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Firstly, I want to thank everyone who left me really nice messages over at QoT's looooove meme. You all really made my day, and I was having a shitty one, so thank you.

Secondly, I wanted to specifically thank the last anonymous person who said hello; I hope that if you ever do get an LJ, you feel free to friend me and I'm so glad that you enjoyed my stuff and that Battlestar Redactica resonated with you. I was wondering, err, did you want me to send you a copy of my crazy fan-made DVDs of the thing? If not, then, please don't feel bad or anything, but if so, I've screened all comments on this entry, so if you want to give me a postal address or an email address I can use to contact you to get a postal address, I'd be happy to throw you a set.

Speaking of...did anyone else want some? I'm not actually expecting a lot of interest here - I think most people who wanted some got some already.'s long enough after the fact now I'm pretty comfortable throwing this offer up unflocked (I mean, I was always unhappy with that method of offering anyway since my flist has never represented my reading list or all the people I think are cool). Sooo...yeah. Back when I made the BSR DVDs I made a few extras and most of them are still knocking around so if you want some, then leave me your address or a contact email in the screened comments. I don't have an infinite number though so in the unlikely event I get a bunch of people asking, um, first come first served?

ETA: Um, okay, apparently a small bunch of people do want them, which first off, yay, how flattering! :) I am now officially out of spares. However, investigation into my raw materials (cases, shiny printing paper, blank dvds, etc.) shows that I actually am not out of the things I thought I was out of, so I can make a few more sets at no extra cost and very little hassle to me, but it'll take me a day or two to get them in order. Also I forgot there are currently annoying postal strikes in the UK. This means that

1) still accepting requests for discs if anyone wants them - as I said, it's very little trouble now I know I was wrong about the materials situation, but
2) I'll probably be mailing them out next week some time - I'll email or PM you when yours goes out.
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I feel vaguely indulgent posting meta about Battlestar Redactica. And kind of guilty, like I'm cutting out everyone who hasn't seen it from the discussion.

But I figure I'm gonna have to get over the first issue, or what's the point? And the second issue, well, firstly it's kinda true and for that I apologise. But secondly, everything in Redactica comes from the original show. And I mean that more than literally because it's a re-edit. I mean that the only major changes are things vast tracts of fandom were expecting and then never got. So like, perhaps this can also read as AU speculation on themes and ideas that were/might have been present in canon and a discussion on what those might have meant/might still mean?

So. To get on with it -

Something rather extraordinary just happened here at [ profile] chaila43's journal. Somewhere in that mess of comments, [ profile] chaila43 and I, um, fix the Opera House in the context of Battlestar Redactica. I am still somewhat in shock.

Three reasons this explanation works. Spoiler: One is the moment Redactica became a shared universe. )

You guys. For the first time in so long I am excited about BSG Mythology.

All right. I've talked it up, I'd better explain what we made up.

Some background, discussion on having to use metaphor, and a quick recap of the last five minutes of BSR. )

What Chaila did that blew my mind: Who is the Revolution? What is hybridity? Life/Death & Human/Cylon. )

The Opera House is the cybrid event horizon; the point of no return. Sam's speech isn't just a prophecy regarding the shape of things to come, it's a welcome speech to the shape of things as they are right now, because it's already happened.

So, if, either coincidentally, or, as my preference, through the act of realisation and acceptance, Kara has effected the cybrid event horizon, how does that answer:

1) All those prophecies?
2) What the Opera House is and why everyone's chasing Hera?

[ profile] chaila43 and I were shocked to discover that upon positing each question against the above basic hypothesis, answers came very easily.

What is the Opera House? )

Why is everyone chasing Hera? )

Which only leaves;

You are the harbinger of death, Kara Thrace. You will lead them all to their end.

Is she? Does she? What's Kara's role? )

So there you have it folks.

Kara brings about the Cybrid Apocalypse because she accepts she's half robot and lets Baltar tell the fleet she's half dead. Same way she accidentally woke up the Five and gave everyone creepy visions about the day she'd bring about the Cybrid Apocalypse, otherwise known as Hera Agathon's Bright, Shiny Future.

Hera is the Revolution.

Athena doesn't want her three year old to be the Revolution.

Caprica shows Hera the Cybrid Event Horizon, but Laura's not allowed to set foot in it.

The Opera House is all things alive, dead, human, cylon and generally out of its mind, but at least Sam Anders is there to welcome us.

I'm....fairly impressed with us, myself.

[ profile] chaila43: If I got anything wrong or misrepresented your awesome opinions and ideas, please correct me.
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I'd like to point everyone in the direction of a Battlestar Redactica-compatible music video!

Order in the Sound by [ profile] chaila43.

I think this is absolutely fantastic.

Even if you haven't seen Battlestar Redactica and just watch this as a commentary on Kara's destiny pre-Daybreak, I think it works fabulously, although obviously I'm overjoyed that it was vidded intentionally as something else.

It centres on Kara, her destiny, her hybridity, her uncertainty, her place in an entropic and decaying universe.

This vid gives me a wonderful sense of forboding even as it manages to highlight all of the aspects of social hybridity in the last few episodes that I loved. Even as it provides me with a massive sense of peace and rightness that it's all decaying and crumbling together and heading down toward this single moment in an Opera House that's been gone for thousands of years.

I suppose it makes me think of the way I felt watching that final shot of 4x10 on NukedEarth. They had nothing; everything had crumbled and fallen away. But also, there were no lies anymore. There was a kind of comfort in having stripped everything away; of being at the very furthest edge of history before it all collapses, and finding that peace?

Or, you know, something less pretentious that will make you go WATCH THIS VID. Cus, um, clearly you all should!
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Heads up, guys! [ profile] cvm_productions has posted a bunch of DVD Extras for Battlestar Redactica including DVD Covers, an embarassingly stupid mockumentary, audio commentaries, and constructed deleted, alternate and future scenes, including woken-up Sam, creepy new planets, future!hybrid!kids and a brand new love interest for Lee!
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Battlestar Redactica: that fan-edited thing!.

Looks like someone fan-edited 4.5 to get rid of all the stupid bits and save numerous characters, themes and plots from FAIL.

I bet she has waaaay too much time on her hands and not enough common sense... ;)
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Okay so. When I started hating The X-Files, it was right around the time I fell for Farscape. When Farscape got axed BSG very kindly showed up to steal my heart. Now that BSG is over (and my heart is in tatters; nope, still not over the surreal anti-intellectual reactionary technophobic crap: after all the stuff it pulled and the wars fought in its name they should have kept the tech and thrown GOD into the sun) I find myself adrift.

My cunning plan was to jump on the Terminator train and develop wallow in an enormous crush on Agent Ellison and an intellectual crush on Weaver/Cameron/John Henry. However, it's looking increasingly and depressingly likely that it won't get renewed. *commences wailing*

And for real, I watch like, no television. Occasionally I'll catch an episode of House or Bones or something but other than that, my TV schedule consists pretty much exclusively of BSG, Terminator and, when it's on, Dexter. So I need advice on what to start watching next.

I know you can't force fannish love, but I can at least start, um, "seeing other shows," and finding out if there's a spark, right?

So, my personal ad! Sorta.

I am SOOOOO picky. Damn. )

I guess what I want is intelligent science fiction, with a side-order of character-arc and extra epic.

Do any of you know where I might be able to find such a thing these days?

* * *

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Okay so this week I've been totally without work which is irritating since I went through such angst to clarify my damn hours (I'm supposed to have three days a week), but they're shifting me between projects and the new one was supposed to be kicking off Wednesday except apparently not so I'm stuck with no work 'til Monday. Which isn't exactly horrific except I'm broke and could have done with the cash and am now in a weird interim am-I-on-the-dole-or-aren't-I? situation. But whatever...y'all aren't exactly interested in that.

What y'all are probably interested in is the fact that, driven by boredom, and the inability of my mind to quite comprehend the hilarious fail of the post-Earthfall Daybreak stuff, I have responded in the only sane way I can think of.

Motivational Posters! )


Honestly I feel a little mean about the Leetopia one and the Agriculture one because everyone seems to agree that Farmer!Gaius was the most moving thing in the episode, and I'm one of three people on the internet who really didn't see Lee's ending as a total tragedy. I mean, the part where he got far more idealistic than smart and threw everything INTO THE SUN was a tragedy, sure. But look at him in that field! He's so happy! And kind Looking forward. Sure it would have been nice if that had happened with a metaphorical moving away from Kara and his Dad rather than them turning into invisible pigeons and necrophiliac hermits, but whatever, I WANTED TO HUGGLE HIM.


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In my original post about the finale, I said I didn't know if I liked it or not. Well now I know. I don't like it. I was...unwilling, at the time, to make such sweeping statements when there were a lot of pretty images I liked, and an end idea I felt ought to mollify me more than it did.

It's been obvious for most of this week to anyone reading this journal that I didn't like it and am taking, um, extreme measures, to not let the distaste the finale left me with permanently affect my enjoyment of a show that was, more often than not, entirely excellent.

But I do feel, now, that I can talk a little more coherently about my issues with the thing.

Or rather, I can quote someone else's far more eloquent summation of the underlying issues with this sucker, and then comment on that.

This is Jacob from TWoP. Believe me; I'm as shocked to find myself agreeing with him again as you are. I really thought we'd gotten divorced too. )

Obviously I don't agree with everything, but the places I disagree pretty much sum up every OTHER reason I am unhappy. )

Jacob again on the Opera House of Pretty Stupidity. )

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Firstly I'm sorry for being very behind on replying to comments. My life is kind of crazy just now. Which is probably part of why I'm...feeling really weird about BSG.

The more I think about the finale, the more I'm disappointed in it, which...I really didn't think I would be. Because I'd lowered my expectations somewhat. But...I guess shit happens.

But I don't want to let it negatively affect my opinion of the entire show any more than I have to. So I am taking radical action and attempting to do something I hate doing: instituting personal canon. I'm just flat out refusing to acknowledge parts of it happened.

(Except I totally WILL acknowledge them at times because I'm like that and will callously appropriate visuals for vids. I mean I actually, if I have the heart to do it, even have a 4.5-centric vid in the works.)

But basically this is now my canon:

Mini - 4x11 Sometimes a Great Notion + No Exit.

Plus selected background scenes of awesome Cylon integration like the Cylons on the memorial wall. Or sitting in the Pilot briefing room with Starbuck in the gorgeous teaser to Someone to Watch Over Me.

Plus the moment Kara starts playing All Along the Watchtower and then plays her father's music to Sam.

Though really, if pressed, I'd just cut that down to Mini - 4x11 + 4x15 as the bonus backstory episode. I just want to save the two semi-decent things that came after (cylons on the memorial wall & Kara and her piano-playing.)

This means that:

1) Nicky is still a cybrid. ETA And Cally's suicidal/infanticidal behaviour makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE. /ETA.
2) Liam is still alive.
3) Ellen Tigh is still awesome and I can still love Saul.
4) Tory is still kick ass and leading and stuff on the basestar.
5) Massive implication that Daniel is Kara's father.
6) Boomer is more interesting this way. (I actually didn't mind her double-double cross but her final triple-cross was highly meh.)

I'm also vaguely considering canonising the very last two minutes of the finale because I actually liked that bit and without the sucky prior context of anti-technological and ONLY ONE HYBRID crap it's a fun fourth-wall break.

So it's like, we finish at 4x11 and then we have these floating pieces - No Exit, Kara playing the piano, Cylons on the memorial wall, a completely contextless suggestion that we're all hybrids. Like a trailer for the awesome this season could have been without the suck factor?

And I'm kind of totally okay with the lack of concrete answers since BSG disappointed me so hard with them and I'm now thinking, it's a far better show when it's just asking questions and inventing insane shit with no reason behind it.



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