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My name is Rebecca. I like scifi and fantasy books and tv shows and movies and roleplay games.

I have kind of a manifesto about rpg games, like, wouldn't the world be awesome if everyone played them? And I mean really played them properly, with character development and shocking plot twists, and a group of friends to discuss that kind of stuff over takeaway with. I mean, seriously, that would be awesome. And no one would be at the mercy of anyone but themselves about the stories attached to their favourite characters.

Because everyone's a storyteller.

Mostly, though, I don't talk about that here because you guys probably don't care so much about the philosophical dilemmas of my paladin of chaos, or the fact my neanderthal got dislocated from time and now there are two of her. You probably care more about what I think about stuff we both watch. Or at least, stuff we COULD both watch.

So mostly, here, I talk about that.

If you want to talk about that with me, you are extremely welcome. I love hearing from people; please friend, unfriend, comment-erratically-without-friending...whatever. I was reluctantly forced to screen anonymous comments a while back but I'll almost always unscreen them. I like talking - you'll find that out if you spend any length of time here. Which leads us to two things:

1) I don't always friend back. This is because I like to keep my flist small so I can actually read it all. Just because I haven't friended you doesn't mean I a) don't like you, b) don't want you to feel welcome here or c) am not reading your journal (by actually surfing over to it.)

2) This journal has a guilt-free commenting and friending policy. Friend and unfriend as you see fit. Comment when you feel like commenting and don't ever feel guilty for not having had the time read or respond to a post. I like knowing that when someone's here, it's cus they want to be, not because they feel they have to be. :)

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