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Title: Apple Candy
Video: DC Animated
Audio: Apple Candy // Ben Lee
Summary: I want you, and I want him. [Wonder Woman/Superman/Batman OT3]

PASSWORD: vidses

Apple Candy

Direct download available here. RightClickSaveAs. 70 megs approx.

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Other vids available here.

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Poll #15354 What Should I Put Into VidUKon's Vidder's Choice Show?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 12


Counting Stars because WONDER WOMAN!
10 (83.3%)

I Say Fever because FARSCAPE!
2 (16.7%)

Because I'm torn. I'm probably leaning towards Counting Stars, because Diana, but also, I actually think that I Say Fever is one of the better vids I've ever done, but it's for a fifteen year old show, buried in a 30 day vidding project and maybe this'd be a nice way to say, hey, you know, look at this thing I made because I think a lot of people will already have seen Counting Stars? But also, Counting Stars. And it's more of a crowdpleaser, I think.

My indecision!

(Or convince me of a totally different vid in the comments, if you are so inclined...)
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So! The next Superman film is going to feature Wonder Woman. She will be played by Gal Gadot, who's best known for her role in the recent Fast & Furious movies.

Obviously everyone on every side (including myself) then proceeded to have a meltdown.

I'm not shocked by the bullshit dismissive judgemental fanboy reactions proclaiming her a terrible actress because she was in a car movie, or because she has an accent, or because how dare they put Wonder Woman in this film anyway, they ought to be focusing on Superman vs Batman, or because her boobs aren't big enough (and yes, I saw all these, if not after this announcement, then certainly when Gadot was leaked as one of the front-runners for the then-unnamed female lead role).

I'm also not shocked by the instant reactions on the other side - Snyder will destroy her because he wrote Sucker Punch, it's probably a cynical reaction to the success of Frozen and the Hunger Games, how dare they put her in a supporting role about the two dudes, not her own film. I most certainly don't mean to imply by putting these claims in opposition that the latter equivalent to the former. I have a great deal of sympathy for fears that this will get fucked up, and there are reasons to believe it will. The idea that it might be good is almost as terrifying to me as the idea that it could be bad because it requires investment and hope and trust that I don't really have. I understand the desire to voice these concerns, to reflexively inoculate oneself against raised expectations. And let's face it, Sucker Punch was fucking offensive.

But I also think that there are some solid reasons why introducing her this way, and this casting choice, may bode well for the movie, or at least not as badly as some fear. So as an exercise in not panicking before I have to, I'm going to list them. Ten Points of It Might Not Be Awful!

Fair warning; some of this is cynical and pragmatic. This is engineering not philosophy.

10 Points! )


I have reacted, even if I'm still not sure how I feel. *facepalm*
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAILA! I MADE YOU A VID ABOUT WONDER WOMAN to pop music sung by a boy! This may have been the reason I was suspiciously helpful when you were asking me about source the other week. I BET THAT WAS TOTALLY UNSUSPICIOUS.

Anyway, you are awesome, I'm so glad I know you. Have a vid. <3

Title: Counting Stars
Video: DC Animated [Wonder Woman]
Audio: Counting Stars // OneRepublic
Summary: All the things that we could be.
Note: There's some strobing effects in this.

Direct download available here. 92 megs approx. RightClickSaveAs.

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Other vids available here.
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I need to make an effort to post here more. Also to actually do more vidding. And tell you more about what I think of stuff. SO, to aid that, firstly I would like to point out -

This is a great place to link your vidding catalogue, no matter how large or small, for future use in a "new to me!" reccing project. I haven't had a chance to poke around there that much yet, but DUDE, that's one impressive, exciting list of vids. You should all join in and/or keep an eye on the comm for future recs!

AND THEN THERE WAS WONDER WOMAN #12. With some raging about Wonder Woman #7. And some talking about Wonder Woman #Everything Else. )
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Hey guys - just checking in and letting you all know that I'm still alive, and REALLY SORRY it's been so long since I've posted. I've only been quiet because really nothing's going on much in my life right now and I'm WAY behind on almost all telly so I don't have much to say right now. Mostly my life has been consumed with what began as a casual project whereby I was going to actually clip stuff before vidding a vid I wasn't even sure I could/wanted to make and somehow spiralled into a weird completionist cataloguing project. I'M NEVER DOING IT AGAIN.

ANYWAY, I finally have something worth posting about!

Batgirl #8 - or WOW, before I thought this comic was doing some unexpected, interesting stuff but *THIS* is what I came for. )

In addition, Batwoman is just kicking ass. It's and just all about these women with these really complicated, challenging, distinct relationships with each other. It's about power, competence, loss, betrayal, romance, ass-kicking, and supernatural noir detective work. One of my favourite things about it is that nearly everything passes the Bechdel test, and the cast is almost entirely gender reversed from the male/female split you'd expect (it's what, four or five women vs two guys in the regular/recurring roles?), but it never feels like that's what it's doing. It just feels completely natural to the point I don't even want to be mentioning it here because the comic just is. But obviously I AM going to mention it because then more of you might start reading it! :D?

Demon Knights also continues to be a hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking tale of...something or other; I'm really enjoying it. It's not Secret Six, nothing else ever will be, I don't think, but I do wonder if this book might fill part of that void. And on top of that it's got beautiful art.

Finally, two comments:

Wonder Woman: oh god, I think it broke my heart. I don't even have the desire to go into detail about why. I don't even have the energy to be angry, I'm too sad. If it were ugly or poorly written that would be easier. As it is, it's a beautifully written, visually gorgeous story that wounded me in my soul, and not in a good way. I just...I don't know dudes. I guess we'll see where it goes.

Saga: this, on the other hand, was interesting weirdness. I've read the first two now, and what I wish I could do most is sum up the type of WORLD it is, because I think if I could, I could explain what's so compelling about it. I suppose it's like...a space fairytale with a dirty mouth and a rocketship forest full of nightmares? Anyway, I'm hooked is what I'm saying.
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Hello peoples. I fell off the internet for a while, mostly because I was vidding a lot and playing Mass Effect 2. And I realise I've got to this point where I keep having these things I want to post about here but they never seem significant enough/apropos of anything/like a significant portion of my flist would be interested, but now I have like four of them, so they are going together into a post, dagnabbit.

As always, you are encouraged to pick and choose cut-tags. ;)

1. Vidding [& Young Justice *looks sketchy*] )

2. Mass Effect 2 )

3. Once Upon A Time )

4. Wonder Woman (No, not the new issue that comes out today, ragging on Marston instead *duck*!) )
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Okay - that meme is going around again! The one where you comment on a post and get given five things the poster associates with you, then you get to talk about those five things on your LJ, and invite other people to comment on your post and ask for five things you associate with them!

So yes, [ profile] chaila43 gave me the following five things! Comment on this post and I will give YOU five things! An endless cycle of things!

Vidding )

Project CAPSLOCK - a.k.a. Hands Away, the Sarah/Olivia vid )

Olivia Dunham )

Wonder Woman )

Wales )

And I'm done. Who wants five things from me?!
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OKAY SO. Here's some stuff I oughta have at least sort of talked about lately - sorry to bunch it all up in a big post, but cut-tags and giant underlined titles should help you find the portion of interest! :) Picking and choosing your lj-cut is HIGHLY recommended! :p


First up, TELLY!

Once Upon A Time )

Parks & Recreation )

1940s Animated Superman )


New 52: Wonder Woman )

Other New 52 Titles )


The Old 52! Err, I mean, the '52' weekly comic from 2006 )

Renee Montoya as The Question: Five Lessons In Crime )

Zatanna )


Batman: No Man's Land )

...and that's it. I'm done. Nothing more to babble about!
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Soooo, the New York Post has an article with a spoiler about Wonder Woman #3, pertaining to her origins in the relaunch. Frankly my general response is that I want to wait and see how it plays out, but I do have a bunch of thoughts beyond that. So, under a cut they go:

Spoilers Ahoy! )
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MORE COMICS! Okay, week three, here we go, otherwise known as the week where I talk a lot about boobies.


Batman )

Birds of Prey )

Blue Beetle )

Captain Atom )

Catwoman )

DC Universe Presents )

Green Lantern Corps )

Legion of Super-Heroes )

Nightwing )

Red Hood and the Outlaws )

Supergirl )

Wonder Woman )

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Let's face it, [ profile] chaila43 declared Post Awesome Things Month during a month I am obsessed with comics and Wonder Woman. I'm just gonna embrace it. HAVE A VIDLET.

Video: DC Animated
Audio: Holding Out For A Hero // Bonnie Tyler
Summary: SHE'S ON A HORSE.

Direct download available here. 19 megs approx. RightClickSaveAs.

Password: vidses

Apologies for typo in the credits - fixed on the download version.

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Other vids available here.
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Okay, [ profile] chaila43 has an awesome idea to do a Post Awesome Things month to counteract the dead air summer feeling around here right now, and I think it's great. Quite a few people are doing it, and I feel super bad for not replying to them all - I've been having a really busy/stressful week, to be honest, so please accept my apologies if you're reading this and I haven't replied. But I did spent this evening hiding from any and all responsibility by capping Wonder Woman pictures of Awesome Bits of the comics I recently read.

Honestly, these aren't the, um, what I consider the quintessential moments, really, because honestly most of those aren't easily capped because they're like whole SEQUENCES that BREAK MY HEART PRECIOUS and require like, context and stuff, but um, have a random collection of DianaCaps anyway!


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This is some long, hopefully not entirely incoherent meta about Wonder Woman and feminism and how I fell head over heels in love with her.

My conversion to Wonder Woman, why she made me uncomfortable, why she makes me uncomfortable, why she's amazing. )
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Dudes, it has been nearly a month since I posted. Apologies, I'm not dead or anything. Honestly it's a combination of a fairly bullshit filled realworld existence right now - I've been pretty stressed out. Haven't even been vidding, though I have some collab work that'll hopefully ease me back into it. Plus there's just not been that much going on in the world of the livejournals; no telly to discuss during hiatus season, no one releasing any vids cus we're like a month out from VVC. It's summer, we're all too hot, too cranky and too sleepy, right? ;)

So, I did the obvious, and while everyone on my flist fell for My Little Pony as their happy animated stressfree escapism, I decided to get around to watching all those DC universe animated flicks they've been churning out for a few years now that I've been meaning to watch forever. Partly it was sparked by the DC reboot announcement, partly because - before the reboot was even announced, though it was nifty timing - we finally got back to our actual weekly Sunday DC-universe RPG game. We'd been playing with the Mutants & Masterminds rules way back, but now, with the actual licensed DC rulebook with all the licensed art, even with minimal rules changes, it feels all glossy and shiny, and it's kinda cool to actually get to look in the back of the book and see how you stack up against Superman. (Hint: poorly... :p)

So anyways, here's the lowdown on me and comics. DC comics specifically. Epic, indulgent talking about DC Comics being Like Modern Myths and how I Probably Don't Read 'Em Like I Oughta )


I'm...slowly being convinced that maybe I should engage with it a little bit more actively, the way it was originally intended. Maybe with this new DC reboot, I should dip my toe in the water and see and pick up some books on a monthly basis and see how it goes.

DC Animated Movies and why I won't let myself talk that much about Wonder Woman...yet. )

And now I'm back to trying to find that Supergirl and the Legion novel I know I have lying around that I never got around to finishing (because let's face it, I love the Legion for their tacky 50s/80s mish-mash of weird Peter Pan hope and stupidity, but I wasn't enormously taken with the writing quality of Kara's first few adventures with them).

And I'm considering which comics to get come September. My husband is also interested in picking some up and there are quite a few we're both interested in, so we're agreed on seven right now. We don't wanna pick up too many - who knows if I'll even have a job by then, but ten doesn't seem excessive so there are about three open slots on the potential roster if anyone (okay, it ain't like I have a bunch of comic fans on my flist, but you never know!) has any suggestions:

In the order I randomly remember them:

The 7 titles we plan to grab. )

You may notice that we're not picking up Superman (whom I love) or Batman (whom K loves). Can't really explain why other than to point back to that stuff about mythic figures, etc. Superman is probably my alltime favourite hero, but I often find it hard to connect to him in a monthly series; I think the thing is, he's really hard to write for because he's pretty perfect, and Batman kind of has the opposite problem, it's too easy to turn him into an angst-muffin or a psycho. Either way they aren't characters I guess we feel the need to read about monthly to excitedly find out more about them.

Aaaaaaand, that's my line-up. Any pitches for additions/subtractions?

(It does occur to me if I'd posted this in smaller chunks over the course of the months, it would be kinder to everyone. OH WELL. Don't worry flist, I really do know that 95% of you have no idea what I'm talking about and the other 5% are probably busy. But it was fun to actually write out the reasons I like DC cus I've never done that before, and I do so love to list stuff. Anyway, ♥ to you all!)

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