you people who vid for cons and have to sit on vids for MONTHS can do it.

I also have a gettin-near-to-finished BSG vid (which is EXTREMELY snarky!) sat on my harddrive going through beta, so I don't know if either of them will get released before I go on vacation in a week's time, but rest assured, I am still a Cylon Vidding Machine.

WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY POINT! I need help with song choice for my next vid. Which will not be for BSG.

My next BSG vid is gonna be my Human/Cylon OTP epic which I've been meaning to do for what? 7 months now? (Yes, [ profile] asta77, THAT one! :D) But per the above, I've been doing a lot of (invisible) BSG vidding lately, and I do want to keep up at least the pretense that I'm stretching my repertoire a bit.

So what am I going to do?

I'm gonna try and make an action-dance vid! I am terrified! I have no idea how to do this! But I'm sure as hell gonna TRY.

And what source have I chosen for this epic attempt? Star Wars: the Clone Wars animated series.

BUT BECKA, I hear you say. You HATE the Clone Wars era. You can't stand shit head Anakin, you think Ahsoka is the worst idea since Jar Jar Binks, Obi Wan's voice actor makes you want to stab yourself in the eye, it has a villainess who throws her skirt at people, and you have no idea why Aayla Secura is French!



I got nothin'. Except lightsabers. Lots and lots of lightsabers. What the fuck, brain. What. the. fuck.

ALSO, I have no song. Because I really don't listen to a lot of dance music.

So I need your help!

Please suggest awesome dance music to which I can make a lightsaber fight epic action-dance vid! I don't care how weird, cheesy, good, bad or whatever it is, just...if you think it might be fun, let me know what it is.


*giant pointy finger*
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Damn damn damn damn!

Before I got all caught up in fan editing and other-fandom-vidding and angry!vidding and such, the next project I was going to do was a big, messy, epic Human/Cylon OTP vid to "Human," by The Killers.

To be honest I was kind of shocked no one else had done it yet, and now someone...kind of has? Except not?

If you go to [ profile] galactica_vids, a few entries down someone has done something that's really more of a music video for a filk. Rewriting the song with new lyrics then filming themselves (in fabulously authentic costumes!) in greenscreen enabled galactica sets. Which, dude, I have to offer my deep respect to that level of geeky devotion; the whole thing is quite an achievement.

But I'm not sure about etiquette? Can I still make my vid eventually? Is that cheap? Should I? *waves hands*


*goes back to attempting to make Laura vs Gaius rap battle vid which is misbeheaving*
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Anyone want to beta a just-less-than-three minute Farscape vid for me? *bats eyelashes*

It's about John and his frelled up relationship to guns and other weapons of mass destruction. HIS GUN IS BIGGER THAN YOURS! Ahem.

*bats eyelashes some more*
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Gakked from [ profile] chaila43, because yay talking about my vidses! ;)

Vidding Meme Ahoy! )
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This is one of those Summer-And-Everyone's-Bored-And-Nothing's-Happening posts. :/

Dammit, why is the internet not alive with fandom excitement about...something?! Well. In the absence of that, here's stuff what's been going on.

1. I got Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon! SAMMO HUNG, PEOPLE. SAMMMMMOOOOOO!

This and another film about the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. )

Anyway, it's an awesome film!

2. Stephen Moffat is doing his very best to make me watch his new version of Doctor Who, isn't he? I mean, I'm still not sure I'll ever get over how much I dislike David Tennant, the things that happen to David Tennant's companions, general RTD-ludicrousness, or NOT getting Paterson Joseph as the Eleventh Doctor, but I have liked the Moffat stuff and:

Extremely vague spoilers for clothing, and the fact that they're, um, filming in a location with a person. Srsly, I don't even explicitly mention which one or with whom. )

3. Unpopular fannish opinions! In an effort at variety, the first 5 are general fandom opinions, the last 5 are BSG-related.

To be honest, I don't really think most of my opinions which would be unpopular on a large scale (OMG DIE, ADAMA. DIE IN A FIRE.) are going to be that unpopular on my flist, but, um, I'm trying!

Unpopular Opinions! 5 general fandom, 5 BSG. )

4. The State of the Vidder.

Update on current and future projects cus I was making an inventory for myself and I might as well tell the rest of you! )

And....I'm done.
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Wow. I'm vidding again. It's...weird. I did a very little bit about a week ago on this project, but now I'm like...spending hours VIDDING again and it's...weird.

Mostly weird because I'm not rusty in one sense - I've been working with editing together footage for the past three or four months all the damn time, but also I wasn't quite ready for how unfamiliar this particular sort of editing would feel. Even though, like I said, I don't exactly feel rusty. More...sideways. Huh.

It probably also doesn't help that I'm vidding something other than BSG for once (Farscape, John Crichton and his obsession with guns and weapons of mass destruction, for the curious) and I'm not so aware of the clips as I would like/once was, plus I'm having to get used to the lack of native camera movement in a vid that could really use it.

I'm certainly not done with BSG vidding. I still have about a billion vid bunnies for it, though weirdly (or perhaps not at all weirdly) a lot of the old vid bunnies I had died and got replaced by new vid bunnies in the wake of the finale. (Though only one of them is a meta-critical-of-the-ending type of thing, the rest are just...vids for BSG just...not the ones I wanted to make before).

But hey.

Maybe I'm growing as a vidder. o_O


As you can see, there really is no point to this post.
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Okay all!

Since imeem decided to unceremoniously give everyone 5 days' notice - VIA A BLOG POST - not even a personalised email, so if I hadn't been watching various comms and heard it from a friend I WOULD NOT HAVE EVEN KNOWN - before pulling ALL user generated content from their website.

Boy am I glad I decided AGAINST shelling out for a paid account in case I wanted to upload more than the free limit (which I was already mysteriously over).



Currently, if you do not have a Bam Vid Vault account, you can't view my profile (though accounts are free). But I can still embed freely, which is the important thing.

I do have some minor reservations about Bam simply because it's entirely dependent on Ning's architecture and Ning recently had to take down the porn streaming sites they were hosting because they were generating too much litigation and copyright infringement notices.

At the same time, nowhere is safe, and since this basically seems to be a fan-created community using a community-streaming site as a platform, the people in charge of the day-to-day running of things are actual VIDDERS. So while - as with everywhere - survival of the site itself might not be assured, at least I'm damn sure the owners aren't going to suspend my account because of copyright infringement issues. Since, you know, vids are the purpose of this entire site.

So, um, just a general purpose notice, in case you cared, I have gone back through all my vid posts (accessible from my "vid" tag - yes, people, I have a functioning sane tag, try not to die of shock) and changed the embed codes so streaming will work again.


One day maybe my parents will remember I do not like strawberries. Today is not that day. )

And now you are all free to lower your opinions of me as the strawberry-hating MONSTER that I am!

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