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SO GUYS! I'm still not dead, though still super busy. At least...MOST of the things I'm busy with are vid-related! And ALL of them are things I for later release so I can't post even the few that are done yet! But, um, I'm not as consumed by awful real life as it might seem by my silence here. More, consumed with a gabillionty geeky things that are taking my time away from DW/LJ right now.

ANYWAY, I bring you two important pieces of information:

1) VIDUKON! We have Friday night programming now! The con will officially be running over three days! A "stretch goal" met! If more of you sign up, we might be able to give you more FREE FOOD or something...

But also, THE PRICE WILL RISE SOON for attending registrations. On the 17th. So if you are mulling over coming (PLEASE COME, I WILL HUG YOU, no wait that sounds like a threat), you might want to do that soooooon.

*makes enticing gestures* We have vids?


Okay, everyone else is freaking out on the Veronica Mars kickstarter (which I never watched but I can imagine how exciting it is for those who did). So what am I doing? Pointing you all at a different one:

Dresden Codak.

It's the first volume of the Dresden Codak webcomic, in gorgeous hardbound print with some stellar additional bonuses at various reward levels.

Never heard of Dresden Codak? NO PROBLEM, because it's actually kind of depressingly short. It's been running for eight years, but the guy only updates it about once a month (though the strips are BIG - so you get the equivalent of several at once). This means you can catch up on the whole thing pretty quickly, and even if you're not interested in the kickstarter, I really DO recommend reading it, at least. It's pretty great.

As with many webcomics, it starts out with far less beautiful art than it ends up with, but by the end, the digitally painted style he's got going on is just breathtaking, as is the narrative and the world that slowly emerges as we move from one-shot gag strips, to complex, circular storylines, to one-shot gag strips with beautiful transhumanistic, thoughtful, philosophically surreal self-contained stories.

Like this one.

So you know, go read about the amazing, strange, uplifting, slightly sad adventures of Kimiko Ross, socially dysfunctional self-created cyborg girl, with reservations about reconciling quantum mechanics with Egyptian mythology...


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