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OKAY! For reasons best known to...some part of my brain for sure, I have made a series of tutorials to show people how to make vids on Linux. I've done this for a few reasons, firstly because there should be more vids, and my own experiences getting to grips with Cinelerra were more challenging than they would have been had there been an active vidding community to assist me, since a lot of the tutorials were aimed at different types of video editing or deeply technical. Secondly, I think more people should be aware of the option. Not only are Linux and Cinelerra philosophically free, as in open source, they're also financially free, as in zero cost. And they run much better on systems with lower end specs.

So you know, vidding has a somewhat deserved reputation as being an expensive hobby, but you really can have a program that can do fancy editing shit without spending a lot of money or having a superawesome machine.


These tutorials are split into two parts. The first focuses on basics, including getting a Linux-based Operating System (I recommend Ubuntu) and setting that up, installing programs, setting up Cinelerra, basic editing on Cinelerra with a focus on what is most applicable to music videos (in my own biased opinion, of course!)

The second set of tutorials is a collection of stuff I've done over the past year that is more advanced. It's basically focused on achieving more complex effects and/or stuff that many other editing programs have presets for but Cinelerra doesn't. That's the thing about Cinelerra, it can do most of the stuff Vegas or Premiere can do, it's just not always obvious, preset-level easy, and will involve using a program that kind of looks like it was made in 1994.


TUTORIAL SET #1: Basics. )

TUTORIAL SET #2: More advanced effects. )

Finally, a few links:

The Cinelerra CV Manual: this is the official manual for the community version of Cinelerra (which is the version we are dealing with here; see here for information as to why if you're curious). The manual looks big and intimidating and probably isn't a good first step for a total beginner, but it's very comprehensive and very useful and will pretty much answer all your questions. So it's good to link it here for posterity.

Various Other Tutorials: The official Cinelerra CV site links to various other tutorials in various languages with various focuses. It's probably the most complete centralised repository of tutorial links I've found, though you can also just plain old search YouTube.


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Okay guys, I was bored so I made a few more Cinelerra tutorials! For far utterly invisible rest of the Cinelerra-based vidding community! :D OPEN SOURCE, GUYS. IT'S FUN! I'm also vaguely toying with making a very basic, "this is how you vid in Cinelerra..." tutorial, but there are already a lot of "how to do basic editing in Cinelerra" tutorials on YouTube and I don't wanna duplicate work. Plus I'm not really sure it'd help anyone. I guess we'll see how bored I get.


Colour correction using the histogram

(This is the idiot's guide version because honestly even I don't understand the histogram very well, but I finally worked out how to use it JUST A LITTLE and was's not so bad! I wish I had found out what it meant AGES ago!)

Animated effect (It is in colour and stuff too - the YouTube cap here makes it look like it's just edge detection; that's just one stage.)

(It's like a tacky version of A Scanner Darkly!)

3D Transitions

(Cus Cinelerra is kind of cruddy on the transitions front; not that I ever really use anything much other than fades anyway...)


Previous tutorials are here.
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Remember when I used this blog to like, be a fan in ways other than vidding? Today is not that day. (But honest, I'm trying, I even have TV shows I'd LIKE to write about weekly, I'm just too lazy.)

So, what is today? The day I spam you with useless Cinelerra video effects tutorials even though none of y'all use it. ;)

All of these are effects you can find tutorials for in other programs, but I couldn't see any video tutorials for Cinelerra for these particular effects and some of these are things you need to go about backwards or differently to get done in Cinelerra. So. On the offchance anyone ever wants them: TUTORIALZ!

Glow effect & Edge Detection effect (sorta).
Cus for some reason Cinelerra doesn't come with either as standard. Not that I think I've actually ever used either either. Either.

Moving Split Screen Thingy Using Masks.
More about like...masks in general and a Thing What I Did With Them. But anyway, keyframe masks to make them move! It occasionally looks cool!

I gave John Crichton a lightsaber. I'm awesome.

Sin City/Colour Splash Effect.
That effect where you make everything grayscale and then keep a single colour. I have no idea what the proper name for it is...

And now you all know I have an accent. Except the ones of you who were relieved to discover I didn't. ;)

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