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1. OH MY GOD YOU GUYS THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER! It's slightly more amazing if you are familiar with Tom Waits, but it's still awesome, regardless:

I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO UNSEE IT. I love Tom Waits, but from now on, it will always be Cookie Monster singing.

(Random sidenote, I got a Cookie Monster hand puppet for Christmas when I was about three, it had a hole in the back of the throat so you could make it eat the cookies it came with, and one of my earliest memories is TOTAL CONFUSION when my Dad did that. WHERE DID IT GO? I KNOW THAT'S A PUPPET!)

2. I've been enjoying the DC relaunch but I'm really sad that there's no Marvel family, especially that they're not using the chance to fix that crap they did to Mary Marvel way back when. Anyway, I was also thinking that I miss Stephanie Brown, and thus, I have come up with the BEST TEAMUP COMIC EVER. Seriously if I could draw for shit I would totally draw fake covers, but I can't, so whatever. But there should totally be a comic called: SHAZAM & the Power of Spoiler! (With an exclamation mark - that is a very important part of the title).

The Adventures of Captain Marvel and Stephanie Brown! )

3. I have really been enjoying the last few episodes of Fringe, and I am really not looking forward to Peter coming back. I don't want to dislike him, I really, really don't. But all the interesting stuff is Olivias and Walters and Peter is the catalyst for so much of it but only ever makes me annoyed when they try to actually include him. I think I may get one more episode max before he comes back, so I will do my best to enjoy tonight's story and hope it has more BAMFlivia action. I really enjoy watching the two of them interact. And Walter is back to being heartbreakingly unstable instead of bordering on functioning enough we can start to hate him again.

4. Oh, Doctor Who. I don't hate you are anything? BUT. )

The acting, at least, was lovely! :)

5. I LOST MY JOB. LOLS. Well, not lols, actually it kind of sucks, but there you go. I'm employed til the end of the month, then I'm going on holiday for a few weeks which I'd already booked so, you know, I'm just gonna go. It was kind of not totally shocking but I did think I had a good chance of at least holding on until the new year. ALAS. I'm kind of annoyed because due to work shenanigans, they issued my redundancy notice three weeks earlier than they had to, legally, and it's going to screw me out of two weeks of redundancy pay I could claim in lieu of notice from the National Insurance Fund, and we asked them not to do it this way, but they did anyway. So now everyone's pretty irked. Whatever, on the plus side I may qualify for some money to do some professional training courses to help me find another job, so I might finally get a certificate or something to PROVE I can audio type faster than monkeys eat nuts.

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Okay. Massive spoilers within, obviously. The non-spoilery version of this being, despite the fact there were many, many excellent things about that episode, one of the major twists really did not work for me much at all yet it seems to be best beloved by many excellent people on my flist whose opinions I respect, and I would really VERY MUCH like to love it to.

SAVE ME AND BRING ME BACK TO THE LIGHT, PEOPLE. This is a desperate plea for conversion to your way of thinking, squee at me and tell me why you love it. )


I'm deadly serious, here. I'm not being sarcastic or anything. I am genuinely confused about how I feel, and I would genuinely prefer to have my Come to Jesus River moment and get over this thing and make a shitload of vids and write meta and LAUGH about all this come September.

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That was so much better than last week's where I was looking at the clock wondering how much longer was to go, while this week I was looking at the clock in horror that there was only that much to go.

That said, and without spoilers, which I will get to under a cut-tag, that episode felt about fifteen minutes too short and that hung there, in the heart of the emotions, like a very sad wound, which maybe, considering Idris' speech at the end of the episode, is appropriate: there is never enough time, it's sad when it's over. But...yeah. That's my overwhelming emotional reaction to all this - I want to reach out and grab it and shake it and ask why it didn't do more when it would have been so wonderful. I would not have this visceral reaction if the episode weren't amazing enough to want more. I needed more time. It should have had more time.

Okay, on to the specifics of what I mean. )

So yes. There's my thoughts. I feel like a bad fan for not being unambiguously squeeful over every bit, but the criticism is only because I think it was so close to being one of the best of the best, it's hard not to want to point that out. Generally I only bother to do that when I either really love something or really hate it. And I definitely didn't hate this. ;)
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After Fringe and Doctor Who impressing me loads last week, this week they were both a bit meh, so instead of talking about them, I made this cus I was bored. It is short, but as it is over two minutes, I declare it a full-blown vid.

Title: 1969
Video: Doctor Who
Audio: Rinzler // Daft Punk [Tron: Legacy Soundtrack]
Summary: A lot more happens in '69 than anyone remembers. [Episodic for The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon]

Direct download available here. 33 megs approx. RightClickSaveAs.

Password: vidses

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Other vids available here.
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All right, I've been trying and failing to write this for days at this point and it's getting ridiculous. Basically because I have thoughts but I can't catch them. It's like free association of themes and tropes and plot points and something very obvious I'm sure I'm missing and a sense of very tight plotting along with madcap, freewheeling ideas. I'm at a point where I want to have, um, faith, I suppose, that this will all end as neatly and satisfyingly as it did last year, but I'm also drawing confusing conclusions about a few things. Which means it'll be all the more fantastic if Moffat does pull out that brilliant conclusion but also makes me nervous of all the things he could do instead.

I was right when I said last week's episode made me want to see this week's before I rendered judgement. It really does work so much better when you know the whole of the two-parter. The way so much of what I was curious or even worried about in season five was so much better when taken as a whole. And I love stories like that - the ones where it rewards you for reaching the end, where it clarifies its own intentions and looks better when you have all the pieces which means it can't look as good before you have them. When reveals are satisfying and not wtf inducing. When the things that worried you were intentional misdirection.

I feel in many ways I have no criticisms of which I'm confident because I don't yet know whether they are things I will ultimately want to criticise. But then what do I talk about? And I am engaged.


Let's take this in chunks.

Firstly, let us start with River Fucking Song.

River Fucking Song. )

So, River. Awesome. Let's move on to the episode itself.

Why yes! I shall discuss the plot, and also that twist thing with Neil Armstrong's Foot. )

All right, finally, let's talk about the TimeBaby.

Seriously man, who is that kid? )


But, I think, finally, I am finished.

Without even touching Creepy Dreaming Eyepatch Lady with a barge pole because clearly that's going somewhere and I have even less idea than usual.
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Okay, so I'm writing up this episode reaction because if I don't, next week, I will regret not having Said Stuff, but honestly, my overwhelming reaction is that...I wanna see the other half before I have an overwhelming reaction. I feel like I've seen half the story - even more so than most two-parters. Like, seriously, I have NO IDEA what's going on and am reluctant to speculate. So instead what I'm going to do is just like, list 9 things that occur to me, in no particular order, with varying levels of length and angst and squee:


So like, in conclusion, there was one speech I didn't like and am feeling very grumpy is affecting my overall squee since ALL THE REST OF IT WAS AWESOME and like...just ridiculously awesome. But also I have no idea what's going on or where ANY of it's headed.

So...yeah. Those are my thoughts, but I feel like I'm halfway through a chapter.
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I originally planned to post this today in order to get it out there ahead of the new series premiere, but it feels wrong and conspicuous to do so, now, without mentioning Elisabeth Sladen. This is not a vid about Sarah Jane, but it is a vid about a show that would have been much lesser without Elisabeth Sladen. The universe, both fictional and real, is a worse place without her in it.

Title: When I Was A Boy
Video: Doctor Who
Audio: When I Was A Boy // Dar Williams
Summary: Amy Pond was a boy too.

Direct download available here. 51 megs approx. RightClickSaveAs.

Password: vidses

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Other vids available here.
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For [ profile] apatheia_jane! We're back to the lands of posting in the small hours of the morning and pretending it's still the day before. ;) But on the plus side, I had a blast with the song. Even if Amy refuses to wear any really long jackets...

Title: Short Skirt, Long Jacket
Video: Doctor Who
Audio: Short Skirt, Long Jacket // Cake
Summary: We all want a girl like Amy.

Direct download available here. 10 megs approx. RightClickSaveAs.

Password: vidses

I will index and crosspost all vidlets at the end of November or when I've done all the prompts if I decide to keep going to finish them.
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For [ profile] ladymercury_10! So, obviously this song was supposed to be from River's POV. Therefore I decided to give it to the Doctor. I think I thought I was being subversive...

Title: My Love, the Astronaut
Video: Doctor Who
Audio: Astronaut // Amanda Palmer
Summary: The Doctor is in love with an astronaut.

Direct download available here. 14 megs
approx. RightClickSaveAs.

Password: vidses

I will index and crosspost all vidlets at the end of November or when I've done all the prompts if I decide to keep going to finish them.
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GOODNESS, I actually got this done on time. Surprising, given it's as long as the last Doctor Who Season Five 'ship vid with an awesome song that got prompted to me. I SENSE A PATTERN. Especially given that they both start with near identical sequences. *eyedart* I might also have chopped up the song and put it back together again; I'M SO SORRY MS TENG..

For [ profile] be_themoon!

Title: Harbour
Video: Doctor Who
Audio: Harbour // Vienna Teng
Summary: The boy who waited.

Direct download available here. 22 megs approx. RightClickSaveAs.

Password: vidses

I will index and crosspost all vidlets at the end of November or when I've done all the prompts, whichever comes soonest.
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For [ profile] tellitslant!

Okay, this one ended up SUPER LONG, like barely under my own self-imposed limit of two minutes, which is nearly twice as long as my general aim. Sorry to future prompters but you're unlikely to get something as long as this is... *facepalm* I blame the song choice, which I just feel in love with. Seriously, I meant to vid one verse and a chorus, but I couldn't chooooose so I chopped up the song to keep the gorgeous final rendition of the chorus and ended up with this:

Title: a thousand goodbyes
Video: Doctor Who
Audio: 1000 Goodbyes // Captain Tractor
Summary: For every hello there's a thousand goodbyes.

Direct download available here. 22 megs approx. RightClickSaveAs.

Password: vidses

I will index and crosspost all vidlets at the end of November or when I've done all the prompts, whichever comes soonest.
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Right, so I was planning to rewatch some of S5 of Doctor Who for a project I'm helping a friend with. But for some reason, instead, I watched one of the few RTD-written Who episodes I really enjoyed and found myself noticing, well honestly noticing differences I know damn well are there and why I prefer teh Moff to Rusty, and that's news to no one who knows me even a tiny bit, so I don't mean to beat a dead horse. But I did think it was interesting that the differences in style are clearly present even in an episode I really like. Which is sort of why I thought I'd write a bit about it. At ridiculous, rambly length.

The Fires of Pompeii vs The Beast Below. )'s not like I really have much of a point beyond that. Just that...the difference between the two styles is really stark, even when it's really similar. Trace it back to two episodes I like, and I'll probably still always prefer The Beast Below to Fires of Pompeii, even though I think that, honestly, in a rare turnabout, Fires of Pompeii is probably the better episode, but it's just so much less my style.

I like the Doctor so much better when he's a good wizard instead of Jesus, and I was surprised to see the difference so obviously clear even in episodes I never thought of as strong thematic arc episodes for the respective showrunners.
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Which marks me being, for the first time since January, totally up to date on vid releases - I nothing waiting. It's so weird!

Title: Interplanet Janet
Video: Doctor Who // BBC Wales
Audio: Interplanet Janet // Schoolhouse Rock
Summary: Interplanet Janet River, she's a galaxy girl! A solar system Ms Dr from a future world!
Vidder's Notes: With love to [ profile] metatxt for the beta and most especially for the song.

Direct download available here. 35 megs approx. RightClickSaveAs.

Password: vidses

Cross-posted...all over the damn place! ;)

Other vids available here.
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You guys, I must warn you. Never since... Never on this journal has such EPIC SINCERITY existed with such an utter lack of irony. I love everything about Eleventy and his crack-addled existence with a love that is pure and true, and apparently involves an egregious abuse of voiceovers and colour filters. I would judge myself but I cannot bring myself to care!

Title: let it fall
Video: Doctor Who
Audio: From My Hands // VNV Nation
Summary: The Eleventh Doctor says goodbye; it's time to go.

Direct download available here. 60 megs approx. RightClickSaveAs. (For some reason it's ugly as hell on blip, so you get youtube this time).

Cross-posted to [ profile] vidding and [ profile] dwfanvids

Other vids available here.
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SO! Yesterday was the august anniversary of my birth. I am now old. Hoorah! Frankly last year sucked, so here's hoping 27 > 26.

One way in which the year is already looking up is the number of Awesome Things the internet saw fit to provide me with. Thus! A list of recs!


Run With Me by [ profile] chaila43 [Doctor Who]: River Song is magnificent, and so is this vid. Perfectly catches all the almost moments and in betweeny circularity of the way she teaches the Doctor everything he knows because she knows him after he's already learned it all. I still don't understand why I can't snap my fingers to open my front door.

For Your Entertainment by [ profile] dualbunny [Battlestar Galactica]: We now move to a vid that is amazing for totally different reasons. This vid is about Chief Tyrol, to Adam Lambert, played completely straight, and is amazing for it. It shows how the song, like the Chief is actually violent and abusive when viewed straight, without pop cultural context about how we "should" take things or what narrative tropes are supposed to elicit what responses. It's the opposite of sleight of hand and it's remarkably cathartic as well as superbly edited.

U. R. A. Fever by [ profile] kiki_miserychic [Fringe]: Olivia Dunham, BAMF. The use of motion in this is phenomenal. It has a rhythm and a pace that keeps you with it even as it disorients you right up until the end.

twinkle, twinkle by [ profile] kiki_miserychic [Doctor Who]: Weeping Angels take over Amy's brain. CREEPY AS FUCK.

Falling For The First Time by [ profile] glass_moment [Doctor Who]: Amy and the Doctor and Rory and Happy Adventures in Space and Time that, every now an again, smack you upside the head with a moment of Moving and your heart grows a few sizes.

Glass by [ profile] cherryice [Watchmen]: This is just stunningly beautiful. I want to give it a huge write up but I kind of run out of words at that point and just want to aim you all at it.


The Obligatory River/Eleven Feminist Manifesto by [ profile] chaila43. There is nothing not awesome about being given a feminist manifesto for your birthday, I really recommend everyone try it at least once. IN OTHER NEWS, IT'S ALSO A SUPER AWESOME READ. And makes me feel about 15% less RIDICULOUS about my fangirliness!
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The thing is, it's never the viewer's job to make the telly okay. Sometimes, though, I wonder how much of what we see depends more on us than what's on the screen. Subjectively, much of the criticism of this season confuses me. Subjectively, I have no idea where half of it comes from.

So this chick is driving her boy's car but she's such a shitty driver, she can't help but crash into THE WHOLE UNIVERSE and the boy ends up having to write such a big cheque to fix the situation, he's probably not even gonna exist after it clears.

So this boy, he loves this chick so much, he lets her drive his car, and he never lets
anyone drive his car, but this chick, he trusts. So when some jerk carjacks her because he wants some payback on the boy, and crashes his ride into THE WHOLE UNIVERSE, the boy is pretty much willing to write whatever cheque he has to to make things right again; it's the whole universe, after all. And it was his car.

Which story do you like better?

So there's this girl, and she bites psychiatrists. She runs away on the night of her wedding, all legs and lips and short skirts, inappropriately kissing men who aren't interested like some kind of drunken harlot. She gets her boyfriend killed, and when he comes back made of plastic, it's about five minutes before she's yelling at him and trying to kiss strangers at their wedding. But at least someone managed to marry her, so that's something.

So there's this girl, and she bites psychiatrists. She runs away on the night of her wedding, abandoned kid in a grown-up's body. There are too many rooms in her house, so she runs. Too much of her life has been stolen, she's made of gaps, she can't communicate and it takes her boy dying in her arms, and her dying in his before she works it out. It's a wedding, and it's growing up, and it's not the end.

Which story do you like better?

So this roman soldier remembers he used to be a wimp who let his bitchy girlfriend push him around. And he didn't let her wear her ring and figured eventually she'd snap back to reality and realise he's been waiting and deserved her. Instead he died, came back as a roman, waited and deserved her. Shame she was still a bitch.

So there's a roman soldier, and he's not really a real boy. He's the shell of a boy who loved a girl and died for her because he never understood there was more to life than a village. A shell of a boy who tried to wish himself real and failed. A thing-boy who held onto the shell of a memory (from a universe that died in 102 AD) for 2,000 years, because he knew his plastic heart was full of love. It's a wedding, and it's growing up, and it's learning there is more to life than a village, and it's not the end.

Which story do you like better?

There's a mad man in a box. He's frivolous and annoying and has no understanding of the weight of his decisions. He's paternalistic and controlling. He's childish. He's unemotional. He's a collection of disassociated character tics. He's ugly, he's boring, he's got a bow tie.

There's a mad man in a box. He's brand new and ancient. He's quiet, stoic, understated, noble. He's silly, he's childlike, he's easy to read. He's finally more than a collection of disassociated character tics. He's gorgeous, he's intriguing, he's got a bow tie.

Who do you like best? Which man is in which story?

Because this story - it's arbitrary - a series of coincidences masquerading as a fairytale hanging on a half dozen repeated themes because writers only ever tell one story. The out of order, years-apart meetings, repeated voices of the dead, girls who love the Doctor and girls the Doctor loves, time loops, paradoxes, River Song. Throw it all on a board and play pin the plot on the donkey, if we throw enough symbolism out there we can pass it off as myth.

There's a story. It's cyclical and unending. It's about a boy and a girl and a boy and a girl, about magic boxes and magic books, about running away and running back. It's about burning at the centre of time, about creation and destruction in the same instant, about death, about sacrifice, about bedtime stories (the most important things left in the universe). It's about legs and lips and it's all right, we can buy a fez. It's about joy and of course Amy wants to kiss them all, it's a fairytale and no one ought to be a frog. It's about a dozen repeated themes because writers only ever tell one story, but this is a good one. This is the best.

I know which story I like better.


One of my favourite exercises in writing is to remove all the adjectives and see what's left. The near lack of them is one of the things that renders translated haiku so beautiful to me.

Smith's Doctor has no adjectives.

Tennant's had nothing but.
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So, it turns out there's only so much Fringe I can vid before I reach critical gross science mass of dear god stop with the eyeballs already, so in order to take a break, I am, instead, going to talk about River Song and the only thing in the entire world I wish was different about her.

Namely, the very end of the Library episodes. And since I love River Song with the fire of a thousand burning suns, yet don't really like the end of her story (technically, if not narratively, but we'll get to that), and since usually that's like...a dealbreaker for me, I thought I should ARCHIVE MY THOUGHTS.

First, some background. )

Why I don't like it. )

Given that I don't like it, let's fix it with a monomyth. )

On context, and on WHY I think Moffat messed this bit up more than usual. )

On why I'm not generally furious, even if I am specifically disappointed. )

Finally, on the similarities and differences between River and Donna and their endings. )

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I was going to wait a while on this, but sometimes THERE IS TOO MUCH JOY. So have it now!

Title: Set My World Into Motion
Video: Doctor Who
Audio: Black & Gold // Sam Sparro
Summary: River Song. Totally fucking awesome.
Editor's Notes: With thanks to [ profile] chaila43 and [ profile] kiki_miserychic!

Direct download available here. 32 megs approx. RightClickSaveAs.

Password: vidses

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Other vids available here.
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I've become super upset about this, so sorry but I'm going to inflict it on the rest of you.

Briefly, who Jacob is and why and how I came to dislike him after initially, and in retrosepct embarrassingly feeling otherwise. )

BECAUSE, my friends, BECAUSE. Like the dumb, stupid punk that I am, I thought to myself, Jacob loved Aeryn Sun. I bet you he loves River Song! I bet you this'll be one of the times his weird bullshit doesn't get in the way of him spinning a good tale of mythological symboly bullshit. I'm never making that mistake again. And not just because I think I'll get burned but because I'm genuinely fucking ashamed of myself for trying to hold out for the "good bits" even though I knew he was a sexist ass. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me - shame on me for thinking it would work like that.

Even more shame on him for being such a jerk.

I made it part way through the recaps of Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone. And most of that was only from horrified fascination. I don't even know where to start with the dissonance in it, how much implied, unexamined woman-fearing is mixed with rants about the misogyny of the writing. Near as I can tell, and I am far from confident in this, it's some bizarre attempt to claim Moffat wrote these women in these relationships in a way that demands a sexist response, and isn't that horrifying, and he's only doing it ironically. Also something about how heteronormative the relationship between the Doctor and River is because they sarcastically banter at each other. Something about Boy Spoons and Girl Spoons and River being Captain Jack in drag but if she was we'd all be horrified by how homophobically it was written or something. Honestly. HE LOST ME AT THE SPOONS.

But...but that's not even the worst bit.

That's just shit I get pissed off about quietly and maybe rant to my friends about via email or work into larger posts about other shit. Sure there's an extra layer of fury because he's doing all this from a paternalistic vantage point of telling women what's REALLY bad for them, but fuck it. The guy has issues with women. Give him a fucking medal.

This bit though. This bit I am so appalled by, so angry about, so furious with, I do not even have the energy to explain all the ways in which it is disgusting, not okay, dangerous, aggressive, violent and violating. If I wasn't so disillusioned with the website and Jacob's response to criticism I might actually write an email of complaint. I'm putting it under its own cut not because I'm trying to be melodramatic but because it is honestly an upsetting thing to read and I don't want it floating around on people's flists unrequested. Please bear in mind this is written by a guy who in multiple other places in these recaps attempts to paint himself as a bastion of equality against the rising tide of woman-hating.

He's recapping the final scene in Flesh and Stone between Amy and the Doctor. Whatever your thoughts on the appropriateness of that, narratively, this is not an appropriate response:


I think the final sentence is somehow meant to justify the vile, vile crap that comes before, like...look guys, I'm just painting the ugly truth of what the episode REALLY said. But no. Just no. Even if he were, those words? Those comparisons? No. NOT OKAY. Your issues are what's showing here, Jacob, and it's gross.

Note: While I like to reply to everyone, I am sufficiently furious about this that I cannot guarantee I will be willing to engage with you if your point of view is that Jacob was justified in using this language. I'm not talking about whether or not there are sexist elements to the show - I'm talking about Jacob's response to his perception of them and his decision to use these terms and comparisons in an incredibly insensitive way to highlight that perception.

ETA: the section of quoted text comes from the Recaplet (that you click to expand) rather than the full-length recap. I should have noted this earlier; apologies to any who went looking and couldn't find it.

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