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Prelude - it's a Luther finale vidlet and it's beautiful.

Run, children, run to watch it. ♥
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Hey guys, so first a general apology - I haven't been very...present here the last few weeks. I owe a lot of you replies on your longer, more thoughtful posts, and I owe, well, this. Because [community profile] tightpresent happened, and then Vidukon happened and then WisCon happened, and that's a LOT of vids, you guys. And I had this awesome idea to post the epicest of Rec Posts all at once when they were all done with, except anyway, it's a week late.

I haven't forgotten about the daily meme I was doing, or, just...trying to be around more in general; it's just been a stressful RL time and, well, whatever, we're here for recs!


Okay so first, I want to point everyone to the vids that was me ~for meeeeee~ because I WON and got two of them, and they're both really great and interesting:

Mineshaft by [personal profile] chaila is a Sarah Connor piece to the most perfect song I've ever heard for her.

Meanwhile, Strange Angels by [personal profile] sanguinity is a Sarah Connor piece to a song I never would have thought would work, but it does - and it makes really interesting use of movie footage too.

Pretty much every other vid in the exchange was fascinating in one way or another, I pretty much blanket endorse going through the announcement post, but I do think it's worth highlighting a few others:

The Dream Before by [personal profile] sanguinity is an absolutely extraordinary vid about time travel with Derek as a pivot-point around which we see the whole universe unravel and repeat.

Losing Our Religions by [personal profile] ghost_lingering is an intriguingly ambitious project to vid ten different characters, both major and minor, as they struggle with faith of all kinds. Each character gets a different cover of REM's Losing My Religion.

Seamstress by [personal profile] chaila is the Jesse and Riley vid of my soul.

We Used To Wait by [personal profile] nicole_anell is a patient, sorrowful look at Sarah and Jesse.


YAY! Vidukon! Okay, I had like...a gabillion vids right after the con that I wanted to point out to everyone including a bunch I saw in the vidshows, and, of course, due to my idiotic procrastination I've forgotten half of them. I'm sure I'll pay for it one day in vid purgatory. But in the meantime, I can at least link to a few vids I really enjoyed and think you should check out too. Once again, I thought it was a really strong show overall? So I'm actually gonna focus some on the vids I think maybe got a bit overlooked because they were for less mainstream fandoms, or the vidders weren't actually present, etc:

Skin by [profile] m_a_r_i_k_s is a Debra Morgan vid (from Dexter) and it does a startlingly perfect job of capturing the character's incredibly complicated physicality - the way she manages to be expansive and dramatic at the same time as being tightly coiled with closed, awkward body language.

All The Rowboats by [personal profile] lilly_the_kid is a vid that I enjoyed at the time, but really appreciated once I got the clarity of her framing statement (which to be fair was in the programme but I have a memory like a sieve and it was dark!) and the way it uses the song to make points about the vidder's relationship to the source in a broader sense.

When I Am Laid In Earth by [personal profile] kiki_miserychic is a vid for a show called Utopia that I've never seen. Nonetheless, this vid is a beautiful, striking, disturbing spiral of colour and loss. I've never seen such vibrance mixed with such isolation.

FINALLY, [personal profile] nemonclature and I hosted a Vidding Tech panel, and our notes and example vids and little one-and-two minute tutorials on a few topics are all available at her DW, HERE, and we should all be very grateful to her because if it was my job to post it, it still wouldn't be done, and certainly not in such an orderly fashion...


Ugh, you guys, I'm so jealous I didn't get to go, but why, why for it at most expensive time of year and four thousand miles away from me?

Either way, they have vid programming and stuff! Because I suck, I haven't had the chance to go and look at all the premieres yet, but I DO know that all of you need to go and watch [personal profile] chaila's Keep The Streets Empty For Me IMMEDIATELY. It's a Twilight vid, about Bella, that manages a wonderful (and visually stunning) take that critiques the original source's gender politics, without falling into the common trap of dismissing the fact that, despite potentially problematic execution, Twilight has always, canonically, been Bella's story, from her perspective, about her needs and desires.

And now I have to go off and hunt down the rest of the WisCon premieres...

Anyway, signing off, hopefully I will be back soon!
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OKAY! So first a very important announcement - tightpresent - the Sarah Connor Chronicles Vid Exchange is LIVE! Behold 16 vids all for TSCC! I haven't had a chance to watch them all yet, but two were made just for meeeee and they're lovely! I'm sure the rest are too - go look!

Really, participating in this was so interesting - but I feel like I can't talk about it without potentially giving away my vid, so I'm gonna maybe do a retrospective and stuff after the reveals next week. But really, go check this out!

Day 13: Favourite Storyline Mission )

Day 14: Favourite Loyalty Mission )

Day 15: Favourite Side Mission )
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I know, I know, I haven't been here in FOREVER, and I will be explaining that shortly, honest (it has something to do with Korean Television), but first, something awesome has come to my attention!

Really, go to read it. And then watch the vid if you haven't already. I don't even know these books, and I found it fantastic and powerful. To reuse my own comment -

I don't know the source but I love the vid and I think it's incredibly emotionally resonant. The desperation for escape, for revolution, for a radical act in this imprisoned environment is palpable. The use of the footage with the instrumental music is awesome. It leaves me with a real feeling of being on the brink of something and not knowing where it will lead. I found the sections about the state of the Earth particularly effective and clearly communicated. The sections about political repression and violence just broke my heart.
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A Day Like Today by [ profile] chaila43

I know I am biased because I basically love everything she does, but FOR REALZ, people, this is gorgeous, gorgeous work to a beautiful and apt song. It captures so eloquently not only James Ellison's character but his role in the complex, thoughtful narrative structure of the whole show. I often felt he never got enough credit for how his role as a thematic counterpoint to Sarah, basically because TSCC was founded around an endless series of unresolvable and messed up love triangles (both platonic and romantic) and this was reflected in its thematics. It was always so easy to see the simple binary of Sarah vs Skynet, it was tragically easy to overlook James' role as the third point on that triangle, the way it was often too easy to overlook the way Sarah's position in Ellison's endless conversation with religion as another third option/leftfield choice/complicating factor.

At which point, I'm devolving into meta about the show, but people, that's how good this vid is. It makes you accidentally write meta.

Go now, children, an watch it.

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OMGS YOU GUYS. So, today I turn 28, and feel REALLY, REALLY OLD because I have now been an adult for a decade, but frankly the best part of today was the presents and this vid that [ profile] chaila43 made me in TOTAL SECRECY (for real, I feel very naive now but somehow I did not suspect), ranks right up there with the Green Lantern and Flash sneakers I got.

So -

Boy With a Coin by [ profile] chaila43

This vid is gorgeous. It's about Ellison and his kids - Savannah and John Henry. His robot son and the girl with the robot mother. His confusion and adaptation and search for guidance and direction. Anyone who knows me and my thoughts on this show knows that I love James Ellison, but usually my expression of this is directed towards how hot like burning he is when he circles Sarah in literal and metaphorical ways. But he's also hella interesting on his own terms and I've always really respected the show for giving him space to have his own storyline independent of Sarah and the Connors, though of course, related and influenced via the web of cause and effect that permeates the show.

A lot of criticism got thrown his way throughout the show's run for not siding more decisively with Sarah or not realising Weaver was a robot, but I always had a different reaction - a real love and appreciation for his calm, quiet, impassive determination to make his own choices, and to make good ones. I'm not saying he always succeeded in that, but I do believe that when he failed it was only because of information he didn't have, not a flaw in his reasoning.

I think that's part of why I love the narrative this vid deals in - Ellison as caretaker, as guide, as someone fully aware of his own responsibilities to these others, and seeking guidance, in turn, from God about the best course of action.

Religious iconography mixes with killer robots. Chess mingles with rubber duckies. Education mingles with war.

The song is insistent and enduring and strange. The visuals are beautiful, the editing is skillfully simple in the way it catches movements and moments and shuffles them together like a series of considerations - like a prayer for guidance.

Really, guys, it's really good, go check it out.
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Okay! I have no awesome thing to post, so I am going to LINK OTHER awesome things. :D

TSCC Vidlet: Mourning Aftermath by [ profile] chaila43: I seriously love this vidlet, it's strange and weird and surreal and like a wonderful crazy trip into the messed up threeway relationship of Sarah/The Apocalypse/Derek. But then, everything in TSCC is a series of messed up love triangles; why should this be any different? And the editing is just gorgeous. Really, it's worth the watch for that alone.

The Greatest Miscommunication between Author and Artist in the History of Comics: And by greatest I mean both "biggest" and "best". Seriously, even if you're not a comic reader in ANY WAY, you should take a look at this. The brief version is that the author seems like kind of a dick who was freaking out at the very possibility that people might think there was something GAY about his comic, and directly instructed the artist not to hint at aaaaaaaanything sexual at all. The artist, who deserves some kind of award for something after this, either TOTALLY misread the instructions, or decided that was the most ridiculous thing he'd ever been asked to do, and instead drew, well, click the link. It's just an awesome "fuck you" to haters. I don't even read this comic, and the few times I've tried I haven't gotten into it, but this makes me wish I did.

Awesome Comic Ladies Picspam by [ profile] be_themoon: Okay, okay, moar comix I knooooow, but this is a (HUGE) and great look at a bunch of comic characters, some of whom I'm familiar with, some not, but it's great fun to scroll through.

MAKE AMAZING MUSIC BY DRAWING PATTERNS: Seriously, you need no knowledge of music, this is amazing, and I think I may have linked it before but it deserves to be linked again!

John Stewart Rips Glenn Beck: It's not the whole thing and I'm sure you've seen it before because it's old by now, but OH MY GOD it's still one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

Damages Vid: Lullaby by [ profile] kiki_miserychic: I don't watch Damages, but this is...creepy and really well done and so sad.

Star Wars Fan Film: Reign of the Fallen: I don't know how many of you are familiar with the concept of a fan film - but it's basically what it sounds like, a fan-made movie, and obviously they're of varying quality, and mostly commonly found in Star Wars fandom simply because it's so enormous. Anyway, some of them, i.e. this one, are just...unbelievably impressive in their spectacle, effects, technical skill, acting and...general all around, "you made THAT for the love of Star Wars?!" factor. This one really is worth a look. It's about the same length as an episode of TV and has a quiet, tense tone and message that stems as much from spaghetti westerns and samurai movies as it does from Star Wars. If nothing else, it really is beautiful to look at.

Darths & Droids: This is the start of a Star Wars spoof webcomic that if you are even passingly familiar with tabletop RPGs you will find side-splittingly hilarious. The premise is that the entirety of the Star Wars movies are actually someone's homebrew scifi universe and he's running an RPG campaign in it. Cue comedy based not just on RPG gaming stereotypes but also on the movies. I...can't even begin to explain some of the hilarity involved in the various personalities involved, but I will leave you with the fact that Jar Jar Binks and the political system of Naboo exist because one of the players had to bring his eight year old sister along and then insisted on playing. "Oh, yes! We'll go to see the Queen! She's veeeeerrrry wise and verrrrry old. She's fourteen! And EVERYONE voted for her!" They're most of the way through Episode III at this point; I think they're planning on doing the classic trilogy too.

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But it's okay, they are working again now. A man came and fixed something on the outside of my house and then I gave him a cherry bakewell.

Also the interwebs was really slooooow (apparently as a result of the increasingly broken thing outside my house) for like, days and days before that to the point it was impossible to surf the net at various points even when I technically had a connection, so I've only been sort of online for like a WHOLE WEEK.

But whatever, I've returned and am trying to catch up with everything. If there's anything particularly awesome I've missed though, please let me know.

In the mean time, here's something I meant to link to ages ago:

Virus by [ profile] chaila43 <---- Superawesome vid about how Weaver from TSCC and Nina from Fringe are plotting your demise. It's technological, glorious and very, very funny.
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Okay, so, I still want to do an epic Doctor Who River Song reaction post because dude, that finale, omgz (there will be a vid, ijs).


That will have to wait because this vid has stolen away all the space in my brain that can be devoted to wonder.

We Are All Connected by [ profile] kiki_miserychic.

It's a Stargate: Universe vid. I don't watch Stargate: Universe, and have no intention of starting (the five minutes I saw actively did not impress me). And I usually have trouble connecting with vids for which I am not familiar with the source.

But this vid is phenomenal. I'm sure that if you do know the source, the complex intricacies always present in [ profile] kiki_miserychic's work will make it even more incredible, but speaking as someone who has not seen the source, there was a elegant beauty - a fittingness to the fact I did not know these people.

The reason for that is the music. It's one of the most breathtaking tracks I've heard - it's by Symphony of Science and it is one. It's euphoric and lyrical and melodic and computerised and vast and everything awe inspiring and wonderful about being the tiniest speck in an infinite cosmos.

In those terms, the fact I did not know these people - these beautiful, fast, angry, hurt, loving, bleeding, dying, intelligent, frightened, connected people - made the vid all the more awe-inspiring.

It really did give me chills.

Please, go watch it.
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OKAY PEOPLE. SOMETHING OF IMPORT HAPPENED TODAY. Chaila lived up to her promise, and fulfilled my challenge and has finished her turn driving the VIDWAR.

This means two things. Firstly, you should all go watch her latest vid, part two in her quest to prove that Lady Gaga is relatable to all things Sarah Connor, especially if those things involve repressed humans and stylish robots, and "John Henry as the product of an ill-judged romance between Weaver and Ellison as Ellison's revenge for Sarah's rejection. With a fashion interlude!"

Bad Romance by [ profile] chaila43.

This also means, I AM NOW DRIVING THE VIDWAR. I have been challenged to vid three Sarah Connor Chronicles vids. WATCH THIS SPACE. BECAUSE IT WILL BE FILLED.
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I'M HOME! Honestly, it's somewhat depressing cus now I'm exhausted and jetlagged and have to go to work tomorrow. BUT, I had a fantastic time on holiday and while I was away, while things did not go as awesome as they might have, nothing exploded which given the state of some things when I left them, was a minor miracle.

Anyway! What follows is a lot of personal type stories, so feel free to skip over - I've tried to highlight various recs in individual LJ-cuts so they're obvious. I know this is a hell of a tangled mess of a post, but I kind of want to get it all out and on here and most of these recs are tied in with the story of my hoilday.

FAMILY OMG. Also irregular wooden blocks. )


Okay, so, on to the really fun bits - I got to meet a bunch of people from my flist which was both terrifying and pretty fucking awesome as I didn't really think I'd ever get that chance, living across the Atlantic from most of you.






ASTA77! )


And then I came home. And was kind of sad about it, but you were all amazing, and I wish I'd had more time and thank you all for taking the time to come see me and talk to me and remind me I'm not alone on fangirl island.


FINALLY, [ profile] asta77 showed me this ABSOLUTELY AMAZING THING, that I'm sure everyone who was within a mile of D*Con has already seen, but trust me, if you haven't you need to:

So, there was my holiday. Half of you thought I sounded massively british, half of you thought my accent was surprisingly unbritish, most of you thought I looked like a teenager but at least one of you sided with me in my puzzlement. For the record, I think [ profile] asta77 looks more younger-than-she-is than I do and my accent is embarassingly changable, and I love you all and wish I hadn't had to leave. WE MUST DO IT AGAIN SOMETIME.

Also, I'm sure I've forgotten something...

VVC: Recs?

Aug. 19th, 2009 01:41 pm
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Hey y'all!

It's that time of year again; that time where I realise a) if I watched more TV I could be a more diverse vidder and RECCER and enjoy the bounty of VVC infinitely more and get sad about this fact (yet apparently not sad enough to actually want to start watching all these new shows) and b) get all depressed about my own vidding abilities because OMG YOU GUYS SO SHIIIIIINY!!!


So, here is a criminally short recs list because apparently I watch almost no TV, and while I'm happy to watch vids for sources I'm not familiar with they rarely grab me in the same way.

I'm Not Dead by [ profile] dualbunny.

This is a S4 Kara vid that captures her character extremely well with some beautiful editing. It's also the last in [ profile] dualbunny's trilogy of Kara vids to Pink songs, and the other two (linked in the above entry) are also worth checking out. I'd note for anyone who shares my antagonistic relationship to the finale that yes, this vid does explore her character arc right through the end, but, fortunately for me, does so in a way that...almost glosses over the end in a big, visually stunning mess of "Explosions! Creepy jumping to places! Grass!" rather than lingering on any of the parts I hated.

((COMPLETE ASIDE: You know, in isolation I don't even hate the "poof!" in a field all that much, nor do I in any way want to assign a reading of the finale to this vid; it's not mine and it's beautifully done and everyone should watch and draw their own conclusions, but I do find it interesting that the two vids I've seen really delve into Kara in 4.5 - this one, and [ profile] threezerotwo's extraordinary Follow Me into the Darkness - which is not a VVC vid, but consider this a rec for it anyway - both choose to end Kara's journey before the "poof!" And in the case of Follow Me into the Darkness does this in a spectacularly creepy and wonderful way.))

Red Cliff by [ profile] obsessive24.

This is a movie vid, and if you haven't seen Red Cliff, I wholeheartedly suggest that you do so. It was originally released as two movies in Asia and more recently as one combined movie in the West and is based on the epic novel/historical account "Romance of the Three Kingdoms." Which is just generally an awesome story, so, um, bookmovievid rec! :D

But the vid - even if you haven't seen the movie, I think you can appreciate this vid. There's beautiful use of sweeping scenery and motion here. When watching it I get the sense that this is the age of heroes, and it's a treat to the eyes even if watching such an epic section of the story retold through it is also very rewarding. Also, it has some very pretty people?

[ profile] obsessive24 also has some interesting comments about the cultural significance of these stories among Chinese people, which makes for some nice context given it was done for the Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations challenge.

Just the One by [ profile] keewick.

You guys, this is a Dead Like Me vid, about MASON! And it's awesome. The musicality is brilliant, the song choice is perfect. It's funny, but only so you don't cry and end up, like Mason, dressed as a clown, getting drunk out back of a kid's party.

Seven Nation Army by [ profile] charmax.

Well first off, it's [ profile] charmax which should be enough! But also, dudes, 1) Robots. 2) the summary is: "Rainbow Coalition Vs fascist robots." IF THAT DOESN'T CONVINCE YOU, YOU ARE BEYOND SAVING. (Multifandom, btw).

We Are by [ profile] bananainpyjamas.

This Sarah Connor Chronicles vid is really amazing. It deserves a long metatastic rec but frankly, I'm stuck at "OMG! ROBOTS! PEOPLE! PEOPLE FIGHTING ROBOTS! ROBOTS FIGHTING ROBOTS! PEOPLE FIGHTING PEOPLE! WE MIGHT BE RESPONSIBLE YOU GUYS!" Ahem.

So yes. [ profile] bananainpyjamas's trademark slick use of motion and action in a really thinky vid. Two robot thumbs up!

And...that's me done?

I'm sure I'm missing many classics and probably some haven't even been posted yet, but there you have it. I'd apologise for the levels of robotic content, but frankly I'm not sorry!
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I'd like to point everyone in the direction of a Battlestar Redactica-compatible music video!

Order in the Sound by [ profile] chaila43.

I think this is absolutely fantastic.

Even if you haven't seen Battlestar Redactica and just watch this as a commentary on Kara's destiny pre-Daybreak, I think it works fabulously, although obviously I'm overjoyed that it was vidded intentionally as something else.

It centres on Kara, her destiny, her hybridity, her uncertainty, her place in an entropic and decaying universe.

This vid gives me a wonderful sense of forboding even as it manages to highlight all of the aspects of social hybridity in the last few episodes that I loved. Even as it provides me with a massive sense of peace and rightness that it's all decaying and crumbling together and heading down toward this single moment in an Opera House that's been gone for thousands of years.

I suppose it makes me think of the way I felt watching that final shot of 4x10 on NukedEarth. They had nothing; everything had crumbled and fallen away. But also, there were no lies anymore. There was a kind of comfort in having stripped everything away; of being at the very furthest edge of history before it all collapses, and finding that peace?

Or, you know, something less pretentious that will make you go WATCH THIS VID. Cus, um, clearly you all should!
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Guys, you guys, you ALL need to see this vid!

loved her to ribbons by [ profile] chaila43.

Don't worry if you've never seen Damages, cus I haven't, but I still love it. All I know about that show is 1) apparently the main character, played by Glenn Close and named Patty Hewes (and I'm not even sure I spelled that right) is a badass lawyer who does all kinds of dodgy shit in the name of greater goals, and 2) IN THIS VID I AM HER.

Cus the premise? Patty is a Laura Roslin fangirl watching in increasing despair, drunkenness and violence as 4.5 destroys her beloved TV crush.

It works on three levels.



3) Actual powerful and subtle commentary, not just on the fact that the show failed but on all the ways it was the FAULT of the show that it failed. That it should have known better. For...a more eloquent summation of these things, see [ profile] grrl_unscripted's comment at the above link.

Really guys, you all need to watch this vid.

Again, it makes me feel vindicated for my belief that all the best things, serious or not, are deadly serious crack.

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