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And we're back!

As usual, ALPHABETICAL, and spoilers follow. Also, fair warning, you may wish to start at Batwoman because my Batman & Robin review is...weird and long. Some other reviews in here are also long and some even include rants! But the first one is both weird and long and I feel it only fair to warn you all.

Batman & Robin )

Batwoman )

Deathstroke )

Demon Knights )

Frankenstein - Agent of S.H.A.D.E. )

Green Lantern )

Grifter )

Legion Lost )

Mister Terrific )

Red Lanterns )

Resurrection Man )

Suicide Squad )

Superboy )

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Hey dudes! Tomorrow I leave for London for an internetless few days to see, among other things, Batman Live, insane-looking Batman-themed stage show. If I don't come back, know I died happy. Or at least confused!

Also I have gotten a horrible, hideous cold RIGHT before it's time to leave (hopefully I will feel better when I wake up tomorrow...) and have spent the better part of the day at my shoddy job for nine hours, with said cold, and then trying to pack and tidy up the house an stuff before we leave.

Point being, there are like five posts on my flist I need to reply to, so if yours is one of them, *GLOMP* and sorry for that not happening right now!

I will leave you all with the knowledge that (a) I am actually VIDDING A THING right now that has nothing to do with comics (but may also be part of a bigger project and thus take a while to release; kind of like the collab I've also been working on and off on - I'm doing a fair amount of vidding! Just not the kind I kind show people yet. GRR), but (b) I'm going to expose you to Comics anyway:

Behold! The trailer for DC's New 52 thingy!

Everyone under the sun seems to think this is terrible. I, on the other hand, am apparently enormously contrary and think it's GREAT. But possibly you should all be aware that I also unironically love Meat Loaf and am about to go see a stage show that will involve a man dressed as Batman prancing around with like, fireworks and shit.
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Yes, folks, I'm still on a comics bender. I thank you for your tolerance.

The Final 12 Comics I'm Getting from the DC Relaunch! )

Aaaaaand, that's what I'm getting.

Meanwhile, I've continued my mad, selective dash through the DC universe and I've read both the Supergirl run (which I'd read part of before) and the Infinite Crisis event (though not all its tie-ins).

I present brief reviews!

Supergirl! )

Infinite Crisis )

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