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Okay, so for a while I've been meaning to write up my thoughts on the Emma/Regina ship and why I can't get on board with it and since I just watched the most recent episode and it dealt with a past romance on Emma's part, I figured I might as well just get it all out there at once. So first I will express my concerns about Emma's relationship with SPOILER and then I will talk about my tragic inability to believe it could ever work out with Regina either.

Emma & SpoilerFace )

Emma & Regina )

And there you have it. My antiship manifesto.
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Okay, I'm super confused about whose castle is whose and who's ruling what.

Right before the curse gets cast, we know that Regina isn't queen anymore, so I kind of figured that Snow was the queen and Charming was married to her so he was a Prince. We know he's still a Prince because everyone, including himself, still calls him that, but people are way more ambiguous about Snow's title. We also know that even if it wasn't public knowledge that he was really the son of a shepard, his "father", the King, is still alive, so clearly he didn't inherit that throne either.

So that would all make sense, except for the part where Snow's father's castle is on the side of a mountain and Charming's Not!Dad's castle is the one in the lake with the bridge to it - which is also the castle Snow and Charming are apparently ruling from after "taking back the kingdom".

I kind of assumed they were trying to take back Snow's kingdom, and Charming's Not!Dad's troops were just getting involved annoyingly due to his Charming-related grudge. But since they appear to claim his castle, am I wrong? But in that case, surely Charming would be a King? Not a Prince Consort?

Unless they stole back Snow's kingdom, then conquered Charming's Not!Dad's kingdom, THEN decided that a palace by the lake is totally more blinging than one on the side of a hill?

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1. Feminist Speeches

Okay, so, I really don't follow Australian politics at ALL beyond being passingly familiar with the name of the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, but I saw this amazing speech via [ profile] calapine, and had to share. It's 15 minutes long, but really, it's worth watching. I'm so impressed and refreshed by her unapologetic attitude, her willingness to frickin' say MISOGYNY like it's not a concept that needs to be defended every time it's raised. I miss speeches like this, substantive, pointed speeches, that aren't afraid to attack a position, or person, that needs attacking.

I mean, guys, come on, it starts with, "I will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man. I will not. And the government will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man, not now, not ever."

Feminist Fairytales

Secondly, you guys, I've been...really, really enjoying the second season of Once Upon a Time. It probably deserves its own post at some point, but briefly let me say that I feel like there's some subtle and retrospectively redemptive character work involved in Regina and Henry's relationship now that mitigates some of the issues I had around its treatment of adoption last season, and I am still slightly stunned that with Red and Belle being upgraded to series regulars, it's a show which stars five women, two men and a boychild without it being marketed or thought of as a show aimed at women.

I still think it's a shame it's so damn white (here's hoping Mulan and Lancelot stick around), and I wish that the enormous queerness weren't relegated to subtext (man that's ANOTHER post I need to make: why can't I ship Emma/Regina, dammit?!).

That said, Regina in particular has just been getting some fantastic character work in the opening episodes, and while I have a personal hatred of love triangles, even I appreciate the swiftness with which Prince Phillip was moved offstage to set up a team of Mulan and Sleeping Beauty vs Emma and Snow, and judging from the sneak peeks for next week, well, dudes, let's just say I'm impressed by this show's commitment to grounding itself with mother-daughter relationships, even from angles and characters I was never expecting to see again.

Keep it up, Once Upon A Time!
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In before the s2 premiere!

Title: Bite of the Great White
Video: Once Upon A Time // ABC
Audio: Bite of the Great White // melodysheep - John D Boswell
Summary: Regina is a fantastic, terrifying shark.

Direct download available here. 44 megs approx. RightClickSaveAs.

Password: vidses

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Other vids available here.
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Okay, so, in my OUAT catch-up I finally got to the episode where we find out why the Queen hates Snow White. And frankly, I'm kinda disappointed. Which is frustrating because after a bit of a soft few episodes, I'm really getting caught up in the plot again and overall I'm enjoying the show. But I feel this is one place where they almost pulled of something really interesting.

So here it is, plus brief bonus commentary on Rumplestiltskin's reveal. )
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Man I have not made a vid in ages - like over two months. I'm vidding so slowly lately, it's annoying. However:

Title: Quantum Theory
Video: Once Upon A Time // ABC
Audio: The Quantum World! // Symphony of Science
Summary: The irreconcilable differences between two worlds have not yet been explained in physics, either. [Ensemble vid]
Notes: With thanks to [ profile] cyborganize and [ profile] metatxt for the wonderfully helpful beta.

Direct download available here. 68 megs approx. RightClickSaveAs.

Password: vidses

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Other vids available here.
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Hello peoples. I fell off the internet for a while, mostly because I was vidding a lot and playing Mass Effect 2. And I realise I've got to this point where I keep having these things I want to post about here but they never seem significant enough/apropos of anything/like a significant portion of my flist would be interested, but now I have like four of them, so they are going together into a post, dagnabbit.

As always, you are encouraged to pick and choose cut-tags. ;)

1. Vidding [& Young Justice *looks sketchy*] )

2. Mass Effect 2 )

3. Once Upon A Time )

4. Wonder Woman (No, not the new issue that comes out today, ragging on Marston instead *duck*!) )
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OKAY SO. Here's some stuff I oughta have at least sort of talked about lately - sorry to bunch it all up in a big post, but cut-tags and giant underlined titles should help you find the portion of interest! :) Picking and choosing your lj-cut is HIGHLY recommended! :p


First up, TELLY!

Once Upon A Time )

Parks & Recreation )

1940s Animated Superman )


New 52: Wonder Woman )

Other New 52 Titles )


The Old 52! Err, I mean, the '52' weekly comic from 2006 )

Renee Montoya as The Question: Five Lessons In Crime )

Zatanna )


Batman: No Man's Land )

...and that's it. I'm done. Nothing more to babble about!

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