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So, for the few people out there who know what I'm talking about, I'm replaying Mass Effect 3 as a Renegade (mostly) this time, and I just got to Tuchanka and was pretty blown away by how differently it plays and the way it still manages to maintain a sense of, well, making sense. I also am now a total emotional wreck.

So can we talk about Tuchanka? )

I just think it's a real masterpiece of scenario construction. And stuff.
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So, fair warning, this LJ may be a bit Mass Infected (GEDDIT?!) for a while. I'm sure I'll get over it. What this post really is the fact that now that I've written out my more meta thoughts on branching narratives and interactive storytelling and...stuff, I wanted to write an actual, detailed review of the game and its universe and characters. But honestly, with all the crazy controversy around it, I'm not sure where I'd start, and for now I'm happy to just link a bunch of random crap and talk about my reactions via that:

Forbes Magazine, yes that one, seem to have gone a liiiiiittle bonkers in reporting on Mass Effect 3. )

On a happier note, there are a few articles out there I find genuinely interesting, which I shall now link in lieu of giving my own opinion:

Three articles on the Mass Effect universe and my reaction to them in lieu of a personal review. Some spoilers in the second two, none in the first. )

So, okay.

There is my Linkspam of Mass Effect 3 instead of a review.
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I played Mass Effect 3. Most of the world seems to hate the ending. On the wrong side of a technocalypse featuring Tricia Helfer as a robot yet again, I adored it.

This post will detail some of why, although I don't intend to get into a detailed rebuttal of the criticisms of the ending and its apparent tonal and logical diversions from what came before - I may do so at some point, when I want to actually discuss what I thought the game and the ending was about, but this is actually more of a post about artistic intention, the purpose of authorship in a shared world, and how the meaning of an ending can vary depending on the experience of the story. A lot of these thoughts relate to my experience of hating the end of Battlestar Galactica so much I created an alternate fan-edit of the last half-season titled Battlestar Redactica. Obviously that makes for a fairly large and ironic counterpoint to my current position. ;)

Broad spoilers follow.

Infinite shades of meaning in singular events. )

And anyway...there's what I think about that.

This post brought to you with many thanks to [ profile] nightxade for letting me bounce most of these ideas off her in email form. ♥

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