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Title: Atlas
Video: Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Audio: Poor Atlas // Dessa
Summary: I'm building a body but the architects only drew blanks. [CYLONS]
Vidder's Notes: Made for the occasion of [personal profile] cyborganize and [personal profile] metatxt's wedding. No lesser event would have made it feel right to go back to BSG.

Password: vidses

Direct download available here. RightClickSaveAs. 19 megs approx.

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Other vids available here.
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OH SO HI, remember years ago when me and [ profile] cyborganize used to make crazy mashups of BSG and 50s era Prelinger Archive public service announcements? Namely The Tomorrow Project and The Enemy Within PSA? Yeah, well, we finally did that third one we always planned to do! So here it is! A public service announcement about how we should all move to Earth and live with cavemen!

Title: Destination Earth (Tomorrow Countdown)
Concept & Sound Editor: [ profile] cyborganize
Video Editor: [ profile] beccatoria
Video: Battlestar Galactica
Audio: Prelinger Archive films
Summary: An orientation course for a fruitful future!

Direct download and streaming options available HERE!
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For [ profile] sabaceanbabe! Another one that demanded to be longer than I wanted it to be. ;)

Title: The Pretender
Video: Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Audio: The Pretender // The Foo Fighters
Summary: Soldier, cylon, sports star, Sam.

Direct download available here. 18 megs approx. RightClickSaveAs.

Password: vidses

I will index and crosspost all vidlets at the end of November or when I've done all the prompts if I decide to keep going to finish them.
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SO! Yesterday was the august anniversary of my birth. I am now old. Hoorah! Frankly last year sucked, so here's hoping 27 > 26.

One way in which the year is already looking up is the number of Awesome Things the internet saw fit to provide me with. Thus! A list of recs!


Run With Me by [ profile] chaila43 [Doctor Who]: River Song is magnificent, and so is this vid. Perfectly catches all the almost moments and in betweeny circularity of the way she teaches the Doctor everything he knows because she knows him after he's already learned it all. I still don't understand why I can't snap my fingers to open my front door.

For Your Entertainment by [ profile] dualbunny [Battlestar Galactica]: We now move to a vid that is amazing for totally different reasons. This vid is about Chief Tyrol, to Adam Lambert, played completely straight, and is amazing for it. It shows how the song, like the Chief is actually violent and abusive when viewed straight, without pop cultural context about how we "should" take things or what narrative tropes are supposed to elicit what responses. It's the opposite of sleight of hand and it's remarkably cathartic as well as superbly edited.

U. R. A. Fever by [ profile] kiki_miserychic [Fringe]: Olivia Dunham, BAMF. The use of motion in this is phenomenal. It has a rhythm and a pace that keeps you with it even as it disorients you right up until the end.

twinkle, twinkle by [ profile] kiki_miserychic [Doctor Who]: Weeping Angels take over Amy's brain. CREEPY AS FUCK.

Falling For The First Time by [ profile] glass_moment [Doctor Who]: Amy and the Doctor and Rory and Happy Adventures in Space and Time that, every now an again, smack you upside the head with a moment of Moving and your heart grows a few sizes.

Glass by [ profile] cherryice [Watchmen]: This is just stunningly beautiful. I want to give it a huge write up but I kind of run out of words at that point and just want to aim you all at it.


The Obligatory River/Eleven Feminist Manifesto by [ profile] chaila43. There is nothing not awesome about being given a feminist manifesto for your birthday, I really recommend everyone try it at least once. IN OTHER NEWS, IT'S ALSO A SUPER AWESOME READ. And makes me feel about 15% less RIDICULOUS about my fangirliness!
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EEE! I get to post this one now! It was made for the [ profile] twelvecolonies vid challenge. I came second! Which is kind of weird because ever since I first decided to make it, I had a really strong feeling that it would come in second. But hey, at least my weird gut instinct proved correct, and I'm very flatterd and thankful people voted for it!


Title: The Other Love Quadrangle (No, the Other Other One)
Video: Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Audio: Mr Brightside // The Killers
Summary: The womenfolk just keep runnin' off with Adama's man... (Adama/Leoben 4EVA SUCKAS)
Editor's Notes: I refuse to entirely take the blame for this one! It only happened because [ profile] asta77 challenged me to vid it, and it was this or trying to take on D'Anna/Jammer... o_O

Direct download available here. RightClickSaveAs. 30 megs approx.

Password: vidses

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Other vids available here.
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So. The Plan. I has seen it.

Basically my thoughts can be summed up like this:

What a lovely collection of deleted scenes. What a truly weird movie.

My only hope for this thing was that it not wreck anything. And basically it didn't.


THE GOOD: Boomer. )

THE GOOD: Sam. )

THE GOOD: Cavil & Punk Rock Six & the lost thesis of the movie. )

THE GOOD: Simon. )

THE GOOD? John Jr. )

THE GOOD? Leoben. )

Also, much of it was very funny.

Thus concludes THE GOOD.

Now on to THE BAD.

THE BAD: Dude, where's my plot? )

But hey. I didn't get to write or direct it. Which leads segues from THE BAD into THE UGLY!

THE UGLY: Visuals & Nude Visuals. )

THE UGLY? Laura & Tory; perhaps it's better this way. )

And...there's my review. I'm done now. :)
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So yes, here it is, my 4.5 vid. Sort of. At the end.

But tell me, Becka, how do you really feel? ;)

Title: Moon vs. Sun
Video: Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Audio: Sun vs. Moon // Sage Francis
Summary: Laura and Gaius engage in a rap battle. God is the corrupt judge.
Editor's Notes: My thanks to [ profile] cyborganize, [ profile] chaila43 and [ profile] metatxt, without whom it would be largely incoherent. Any problems remaining are solely as a result of my pigheaded obstinacy. ;)

Direct download available here. RightClickSaveAs. 35 megs approx.

Password: vidses

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Other vids available here.
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Yay! Finally I can post this! It was made for the extremely fun [ profile] twelvecolonies vid challenge. Also, I won! Eeeee!

Title: Sammy: 2,029 Years
Video: Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Audio: Slow Show // The National
Summary: Sam dreamed about you for 29 years before he saw you.
Editor's Notes: Made for the [ profile] twelvecolonies vidding challenge. Thanks you guys. :)

Direct download available here. RightClickSaveAs. 24 megs approx.

Password: vidses

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Other vids available here.
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Hey guys,

Remember how when the BSG 4.5 DVDs came out earlier in the UK, I was super awesome and recapped all the extended bits of 4x12 and what the deleted scenes were?

Anyone want to return the favour and let me know what the extended bits of Islanded in a Stream of Stars and Daybreak are about? Since, you know, they aren't going to commercially release them here apparently (except probably the on superspecial we mean it this time, it really IS the ultimate collection of everything and all it will cost you is your entire life savings box set)?

I would offer cookies, but since you are on the other side of a screen, all I can offer is the idea of cookies. Will you do it for me the idea of a cookie?
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Once upon a time, I would have been thrilled that my show was the first TV show ever to get invited to the UN. In retrospect, considering how faily I tought the finale was particularly on issues such as race, gender, religion, colonialism, etc., it wasn't quite as awesome for me as I wanted it to be (read: faintly embarassing) but I know that's both my opinion and hey, the UN couldn't have known that at the time?

So then EJO says things like, "There's only one race! The human race!" and some UN person - I apologise I can't remember the exact words, basically says something diplomatic along the lines of, "Yes, and that's a lovely thought but it's not useful to dismiss people's very real experiences of racism," to which EJO replied, profoundly, "When a bug doesn't like you, that's racism." TO THE UN, PEOPLE. TO THE UNITED. NATIONS.

Which was - UNTIL TODAY - my all-time all-encompassing symbol for everything I found off-putting about the guy's public persona.


This would not be so bad, if there were any evidence at all that it had been changed.

I do not even know what to do with this information, y'all. I just cannot process it.

I found this link through fandom grapevine; I believe it originated with [ profile] greycoupon? I got it from [ profile] asta77 in any event:

There's the link, though since it's written by Michael Hinman and I don't really want to increase his hits, the article is reproduced for posterity below.

WARNING: May cause severe reactions. )

So there you have it folks. Palestinians and Jews just haven't watched enough Battlestar Galactica.

I just. Text is inadequate to conveying the level of WTFery this engenders in me. There are no words, people. No. Words.
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So, on impulse, I bought the first season of the 1950s Superman TV show. It's black and white and has stuff like "Superman and the Mole Men" (which is apparently pretty famous) and ridiculously nonsensical criminal plots (like, instead of having the ventriloquist slightly change his act to pass a coded message to someone in the audience, they have ANOTHER VENTRILOQUIST sit in the audience to speak OVER the first ventriloquist, putting words in the dummy's mouth to pass the message, thus also ensuring they wreck the act, meaning everyone starts wondering WTF is going on...).

I'm also sure that we're in for a real treat of even-handed racial depiction when we get to the episode in which Perry Mason's sister is kidnapped by a voodoo cult. o_O

I am, however, quite pleasantly surprised at the show's depiction of Lois Lane.

What a shocking lack of sexism! )

In other news, my Farscape vid is kicking my ass.

In other other news, I spent the last week or so trying out various ways of thinking about the final few BSG episodes in an attempt to be more...okay with them. It hasn't really worked though. I am still in official Canon-Rejection mode. I mean, I'm happy to come out of my bubble and talk to the rest of you (or, heck, visit you in your bubbles!), but yeah. I still need my bubble. *clings*
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So, you guys, I'm not gonna lie to you, this was a real let down on the crack front. AND THEY'D BEEN DOING SO WELL.

Pretty much, I think, because we're now getting to the parts of the story we already know.

The Plot. )

The End.

The Other Seven. )

So yeah, not really a lot of crack.

And now, what I actually think of the series, having read it all. )

So like...these aren't the honking, great big unavoidable issues they could have been. But they ARE the issues I invariably butt up against if I try to look at the second half of this comic series in more than a superficial way, which is a shame.

Still, though, it's an above-average tie-in series. Even if I'm glad it's not canon.
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I feel vaguely indulgent posting meta about Battlestar Redactica. And kind of guilty, like I'm cutting out everyone who hasn't seen it from the discussion.

But I figure I'm gonna have to get over the first issue, or what's the point? And the second issue, well, firstly it's kinda true and for that I apologise. But secondly, everything in Redactica comes from the original show. And I mean that more than literally because it's a re-edit. I mean that the only major changes are things vast tracts of fandom were expecting and then never got. So like, perhaps this can also read as AU speculation on themes and ideas that were/might have been present in canon and a discussion on what those might have meant/might still mean?

So. To get on with it -

Something rather extraordinary just happened here at [ profile] chaila43's journal. Somewhere in that mess of comments, [ profile] chaila43 and I, um, fix the Opera House in the context of Battlestar Redactica. I am still somewhat in shock.

Three reasons this explanation works. Spoiler: One is the moment Redactica became a shared universe. )

You guys. For the first time in so long I am excited about BSG Mythology.

All right. I've talked it up, I'd better explain what we made up.

Some background, discussion on having to use metaphor, and a quick recap of the last five minutes of BSR. )

What Chaila did that blew my mind: Who is the Revolution? What is hybridity? Life/Death & Human/Cylon. )

The Opera House is the cybrid event horizon; the point of no return. Sam's speech isn't just a prophecy regarding the shape of things to come, it's a welcome speech to the shape of things as they are right now, because it's already happened.

So, if, either coincidentally, or, as my preference, through the act of realisation and acceptance, Kara has effected the cybrid event horizon, how does that answer:

1) All those prophecies?
2) What the Opera House is and why everyone's chasing Hera?

[ profile] chaila43 and I were shocked to discover that upon positing each question against the above basic hypothesis, answers came very easily.

What is the Opera House? )

Why is everyone chasing Hera? )

Which only leaves;

You are the harbinger of death, Kara Thrace. You will lead them all to their end.

Is she? Does she? What's Kara's role? )

So there you have it folks.

Kara brings about the Cybrid Apocalypse because she accepts she's half robot and lets Baltar tell the fleet she's half dead. Same way she accidentally woke up the Five and gave everyone creepy visions about the day she'd bring about the Cybrid Apocalypse, otherwise known as Hera Agathon's Bright, Shiny Future.

Hera is the Revolution.

Athena doesn't want her three year old to be the Revolution.

Caprica shows Hera the Cybrid Event Horizon, but Laura's not allowed to set foot in it.

The Opera House is all things alive, dead, human, cylon and generally out of its mind, but at least Sam Anders is there to welcome us.

I'm....fairly impressed with us, myself.

[ profile] chaila43: If I got anything wrong or misrepresented your awesome opinions and ideas, please correct me.
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Heads up, guys! [ profile] cvm_productions has posted a bunch of DVD Extras for Battlestar Redactica including DVD Covers, an embarassingly stupid mockumentary, audio commentaries, and constructed deleted, alternate and future scenes, including woken-up Sam, creepy new planets, future!hybrid!kids and a brand new love interest for Lee!
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I meant to post about this like...two days ago or something. Or maybe it was yesterday. Whatever, the point is:

[ profile] bsgvidrecs!

It's exactly what it sounds like! A free for all vid rec comm with one day a month for multi-fandom recs.

Anyone can post but since I'm the designated reccer for the month of July, I'm gonna hold back until then.

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Okay y'all. I got my 4.5 DVD box set today! Cus it came out today in the UK.

As usual it looks like the UK set is missing at least one awesome thing - and no I'm not talking about the webisodes, which, yes, it is also missing.

There's no extended cut of Islanded in a Stream of Stars. Which is weird because I was sure I saw a website's review of the UK set talking about it,'s definitely not here. The back of the slipcase and disc boxes advertises the extended cut of A Disquiet Follows my Soul but mentions nothing about Islanded and sure enough, it's nowhere to be found. And I checked EVERYWHERE. *sigh*

It's totally weird because there are no individual deleted scenes available for Disquiet, presumably because we get the extended edition instead. But there are also no deleted scenes for Islanded as if there should have been an extended version of that. It's all very odd.

So I tell you what, I'll update all of you on new content from this now, and you can all help me when you get the extended cut of Islanded and tell me if there's anything good I'm missing.

Anyway, down to business!

Deleted scenes from Sometimes A Great Notion. )

A Disquiet Follows my Soul extended cut. )

Deleted scenes from The Oath. )

Deleted scenes from Blood on the Scales. )

Deleted scenes from No Exit. )

Deleted scenes from Deadlock. )

Deleted scenes from Someone to Watch Over Me. )

Deleted scenes from Daybreak. )

And OY. I'm really tired now, so that's it folks!
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You guys, it's been like a week since I posted here. That's crazy. But really nothing has happened. I didn't get that cool job I wanted so blah. But at least I have a part-time typing job in the meantime that I don't hate and in this economy I'm lucky to have that.

Also I am SO TIRED and already tried going to bed once, but it didn't work. So instead I'm here. LUCKY YOU.

As to my title, well...

I was mostly just wondering if you guys agreed with me. It...seems to me that in the wake of the finale, fan-production has really slowed down. After the initial flood of post-finale realistic-on-earth fic and stuff I mean. Which is to be expected; canon is closed and all. limited previous experience about ends of fandoms is that there's a longer "OMG NOW WE CAN PLAY EVERYWHERE!" buzz.

I admit that I don't really read much fic so like...I'm not in the best position to judge. It's not like I really pay attention to the_wireless or anything. So...probably I'm crazy. But I do pay slightly more attention to vids.

And I've noticed:

1) vid production was down in general from what it was during seasons two and three that's been true all season and I think probably during season 4 too. It think, sad as it may be to admit it, our fandom just shrunk.

2) the vids that have been published are nowhere near as finale- or whole-journey-centric as I was expecting. Again, this is potentially just my bias and the fact I'm no longer quite as "I'LL WATCH EVERYTHING!" as I once was. And there have been a few, like, Laura vids for instance that are about her whole storyline and I just don't have the heart to watch them. So it's possible again, my sample is biased. But honestly, the couple of times I've geared myself up to watch a vid with spoilers through the finale, the vids themselves seem to be...often very Battlestar-Redactica-compatible. I mean, they aren't. Because often you get the epic shots of people in fields on Earth at an End Point, or Ships Sailing At The Sun. Or Adama Addressing Everyone in the Hangar Deck. But...I find the vids surprisingly consistant in the storylines they choose to not show or not address. It's perhaps less surprising that they don't wallow in the events of Deadlock or Tyrol's murderous Eight Killing Spree. But I have been surprised that inclusion of Daybreak is so limited. Sometimes the included element is Kara jumping the ship. Or maybe it's the five on the catwalk. But...the shots are almost always so...

It's probably my bias but it's almost like the vids are, as a favour to me, performing their own miniature Battlestar Redactica treatment. "Sure, we're ending with the people on Earth because that's a lovely endpoint image, but let's not really spend any time on HOW they get there. They just do and it probably wasn't as lame as it was on the show." Or, "Sure, Kara jumps them SOMEWHERE but let's cut away before we really get into where." Or, "Yeah so the shot of the ships in front of the sun is pretty, but they could totally just be flying past it."

I guess I'm just kind of surprised (and relieved) that even if it's just my bias, I really feel that there's an odd lack of vids that are interested in just generally retelling the story of 4.5 and are oddly self-regulating in just...not mentioning the crap bits? Unlike post Revelations or Crossroads or LDYB when EVERY VID EVER would just be ALL ABOUT the story arc that got them there? Rather than just the final image and a kind of moratorium on spending too much time on what came before?


Anyway, is that just me?
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So this continues to be pretty awesome mainly because it continues to do its best to complexify the simplistic boringness of the "God did it" ending in canon.

I'll provide a quick summary for those interested:

Spoilertastic summary is spoilertastic. )

Just to warn you all.
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Battlestar Redactica: that fan-edited thing!.

Looks like someone fan-edited 4.5 to get rid of all the stupid bits and save numerous characters, themes and plots from FAIL.

I bet she has waaaay too much time on her hands and not enough common sense... ;)
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Guys, you guys, you ALL need to see this vid!

loved her to ribbons by [ profile] chaila43.

Don't worry if you've never seen Damages, cus I haven't, but I still love it. All I know about that show is 1) apparently the main character, played by Glenn Close and named Patty Hewes (and I'm not even sure I spelled that right) is a badass lawyer who does all kinds of dodgy shit in the name of greater goals, and 2) IN THIS VID I AM HER.

Cus the premise? Patty is a Laura Roslin fangirl watching in increasing despair, drunkenness and violence as 4.5 destroys her beloved TV crush.

It works on three levels.



3) Actual powerful and subtle commentary, not just on the fact that the show failed but on all the ways it was the FAULT of the show that it failed. That it should have known better. For...a more eloquent summation of these things, see [ profile] grrl_unscripted's comment at the above link.

Really guys, you all need to watch this vid.

Again, it makes me feel vindicated for my belief that all the best things, serious or not, are deadly serious crack.

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