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MORE COMICS! Okay, week three, here we go, otherwise known as the week where I talk a lot about boobies.


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I've become super upset about this, so sorry but I'm going to inflict it on the rest of you.

Briefly, who Jacob is and why and how I came to dislike him after initially, and in retrosepct embarrassingly feeling otherwise. )

BECAUSE, my friends, BECAUSE. Like the dumb, stupid punk that I am, I thought to myself, Jacob loved Aeryn Sun. I bet you he loves River Song! I bet you this'll be one of the times his weird bullshit doesn't get in the way of him spinning a good tale of mythological symboly bullshit. I'm never making that mistake again. And not just because I think I'll get burned but because I'm genuinely fucking ashamed of myself for trying to hold out for the "good bits" even though I knew he was a sexist ass. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me - shame on me for thinking it would work like that.

Even more shame on him for being such a jerk.

I made it part way through the recaps of Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone. And most of that was only from horrified fascination. I don't even know where to start with the dissonance in it, how much implied, unexamined woman-fearing is mixed with rants about the misogyny of the writing. Near as I can tell, and I am far from confident in this, it's some bizarre attempt to claim Moffat wrote these women in these relationships in a way that demands a sexist response, and isn't that horrifying, and he's only doing it ironically. Also something about how heteronormative the relationship between the Doctor and River is because they sarcastically banter at each other. Something about Boy Spoons and Girl Spoons and River being Captain Jack in drag but if she was we'd all be horrified by how homophobically it was written or something. Honestly. HE LOST ME AT THE SPOONS.

But...but that's not even the worst bit.

That's just shit I get pissed off about quietly and maybe rant to my friends about via email or work into larger posts about other shit. Sure there's an extra layer of fury because he's doing all this from a paternalistic vantage point of telling women what's REALLY bad for them, but fuck it. The guy has issues with women. Give him a fucking medal.

This bit though. This bit I am so appalled by, so angry about, so furious with, I do not even have the energy to explain all the ways in which it is disgusting, not okay, dangerous, aggressive, violent and violating. If I wasn't so disillusioned with the website and Jacob's response to criticism I might actually write an email of complaint. I'm putting it under its own cut not because I'm trying to be melodramatic but because it is honestly an upsetting thing to read and I don't want it floating around on people's flists unrequested. Please bear in mind this is written by a guy who in multiple other places in these recaps attempts to paint himself as a bastion of equality against the rising tide of woman-hating.

He's recapping the final scene in Flesh and Stone between Amy and the Doctor. Whatever your thoughts on the appropriateness of that, narratively, this is not an appropriate response:


I think the final sentence is somehow meant to justify the vile, vile crap that comes before, like...look guys, I'm just painting the ugly truth of what the episode REALLY said. But no. Just no. Even if he were, those words? Those comparisons? No. NOT OKAY. Your issues are what's showing here, Jacob, and it's gross.

Note: While I like to reply to everyone, I am sufficiently furious about this that I cannot guarantee I will be willing to engage with you if your point of view is that Jacob was justified in using this language. I'm not talking about whether or not there are sexist elements to the show - I'm talking about Jacob's response to his perception of them and his decision to use these terms and comparisons in an incredibly insensitive way to highlight that perception.

ETA: the section of quoted text comes from the Recaplet (that you click to expand) rather than the full-length recap. I should have noted this earlier; apologies to any who went looking and couldn't find it.
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Please don't feel obligated to respond to this; I'm aware it's a touchy topic and one where passions run high. But I feel that for myself, I should take some space to record how I'm feeling about this right now. It concerns Hillary Clinton and the Democractic nomination.

Firstly, I should be honest, I prefer Clinton. I like her position on healthcare more (the most major issue to me outside of restoration of civil liberties), I like her history of supporting women's rights and gay rights more (Obama's history of voting "present" on pro-life issues especially worries me), I like that she has experience, and I have an aunt and uncle who love their senator and they're from New York not Illinois.

So there you have my contradictory mess of objective and personal reasons for my preference.

Something in my gut says that Obama's going to win. And if that happens, I will vote for him readily. I will support him. I will hope every other damn Democrat and Independent does the same.

I think that he has the potential to be an excellent president. But I worry that currently his campaign is choosing to build up a cult of personality that I find a little creepy. I honestly believe that he does have some very good thoughts about the presidency, but I don't know what they are right now. Because everybody's too busy telling me that he stands for Change I Can Believe In, and nobody's told me what that change is.

So there you have my feelings - as briefly as I could explain them - though I will try to answer any questions anyone may have about the decision and I'm happy to be presented with new information.

The issue that really sparked this post though, is something entirely aside from my preference for Clinton's candidacy over Obama's (I just thought I ought to be upfront about that, and I ought to give my reasons why).

The real reason for this post has to do with the increasingly, ludicrously, insultingly sexist attacks levelled at Clinton and the fact that very few people are willing to stand up and say, "Look. This here is sexism. It's wrong. It ought to stop."

This article pretty much explains what I'm talking about and is a wonderful denouncement of sexism in our political arenas.

It's an endorsement for Clinton - I feel I have to make that clear at the outset, and that's also the reason I thought I should "come clean" about my own preference. But I think that it raises really important issues even if she is not your choice of candidate (a decision I very much respect).

Because while it may be a parallel issue - or while it may be impossible to extricate the sexist attacks on Clinton from the ongoing political race - it's also a very different issue. The fact that no matter how many people claim we're "post-feminist", it ain't true. And even if you think that Clinton will be the worst president that ever prezzed, the way to express that is not through attacks on her gender.


Sep. 27th, 2007 06:16 pm
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In all, I liked this episode, though the whole thing was one giant ****tease, really. Lots of set up that I think I'd find irritating if I weren't this show's bitch. I think I forgive it a lot because it just takes comic books and puts them there on the screen and so things like the dark, hooded mysterious assassin with Sulu saying such cliched things as, "Of all of them, I never thought it would be YOU," don't make me groan so much as squee. I do like a show that acknowledges its roots and at the moment I still believe things like this are calculated rather than lazy.

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ETA As well as proper LJ cuts I have decided to do an informal poll - should I read the comics on the official websites? Do they add anything?

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