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I vidded cartoonz again. It is big and cheesy and I make no apologies!

Also using .mkv files is hellish; pretty, but hellish, and then you have to encode it down to distribution size and it stops being half as pretty. So yes. Hellish and then depressing, that's .mkv vidding for you.


Title: Marchin On
Video: Young Justice // DC Animated
Audio: Marchin On // OneRepublic
Summary: Young kids, big shoes. [Ensemble vid]

Direct download available here. 60 megs approx. RightClickSaveAs.

Password: vidses

Cross-posted to [ profile] vidding and [ profile] new_justice

Other vids available here.
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Hello peoples. I fell off the internet for a while, mostly because I was vidding a lot and playing Mass Effect 2. And I realise I've got to this point where I keep having these things I want to post about here but they never seem significant enough/apropos of anything/like a significant portion of my flist would be interested, but now I have like four of them, so they are going together into a post, dagnabbit.

As always, you are encouraged to pick and choose cut-tags. ;)

1. Vidding [& Young Justice *looks sketchy*] )

2. Mass Effect 2 )

3. Once Upon A Time )

4. Wonder Woman (No, not the new issue that comes out today, ragging on Marston instead *duck*!) )

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