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2016-06-20 09:23 pm

VIDUKON AUCTION PREMIERE: You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate - Star Wars (Rey/Finn/Poe)

Next, my auction video. Noelia_G won and gave me the brilliant idea and song choice.

Title: You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate
Video: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Audio: You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate // Zoey Van Goey
Summary: Finn is drunk and on a ladder.

Direct download available here. RightClickSaveAs. 58 megs approx.

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Other vids available here.
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2016-06-19 10:11 pm

VIDUKON PREMIERE: Run Boy Run - Avatar: the Last Airbender

Next, my actual Premiere for the Premieres show!

Title: Run Boy Run
Video: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Audio: Run Boy Run // Woodkid
Summary: Aang: fight or flight?

Direct download available here. RightClickSaveAs. 82 megs approx.

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Other vids available here.
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2016-06-18 04:51 pm

VIDUKON PREMIERE: Motherland - Byzantium [Mother-Daughter Vampire Movie]

OMGS I had three vids premiering at VidUKon this year, so I'll be posting them one a day for the next three days! First up, a vid I made for the Vampires show - What We Vid In The Shadows, VJ'd by [personal profile] charloween!

Title: Motherland
Video: Byzantium
Audio: Motherland // Natalie Merchant
Summary: Faceless, nameless, innocent, blameless: free. You tell me what that's like to be.

Direct download available here. RightClickSaveAs. 75 megs approx.

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Other vids available here.
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2016-05-08 10:50 am
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Hey all of you! :D

So, [personal profile] lithiumdoll and I are putting together a Vidding 101 panel for VidUKon and we need your help, good people! You don't have to be planning to attend - if you might be there via VirtUKon, or read the notes online afterwards, we'd love to hear from you!

Very briefly, it'll be a mix of practical advice on the basics of how to make clips, how to put clips on a timeline, etc., all using multiplatform free software as far as possible.

The second half is gonna be a more subjective section where we're hoping to answer audience questions and put together some stuff that will be of interest to you guys. So if you have any big questions you'd really like addressed in this panel, we would REALLY like to hear from you!

The post is here:

It's gonna be great! :D
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2015-06-16 09:55 am

VID: Republic City [The Legend of Korra] [VidUKon Premiere]

Title: Republic City
Video: The Legend of Korra
Audio: Atlantic City // The Gaslight Anthem [Springsteen Cover]
Summary: Everything dies, baby that's a fact. (But everything that dies, some day comes back.)

Direct download available here. RightClickSaveAs. 83 megs approx.

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Other vids available here.
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2015-03-22 03:25 pm

Superheroes! - VidUKon 2015 Vid Show Suggestions!

Hey guys!

I'm in charge of a Superheroes vidshow for VidUKon this year! My aim is to make it awesome. So obviously I'm going to ask all you awesome guys to help me create a shortlist of vids to include.

My goal is to root it in self-identified Superhero stuff but also to reach out to other things that don't necessarily self-identify as capes and costumes heroics, but clearly draw on those archetypes.

So I'm soliciting any and all suggestions!

Though I'd be super, super grateful for suggestions that aren't for either Marvel or DC because that's a lot easier to find.

To help this process, I brainstormed some fandoms that fit under either "Actually Superheroes!" or "Oh Come On, They're Superheroes!" I want to try and make sure that the latter category isn't just "action heroes", so feel free to question, challenge or suggest stuff in the comments even if you don't have a specific vid to rec (though obvs, omgs, I hope you do!)

Actually Superheroes!
DC (duh)
Marvel (duh)
Judge Dredd

This list is as complete as I can make it, so if I've missed something PLEASE let me know!

Oh Come On, They're Superheroes!
Commander Shepard
Olivia Dunham
The Avatar (as in The Last Airbender and Korra)
Buffy Summers
Lara Croft
Jedi characters in Star Wars
Knight Rider

This list is both arbitrary and incomplete and mostly designed to act as a starting point. I'd also note that the focus of vids in this list will probably matter more. Wonder Woman is always going to be identified as a superhero. A vid about Buffy could focus on a lot of things other than her superheroic attributes.
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2015-03-02 08:23 pm

VidUKon! Auctions! Scholarships! (also I'm not dead)

OKAY SO, firstly I apologise for my absence. I had really high hopes about improving my posting schedule, and really I feel a little cheated, because I HAVE been doing stuff I'd like to be posting about. I finished a vid! Except I didn't post it because I'm worried I won't have another ready in time for VidUKon. I finished another musical piece! Except I didn't post it because I didn't want to post music twice in a row. I wrote epic Legend of Korra meta! Except I didn't post it because it's a gigantic beast of an essay and it's not actually finished yet. But...I had more than vague aspirations, is what I'm saying. I was sort of being productive.

Also VidUKon! BIG NEWS!

Firstly, we have a scholarship. It is for free attendance, Saturday evening dinner and accommodation (on the basis of sharing a room) for one non-UK resident, with preference going to European applicants. If we receive additional donations they will go towards the recipient's travel costs.

We very much encourage self-nominations, so please take a look!

Secondly, we're doing auctions! This is very short notice so we're looking for sign-ups THIS WEEK.

I know that might sound intimidating, but here are some reasons it's not:

- The deadline is going to be June 1, that's a full month after the Premieres deadline. Loads of time!

- Our goals are modest and specific. We're looking for, like, £15 to fund fancier badges, £30 to buy some USB sticks to digitise the library. That sort of thing. There is no performance pressure here!

- 75% of anything over £100 will be donated to RAINN, so if you DO want to sign-up on mass and attract giant bids, then it'll be in the name of good deeds!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know.

Plus, you know, con registration is open generally, and if you can't attend in person, you can come to VirtUKon, where we put as many of the vids online as we can (they go live with the shows), as well as streaming a number of the panels, etc. After the weekend the playlists go live for everyone, but some of the panels are likely to be up during the weekend only.

You can check out our site to see what last year's looks like.

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2014-06-16 06:18 pm

My So-Called Secret Identity

OKAY! SO I've been gone a long time because this month has been soooo busy. In addition to a lot of VidUKon prep (IT'S IN TWO WEEKS! EVERYBODY PANIC!) I also had the very cool opportunity to get involved in the My So-Called Secret Identity Kickstarter. I made the promotional video!

You can see it here:

You can also read the first four issues at:

Like, I think the project itself is cool? But also like, I MADE A THING GO LOOK AT IT. I would make you all stick it to your fridges if I could, but since I can't, I'm just going to point at it and wave my arms around a lot.

Also yeah, that is where I've been and what I've been doing. :)

Just in time to get given overtime at work! :P
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2014-05-06 11:26 pm

(no subject)

Poll #15354 What Should I Put Into VidUKon's Vidder's Choice Show?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 12


Counting Stars because WONDER WOMAN!
10 (83.3%)

I Say Fever because FARSCAPE!
2 (16.7%)

Because I'm torn. I'm probably leaning towards Counting Stars, because Diana, but also, I actually think that I Say Fever is one of the better vids I've ever done, but it's for a fifteen year old show, buried in a 30 day vidding project and maybe this'd be a nice way to say, hey, you know, look at this thing I made because I think a lot of people will already have seen Counting Stars? But also, Counting Stars. And it's more of a crowdpleaser, I think.

My indecision!

(Or convince me of a totally different vid in the comments, if you are so inclined...)
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2014-02-05 09:08 pm

Thank you, everyone, for your kind words. <3 (Also VidUKon and a small request)

I just wanted to thank everyone for the really kind words you all left on my last entry. I didn't have the...well, energy I guess, to reply individually, just because I was still a bit messy and sad, but I genuinely appreciated every single one. Thank you all for such thoughtful and attentive comments. It really made my days better getting them.

In slightly happier news, registration for VidUKon is open! And this year it will be super exciting because if you purchase a non-attending ticket (for the princely sum of £16!) not only will you get a programme (with your name in) and a premieres DVD, you will also get entry to VirtUKon! Which will be a virtual convention. Yes! The vidshows will go up, streaming (where possible), in REAL TIME, complete with comments to discuss with the masses of other virtual attendees who will surely be there in droves!

We are also looking into livestreaming some panels. This is, of course, our pilot year, and this will depend on several things, but one of them is getting enough subscribers to our YouTube channel so that we can enable livestreaming. It's a totally doable goal and we're a good way there already, but if you'd be willing to head over to our YouTube Channel and subscribe to us, you would be the most awesome person ever.

In the meantime, for a taste of what VirtUKon will be like, our previous cons are already up at the site! Just pick the year that you want to view...
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2013-06-01 10:35 am

Vid Recs: The tightpresent, Vidukon, WisCon edition...

Hey guys, so first a general apology - I haven't been very...present here the last few weeks. I owe a lot of you replies on your longer, more thoughtful posts, and I owe, well, this. Because [community profile] tightpresent happened, and then Vidukon happened and then WisCon happened, and that's a LOT of vids, you guys. And I had this awesome idea to post the epicest of Rec Posts all at once when they were all done with, except anyway, it's a week late.

I haven't forgotten about the daily meme I was doing, or, just...trying to be around more in general; it's just been a stressful RL time and, well, whatever, we're here for recs!


Okay so first, I want to point everyone to the vids that was me ~for meeeeee~ because I WON and got two of them, and they're both really great and interesting:

Mineshaft by [personal profile] chaila is a Sarah Connor piece to the most perfect song I've ever heard for her.

Meanwhile, Strange Angels by [personal profile] sanguinity is a Sarah Connor piece to a song I never would have thought would work, but it does - and it makes really interesting use of movie footage too.

Pretty much every other vid in the exchange was fascinating in one way or another, I pretty much blanket endorse going through the announcement post, but I do think it's worth highlighting a few others:

The Dream Before by [personal profile] sanguinity is an absolutely extraordinary vid about time travel with Derek as a pivot-point around which we see the whole universe unravel and repeat.

Losing Our Religions by [personal profile] ghost_lingering is an intriguingly ambitious project to vid ten different characters, both major and minor, as they struggle with faith of all kinds. Each character gets a different cover of REM's Losing My Religion.

Seamstress by [personal profile] chaila is the Jesse and Riley vid of my soul.

We Used To Wait by [personal profile] nicole_anell is a patient, sorrowful look at Sarah and Jesse.


YAY! Vidukon! Okay, I had like...a gabillion vids right after the con that I wanted to point out to everyone including a bunch I saw in the vidshows, and, of course, due to my idiotic procrastination I've forgotten half of them. I'm sure I'll pay for it one day in vid purgatory. But in the meantime, I can at least link to a few vids I really enjoyed and think you should check out too. Once again, I thought it was a really strong show overall? So I'm actually gonna focus some on the vids I think maybe got a bit overlooked because they were for less mainstream fandoms, or the vidders weren't actually present, etc:

Skin by [profile] m_a_r_i_k_s is a Debra Morgan vid (from Dexter) and it does a startlingly perfect job of capturing the character's incredibly complicated physicality - the way she manages to be expansive and dramatic at the same time as being tightly coiled with closed, awkward body language.

All The Rowboats by [personal profile] lilly_the_kid is a vid that I enjoyed at the time, but really appreciated once I got the clarity of her framing statement (which to be fair was in the programme but I have a memory like a sieve and it was dark!) and the way it uses the song to make points about the vidder's relationship to the source in a broader sense.

When I Am Laid In Earth by [personal profile] kiki_miserychic is a vid for a show called Utopia that I've never seen. Nonetheless, this vid is a beautiful, striking, disturbing spiral of colour and loss. I've never seen such vibrance mixed with such isolation.

FINALLY, [personal profile] nemonclature and I hosted a Vidding Tech panel, and our notes and example vids and little one-and-two minute tutorials on a few topics are all available at her DW, HERE, and we should all be very grateful to her because if it was my job to post it, it still wouldn't be done, and certainly not in such an orderly fashion...


Ugh, you guys, I'm so jealous I didn't get to go, but why, why for it at most expensive time of year and four thousand miles away from me?

Either way, they have vid programming and stuff! Because I suck, I haven't had the chance to go and look at all the premieres yet, but I DO know that all of you need to go and watch [personal profile] chaila's Keep The Streets Empty For Me IMMEDIATELY. It's a Twilight vid, about Bella, that manages a wonderful (and visually stunning) take that critiques the original source's gender politics, without falling into the common trap of dismissing the fact that, despite potentially problematic execution, Twilight has always, canonically, been Bella's story, from her perspective, about her needs and desires.

And now I have to go off and hunt down the rest of the WisCon premieres...

Anyway, signing off, hopefully I will be back soon!
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2013-03-25 12:56 pm

Checking In! :D

My temporary quasi-hiatus from DW/LJ continues as real life continues to be Kind Of Manic, but I actually have a week off this week because I'm shifting jobs and my start date got pushed back a week. I like...sort of don't know what to do with myself. (Well, actually I do, and that is: catch up on stuff, like all the work I need to do for Vidukon panels and vidding and exchanges and OY!)

But I wanted to drop by and say I LOVE YOU ALL, ALSO THREE THINGS:

1) Vidukon registration (in person) has gone up in price (BUT COME ANYWAY!) but non-attending passes remain at the low price of £16! I don't like shilling for stuff, but I will say, if you buy a non-attending pass, you can submit a vid to our Vidders' Choice show, which is running on Friday night - any vid you like, in any format you like! Please do this! We want an awesome show! Submit your vids! Instructions on the Vidukon Website!

Of course, we're also looking for Premieres, and need lots of those too.

2) The Dresden Codak kickstarter is down to its last three days. It really is a fascinating webseries and if it reaches $500k, there'll be a free extra .pdf book for everyone. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO CHECK IT OUT.

3) HAVE I MISSED ANYTHING? Like, seriously - I've been awful at keeping up with my flist lately, so please, please link me to anything important/interesting I might have missed. (Err, that sounds sort of imposing, like, "do my job for me!" or something; I more just mean, I care about you, flist people, and I'm worried I've missed important things in your lives!)
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2013-03-13 09:16 pm


SO GUYS! I'm still not dead, though still super busy. At least...MOST of the things I'm busy with are vid-related! And ALL of them are things I for later release so I can't post even the few that are done yet! But, um, I'm not as consumed by awful real life as it might seem by my silence here. More, consumed with a gabillionty geeky things that are taking my time away from DW/LJ right now.

ANYWAY, I bring you two important pieces of information:

1) VIDUKON! We have Friday night programming now! The con will officially be running over three days! A "stretch goal" met! If more of you sign up, we might be able to give you more FREE FOOD or something...

But also, THE PRICE WILL RISE SOON for attending registrations. On the 17th. So if you are mulling over coming (PLEASE COME, I WILL HUG YOU, no wait that sounds like a threat), you might want to do that soooooon.

*makes enticing gestures* We have vids?


Okay, everyone else is freaking out on the Veronica Mars kickstarter (which I never watched but I can imagine how exciting it is for those who did). So what am I doing? Pointing you all at a different one:

Dresden Codak.

It's the first volume of the Dresden Codak webcomic, in gorgeous hardbound print with some stellar additional bonuses at various reward levels.

Never heard of Dresden Codak? NO PROBLEM, because it's actually kind of depressingly short. It's been running for eight years, but the guy only updates it about once a month (though the strips are BIG - so you get the equivalent of several at once). This means you can catch up on the whole thing pretty quickly, and even if you're not interested in the kickstarter, I really DO recommend reading it, at least. It's pretty great.

As with many webcomics, it starts out with far less beautiful art than it ends up with, but by the end, the digitally painted style he's got going on is just breathtaking, as is the narrative and the world that slowly emerges as we move from one-shot gag strips, to complex, circular storylines, to one-shot gag strips with beautiful transhumanistic, thoughtful, philosophically surreal self-contained stories.

Like this one.

So you know, go read about the amazing, strange, uplifting, slightly sad adventures of Kimiko Ross, socially dysfunctional self-created cyborg girl, with reservations about reconciling quantum mechanics with Egyptian mythology...

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2012-08-08 05:46 pm
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SO! On the small chance that you are on my flist, are interested in watching a bunch of vids next Spring in Cardiff but aren't on the [ profile] vidukon comm, HERE BE A PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT!

For some reason I have decided to assist in organising this thing, and to help it be truly awesome, I need your help, if you think you might be interested in attending, in letting us know what dates you'd prefer.

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2011-04-13 12:34 pm
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Vidukon: Stuff What I Did

So, I'm not sure that this is a proper con report, more a sort of, I came, I saw, I didn't freak out and run away! story, but I figured I should write up some stuff about my first vidding convention (almost my first convention generally) and my first experience of premiering a vid somewhere (and somewhere I was too). This is vaguely chronological but it's also as much about parsing my own reaction to the con as about What Actually Happened, so you know, fair warning for rambling. :)

Friday! )

Saturday! )

We interrupt Saturday to bring you a long, rambling internal monologue on my process of determining my stance on vidding process, OH WAIT ALSO VIDSHOWS VS PANELS. )

Saturday again! River Song Room Parties and Bad, Bad Cakes. )

Premieres! )

Sunday! Femslash and Future Cons. )

In sum, I'm glad I went. It had a nice chilled out atmosphere, it was big enough it felt like an event but small enough I felt I at least got to say hi to everyone, and that I had time to really spend some time getting to know some cool folks from on my flist and off it. Parts of it I enjoyed more than I was expecting, parts less (though that led to interesting points about myself as discussed earlier), but I was curious about what it would be like and would always have regretted it if I hadn't gone. And like I said, if it's here, I will go again, if it's not I probably won't, but I still have a desire to support a proliferation of vidding events so I think I would want to support from afar in some way.

So, yes. I think I will call it a Success.


From the premieres my favourites were (in order of their appearance in the show, not preference):

This Is The Lullaby by [ profile] chaila43, which is a Damages vid that has a fantastic sense of creepy, building atmosphere.

Blue Caravan by [ profile] such_heights, which is an Amy Pond (Doctor Who) vid that is eerie and beautiful and feels slightly like a shiver in your spine.

Monster Hero by Franzeska Dickson. It's 90 seconds of pure Gozilla-induced HILARITY but unfortunately it hasn't been posted yet, so that link goes to her DW page in case she posts it sooooon. :)

Fascination by [ profile] charmax which is Billy Elliot Dancing Joy.

Hug My Soul by [ profile] bop_radar, which is also not posted yet and to a Japanese drama that I have never seen but is so surreally adorable I defy you not to watch it uncertain whether to boggle in confusion or melt from delight.

When I Fall Asleep by [ profile] buffyann which is Doctor Who but you don't need to know anything about Doctor Who to love this. It's just beautiful and I'm worried if I say much more I'll wreck it, but trust me, YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE. It is uplifting, adorable, inspiring and visually stunning. Probably my favourite vid of the con.
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2011-01-12 10:43 pm
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Vidukon Vid Poll: the etiquette of watermarks.

SO. I have a draft of my VidUKon premiere! This is quite exciting!

HOWEVER, before I can get too self-congratulatory, I have a problem. I'm using (and yes really need) some TV rips as well as DVD footage. So there's a FOX watermark on the footage. Generally I've never worried too much about that - a lot of my vids have watermarks on some of the clips. It's a shame, but whatcha gonna do aside from never vid the new stuff you're actually excited about?

However, I get the feeling that this is A Bit Frowned On, so I'm...toying with doing other things.

I have discounted the idea of zooming over the watermark as it negatively affects the quality of the footage so it's even easier to tell it's not of the standard of the DVD footage - I'm only doing that where I'm forced due to those annoying Bigger Watermarks and stuff.

This leaves me with a few options:

1) Leaving it be. Does it really matter that much?

2) Cropping the vid above the watermark so that the vid itself is just shorter in height. I'm a little reticent to do this because there are several clips where I'd need to pan to compensate for people's chins or other important things being cut off and a bunch more where I'm pretty sure panning so I don't miss the bottom of the clip will make me miss something important at the top of the clip. Idk, other people do this and it's okay, but when I tested it it just...felt like I was taking a machete to it for the sake of a watermark which seemed a bit extreme given that I think it negatively affects a fair bunch of the clips in terms of framing or content.

3) Put a watermark over the FOX watermark across the whole vid so's it looks like I've just watermarked the whole thing. Problems with this include the fact I'm generally not a fan of watermarking vids (again I don't have anything particularly against people who do it - it's never bothered me, it's just never been something I wanted to do), and the fact that I can't make it as opaque as most vidder watermarks are because then it starts showing the network watermark I'm trying to hide in the first place. Plus I can't have it just be a gigantic rectangle or it'll be obvious what I'm doing, but the options re: making it look like a design are limited. Either way, I have come up with the following - see screencap:


[Poll #1667335]