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Well, I'm still in South Korea. Still plugging away. Very grateful it's the weekend and not really in the mood to bore everyone with talk of such things, so instead, I have written BSG meta for the first time in ages. Hurrah!

Her model is weak / Your model is usually so hardcore. ORLY? )

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So, [ profile] projectjulie asked me - if I was sure that having a bizarre reversal of religious significance and making Kara a human, but a tool of the Cylon God and figure in Cylon scripture, while making Laura the final Cylon but still being a figure of religious significance to the humans and working to save them, was an awesome idea - how did Gaius Baltar fit in?

Because he's the other character with bizarre humanocylon religiousness going on.

So I figure: if we're using the Matrix as a metaphor - he's Agent Smith.

Srsly, stay with me here:

Spoilers for the Matrix Trilogy and BSG Season Four follow... )

Anyway, that was what I was thinking about last night!
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I haven't felt moved to write about Heroes this week, though I did enjoy it. Instead I'm going to tackle the few episodes of the Sarah Jane Adventures I've seen. Mild spoilers through the third episode follow!

Suddenly, the Slitheen are Scary! )

The Trouble with Tennant! )

Sarah Jane & Friendship with Kids! )

Sarah Jane & Friendship with Clyde! )

Take care y'all! :)

In other news I am knee-deep in Knights of the Old Republic II on XBoX. It's...well it's weird. I think it's breaking my brain. I can't decide if it's attrocious or horribly underrated. I'm leaning towards the former. It's like someone told the world's most epic, mythic, INCREDIBLE story to an idiot who thinks being cool is all about cliches and twin-customised-duel-wielding katanas and making angsty statements and being emo, and then that person made a video game.
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I'm sure I'm going to forget something. Surely I can't mention everything that happened in this episode. The long, serious meta comes last - see the LJ cut.

I'll start with Tigh. He murdered his wife. )

Kara next. She needs a Dad. )

Leoben. Needs his prophecies to be literally real more than he needs to be right about their interpretations. )

D'Anna is getting more and more interesting, but we're missing a key event. )

The Cylon Collective Parenting Scene. )

Gaius & Six are biding their time in my head. )

Brief Adama comment: )

Roslin's gorgeous, but that's nothing new. Tory, however, is very new. )

The Space Battle actually held my attention! )

Okay, now for some serious discussion inspired by [ profile] projectjulie's vlogs - anyone who hasn't should check them out. Especially the one about the girlslash goggles. (Unfortunately it doesn't explain how to take them back off).

Serious meta discussion about gender and reproductive politics in BSG. )

And that's all, folks!

(In case anyone was wondering this post has been edited like a million times because LJ cuts HATE ME.)

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