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Title: Another Life
Video: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Audio: In Another Life // Vienna Teng
Summary: The next time around, or perhaps the time before last. Cameron/Derek
Vidder's Notes: This was my first exchange, and I made this for [personal profile] hmmyeahokay. It was actually pretty fun and challenging as my recipient's first choice was a ship I'd never really considered before, but the characters' rare interactions are fascinating. I hope I did it justice.

Direct download available here. RightClickSaveAs. 35 megs approx.

Originally posted, anonymously, as part of the [community profile] tightpresent vid exchange here.

Cross-posted to [ profile] vidding

Other vids available here.
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OKAY! So first a very important announcement - tightpresent - the Sarah Connor Chronicles Vid Exchange is LIVE! Behold 16 vids all for TSCC! I haven't had a chance to watch them all yet, but two were made just for meeeee and they're lovely! I'm sure the rest are too - go look!

Really, participating in this was so interesting - but I feel like I can't talk about it without potentially giving away my vid, so I'm gonna maybe do a retrospective and stuff after the reveals next week. But really, go check this out!

Day 13: Favourite Storyline Mission )

Day 14: Favourite Loyalty Mission )

Day 15: Favourite Side Mission )
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A Day Like Today by [ profile] chaila43

I know I am biased because I basically love everything she does, but FOR REALZ, people, this is gorgeous, gorgeous work to a beautiful and apt song. It captures so eloquently not only James Ellison's character but his role in the complex, thoughtful narrative structure of the whole show. I often felt he never got enough credit for how his role as a thematic counterpoint to Sarah, basically because TSCC was founded around an endless series of unresolvable and messed up love triangles (both platonic and romantic) and this was reflected in its thematics. It was always so easy to see the simple binary of Sarah vs Skynet, it was tragically easy to overlook James' role as the third point on that triangle, the way it was often too easy to overlook the way Sarah's position in Ellison's endless conversation with religion as another third option/leftfield choice/complicating factor.

At which point, I'm devolving into meta about the show, but people, that's how good this vid is. It makes you accidentally write meta.

Go now, children, an watch it.

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OMGS YOU GUYS. So, today I turn 28, and feel REALLY, REALLY OLD because I have now been an adult for a decade, but frankly the best part of today was the presents and this vid that [ profile] chaila43 made me in TOTAL SECRECY (for real, I feel very naive now but somehow I did not suspect), ranks right up there with the Green Lantern and Flash sneakers I got.

So -

Boy With a Coin by [ profile] chaila43

This vid is gorgeous. It's about Ellison and his kids - Savannah and John Henry. His robot son and the girl with the robot mother. His confusion and adaptation and search for guidance and direction. Anyone who knows me and my thoughts on this show knows that I love James Ellison, but usually my expression of this is directed towards how hot like burning he is when he circles Sarah in literal and metaphorical ways. But he's also hella interesting on his own terms and I've always really respected the show for giving him space to have his own storyline independent of Sarah and the Connors, though of course, related and influenced via the web of cause and effect that permeates the show.

A lot of criticism got thrown his way throughout the show's run for not siding more decisively with Sarah or not realising Weaver was a robot, but I always had a different reaction - a real love and appreciation for his calm, quiet, impassive determination to make his own choices, and to make good ones. I'm not saying he always succeeded in that, but I do believe that when he failed it was only because of information he didn't have, not a flaw in his reasoning.

I think that's part of why I love the narrative this vid deals in - Ellison as caretaker, as guide, as someone fully aware of his own responsibilities to these others, and seeking guidance, in turn, from God about the best course of action.

Religious iconography mixes with killer robots. Chess mingles with rubber duckies. Education mingles with war.

The song is insistent and enduring and strange. The visuals are beautiful, the editing is skillfully simple in the way it catches movements and moments and shuffles them together like a series of considerations - like a prayer for guidance.

Really, guys, it's really good, go check it out.
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Title: Hands Away
Editors: [ profile] chaila43 and [ profile] beccatoria
Music: Interpol
Video: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles//Fringe
Summary: I can't reach you. Sarah Connor/Olivia Dunham
Notes: Premiered this weekend at the [community profile] wiscon_vidparty. Thanks to everyone who made that vidshow happen!

Streaming and download options can be found HERE!


Password: vidses

See all [ profile] beccatoria's vids here | See all [ profile] chaila43's vids here.
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For [ profile] chaila43!

This is totally the vidlet version of this mini picspam that [ profile] chaila43 made for me for Halloween!

Title: so happy
Video: The Sarah Connor Chronicles // Fringe
Audio: Happy (Reprise) // Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins
Summary: Sarah Connor. Olivia Dunham. Unsettling parallels.

Direct download available here. 9 megs approx. RightClickSaveAs.

Password: vidses

I will index and crosspost all vidlets at the end of November or when I've done all the prompts, whichever comes soonest.
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Happy birthday [ profile] chaila43! Remember all those times you bugged me to make this vid and I said I never would (and you probably didn't mean it this literally)? I was lying. I was also lying that time I said I wasn't vidding anything right now. God, I'm such a liar. And rather shocked I didn't cave under the pressure and tell you about it long ago. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY, YOU'RE AWESOME AND I LOVE YOU.

Title: there's a war going on for your mind, sarah.
Video: Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles
Audio: tracks from Fight with Tools // The Flobots
Summary: Sarah Connor and Catherine Weaver engage in a rap battle.
Vidder's Notes: Vidded as a birthday present for the always awesome [ profile] chaila43. A loose remix of a previous BSG vid to the same music, but no knowledge of that vid is necessary for this one. Many thanks to [ profile] pellucid for the beta.

Direct download available here. 62 megs approx. RightClickSaveAs.

Password: vidses

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Other vids available here.
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JUDG(E)MENT* DAY. THE FINAL BATTLE. [ profile] beccatoria VS [ profile] chaila43. ONE SONG. ONE SHOW. TWO VIDS. NO MERCY. (*winner gets to decide the spelling.)

Title: Raise It Up
Video: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Audio: Rabbit Heart // Florence + The Machine
Summary: Child, soldier, child soldier.
Editor's Notes: With thanks to [ profile] kiki_miserychic!

Direct download available here. 38 megs approx.

Password: vidses

[ profile] chaila43's TSCC vid to the same song can be found here.

We finished, guys. I'm not sure if everyone won, or if we carpet bombed ourselves into oblivion, but it was fucking awesome.

* * *

You can find all relevant VIDWAR posts at our tags here and here.

Cross-posted to [ profile] vidding and [ profile] scc_vids.

Other vids available here.
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My VIDWAR: ROBOT APOCALYPSE counterattack continues!


Title: Howl
Video: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Audio: Howl // Florence + The Machine
Summary: The saints can't help me now, the ropes have been unbound: I hunt for you with bloodied feet across the hallowed ground. (Jesse/Derek, Jesse/Riley).

Direct download available here. 33 megs approx.

Password vidses


You can find all relevant VIDWAR posts at our tags here and here.

Cross-posted to [ profile] vidding and [ profile] scc_vids.

Other vids available here.
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MWAHAHAHAAHAA! I GET TO DRIVE THE VIDWAR AGAIN! And! And, for the first time ever, I have vidded TSCC!

Title: The Queen
Video: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Audio: Knight Moves // Suzanne Vega
Summary: Everyone needs Sarah to be someone, and every piece needs something from the Queen.

Direct download available here. 42 megs approx.

Password: vidses


Cross-posted to [ profile] vidding and [ profile] scc_vids.

Other vids available here.
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My rewatch of TSCC continues apace and I'm now just three episodes from the end and about to jump into actual vidding which I confess I find a little terrifying (WHICH IS NOT A SURRENDER, YOU KNOW WHO I'M TALKING TO!)

Anyway, I think both Jesse and Derek are pretty much nuts, which is not to say I don't like them, just they are very damaged and dangerous people. And I has Thoughts.

It's not that I think Derek's a hypocrite, it's just that there are things he can't admit he believes. )

John Connor is all any of them have, and he's also the reason they lose everything else. That kind of thing can drive a person crazy. What do you do if you stop loving the only thing you have left?

I don't think what Jesse did was any more insane than things Derek has done. I just think that what Jesse did, for Derek to accept it, would mean having to accept more about himself than he was able.

Derek needs to believe he does these things for a reason, that there are lines he won't cross, and that John Connor will save them all.

Derek needs to believe that dying for John Connor is a good enough reason to die.

Jesse stopped believing that.
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It's pretty short and a nice read. It goes into the balance of specificity and answers with larger, unanswered, half-suggested, mysterious motifs. And the importance of giant messy mysteries but how if you're not careful, that's pretty much indistinguishable from laziness.

It kind of sums up why I miss this show terribly but also am...okay with where they left it, if it had to end.

Creating a beautiful unanswered question can be a complete work of art - just ask Schrödinger and his cat.

Just know that some day somebody will open that box and, dead or alive, there better be a fucking awesome kitty in there.

Also, I kind of want to write this bit on a postcard and send it to Ron Moore:

Bad writing is a demon that takes all forms and often finds a warm and inviting host with writers who confuse the arbitrary with the mysterious.
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Ooooh, stuff!

1) I recommend you all go watch [ profile] chaila43's fantabulous TSCC vid about Agent Ellison and how he's always two steps behind Sarah Connor - confusing, terrifying Sarah who nevertheless is quite clearly the only thing on that entire road - two steps behind or not - that can make any of this make sense or provide even the illusion of safety. Shelter from the Storm.

2) Per a heads up from [ profile] gonzo21, right-wing conservative american blogs are now attempting to shape the future of their national healthcare by claiming that we execute old people and Stephen Hawking would NEVER HAVE SURVIVED UNDER THE BRITISH NHS. XD

Oh, my. It's probably all Mr Hawking's fault really for not insisting that they give his little robot voice a British accent. I mean, obviously.

(For the record, I think that our NHS could be a hell of a lot better, and yes, people do die while on waiting lists, same as people die in the USA because their insurance doesn't cover them and nothing is perfect, but another thing that US right-wing anti-NHS pundits seem to forget is, it's not like we've outlawed private healthcare. I might hate BUPA's adverts, but it is a fairly popular NHS alternative. The point is, um, ANEURIN BEVAN WE ALL LOVE YOU, even if your statue does end up with a traffic cone on its head after nearly every weekend.)

3) MEME! Um, people have been doing that 5 top fannish whatevers meme, and I guess I'll play too? Honestly I'm worried I won't be able to come up with enough, but, it sounds like lots of fun?

So! Ask me my top five fannish whatevers, and I'll answer them all in a new post!
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Damn that's depressing and off-pissing if not actually surprising. :(

Now what the hell am I supposed to watch? *sigh*

Also. Agent Ellison. I barely knew my crush on you.

In my ongoing search for thinky SciFi about technology and our relationship with it, I have, however, discovered Fringe.


What I actually think of Fringe. Pretty vague spoilers through like...episode fifteen or something? )

Rambling about televised SciFi and its relationship with the Theme of Technology and um, how that's maybe changing. )

Oh, but yes, that Fringe Show. Maybe I should talk about the characters? Let's start with Peter cus he's boring. )

Walter! Him I like; for a while he was my favourite. )

Olivia is probably my favourite now, cus she gets to do boy things and be more specialer than Genius Peter. )

Astrid! Is it bad that Walter calling her Asterisk still makes me laugh when I remember it? )

Shipping: as long as I don't start Anti-Shipping the OTP, which I probably will... )

Nina Sharpe! Because all the cool shows have evil middle-aged corporate quasi-villains these days... )

And there is my opinion on Fringe since apparently this is the only show I've been left with. *sigh*

Vidding! But no, not Fringe! )

And we're done. Wow, it's been a long time since I had this much to say... o_O
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I hope everyone in the entire world has already seen this, but on the offchance any of you have not, you need to watch Unnatural Selection by [ profile] charmax.

I wish I had the words to describe how mindblowing it is.

It's Battlestar Galactica and The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but while I'm usually kind of uncomfortable with multi-fandom videos (I often feel like the connection between the fandoms is "I wanted them both in this vid!" rather than something organic) there is just...nothing like that here. The two shows fit together flawlessly in one epic clusterfrak of robot apocalypses, evolution, death and God.

The vid's arguments on evolution, that it is not the strongest but the most adaptable who will survive and that the machines are changing far more quickly than us, violently expressed and beautifully edited, are just stunning.

This monkey's gone to heaven, but at least she was replaced by Six, the devil.

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