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Sarah/Guns/Whiskey/Olivia. Best Fringe/TSCC crossover fic evar.
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I'M HOME! Honestly, it's somewhat depressing cus now I'm exhausted and jetlagged and have to go to work tomorrow. BUT, I had a fantastic time on holiday and while I was away, while things did not go as awesome as they might have, nothing exploded which given the state of some things when I left them, was a minor miracle.

Anyway! What follows is a lot of personal type stories, so feel free to skip over - I've tried to highlight various recs in individual LJ-cuts so they're obvious. I know this is a hell of a tangled mess of a post, but I kind of want to get it all out and on here and most of these recs are tied in with the story of my hoilday.

FAMILY OMG. Also irregular wooden blocks. )


Okay, so, on to the really fun bits - I got to meet a bunch of people from my flist which was both terrifying and pretty fucking awesome as I didn't really think I'd ever get that chance, living across the Atlantic from most of you.






ASTA77! )


And then I came home. And was kind of sad about it, but you were all amazing, and I wish I'd had more time and thank you all for taking the time to come see me and talk to me and remind me I'm not alone on fangirl island.


FINALLY, [ profile] asta77 showed me this ABSOLUTELY AMAZING THING, that I'm sure everyone who was within a mile of D*Con has already seen, but trust me, if you haven't you need to:

So, there was my holiday. Half of you thought I sounded massively british, half of you thought my accent was surprisingly unbritish, most of you thought I looked like a teenager but at least one of you sided with me in my puzzlement. For the record, I think [ profile] asta77 looks more younger-than-she-is than I do and my accent is embarassingly changable, and I love you all and wish I hadn't had to leave. WE MUST DO IT AGAIN SOMETIME.

Also, I'm sure I've forgotten something...
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Folks, tomorrow morning I depart for a a crazy adventure my grandpa's house. I'll be on vacation for the next two weeks roaming the wilds of the north-eastern seaboard. I'm sure I'll beg, borrow or steal the occasional wireless connection, but I probably won't be around much until mid-October. Also I've been pretty busy this weekend and know I owe a bunch of you replies both here and on your LJs. Sorry guys!

I will miss you all, except those of you I'm actually going to SEE soon. :D

You guys over at [ profile] twelvecolonies sorry I'm ditching out right before your epic final battle. Go [ profile] teambasestar! THE ROBOT NATION SHALL BE VICTORIOUS!

Finally, I'll leave you with two stories, one very short and mine, one slightly longer and [ profile] chaila43's.

[ profile] chaila43 has written a really lovely piece of Ellison's post-finale life. I wanted to leave you proper feedback, but I wanted to reread it first, and I haven't had the time, I'm sorry; you'll have to make do with this rec instead.

What I will say is that I was and am taken with the way she weaves Ellison's religion throughout, powerful, underlining everything, but also accepting, not preachy, not expectant. The Ellison I see here is the Ellison I fell in love with. And the Sarah Ellison describes to us is the Sarah I see. Try it, you won't regret it -

The Evidence of Things Not Seen.

(Also, I love your vidderly rebellion against ratings.)

Finally, one of the [ profile] twelvecolonies challenges was a bit of a drabble battle, so I figured I'd post mine here for posterity, since I ended up actually liking it quite a bit.

Laura, Maya, Isis and Sin. )

And...that's it folks.

VACAAAAAAAATION! I've decided to have a fabulous time and just assume when I get home all will be as I left it and no disasters will have occured. Because, dammit, I SHALL HAVE A FABULOUS TIME and might very well be going to M&M world!

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