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SO! A Year In Vidding. Which I haven't done nearly enough of this year, but all the same -

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Quantum Theory [Once Upon A Time] [Ensemble]


Machine [Mass Effect] [Commander Shepard, Transhumanism]


Techno Groove [Electra Woman & Dyna Girl] [Ensemble] [collaboration with [personal profile] cyborganize]

Matches to Paperdolls [The Great Queen Seon Deok] [Deokman, Mishil]

Bite of the Great White [Once Upon A Time] [Regina/Evil Queen]



Fade Out [Martian Successor Nadesico] [Ensemble]

Okay, I'm gonna say Machine, because it really is one of the few vids I've ever made that just says exactly what I wanted it to, in the way I wanted, when I started out. I sort of wish I could pick Matches to Paperdolls, just because that was definitely my favourite new fandom I found this year, but really, when I watch that, I'm left with the feeling that there was so much MORE intricacy and theme I wish I'd been able to fit in, whereas I finish watching Machine and I feel a sense of resolution.

Least Favourite
Urgh, always the difficult one. Probably Fade Out because there's a lot about it I like but it never completely came together - I was working on it for months but so slowly, like a few hours a week, because I was...lost I guess. I had a clear emotion I wanted to get across but nothing else was clear. I've loved this show for probably close to ten years, and I've vaguely, vaguely wanted to vid it for a very long time - even had the song in mind. But ultimately I think I made it because I wanted to get the idea stowed away not because it had to be done now and I said. I don't hate it - I actually have a strong sense of satisfaction that it's done because I don't think waiting any longer would have made it any better. But I don't have that same feeling from the vid itself. It feels like it's...80% there and that makes me sad because it deserves better.

Most Successful
I'm never sure what this one means, exactly, but I'm going to pick Quantum Theory, because in addition to being the most well-received in terms of volume of comments (which is a brutally simplistic measurement, but still one to be noted), I also think that it managed to convey the fusion of scientific and magical metaphors to the audience really well, based on response, which I was very afraid it wouldn't manage to do.

Most Underappreciated by the Universe
Matches to Paperdolls, for reasons I understand, because it's a vid to a South Korean historical drama that's sixty-two hours long that nearly no one I know had ever even heard of and I couldn't even tell you why I decided to watch the whole thing, except that it was one of the best decisions I made this year (not that the bar this year has been very high, but that's a whole 'nother post...)

So I guess it just makes me sad because I honestly think that this show deserves an epic fandom that transcends its country of origin, and sad for the vid because unlike some other less popular shows I've vidded in the past, this is the kind of vid you really need context to appreciate.

Most Fun Video

Vid with the Single Sexiest Moment
You know, it occurs to me now that I haven't made any specifically romantic vids this year; probably the closest I've come is a vid about Mishil and Deokman's epic power battle, but that's a show where the sexiest moment in its 62 hours is UNSOLICITED SUDDEN HUGGING, so you know, we should probably move on from that.

I'm actually gonna give this to Machine, and in the tradition of previous years, I will split this into sexiest sexy moment and sexiest editing moment.

Sexiest sexy moment goes to the right-before-a-kiss at 3:02, and sexiest editing moment goes to the completed N7 symbol on Legion's chest at 1:55, cus that weren't easy, kidlets!

Biggest Vid Fail
Um, probably only making 6 vids? Which I suppose isn't dire, but it's less than I'm used to. I'm concerned my output slowing will continue because I don't want to stop being a vidder but also I watch less than I did, I seem to have less time, my editing program grinds to a halt more with prettier codecs but I'm unwilling to move backwards and use uglier ones for a faster vidding experience...

I'm also not sure I'd call it a fail because, well, I vidded what I wanted to, but I am amused that I managed to pair my low-output year with a whole bunch of obscure fandoms... ;)

Hardest Video to Make
Practically, Machine because of the difficulties in finding source, and then the necessity of actually clipping the source, which I'm not used to, plus there wasn't a huge amount, but it was the vid this year with the most technical editing trickery.

Psychologically, probably Fade Out for reasons I already discussed a little, but mostly because I really wanted the vid to exist but didn't have a clear enough vision for what it should be, and so I kept stalling and putting it off. But I am glad it's finished now.

Most Unintentionally Telling Video
Aha! For once I feel I have a vid that fits! I'm going to choose Bite of the Great White because it made me realise how much I adore Regina. Before that I knew I liked her but not enough that she would be the one to throw off my vidding schedule by DEMANDING a song be vidded to her. After making this I'm kind of okay with just revelling in my adoration of her character (and being confused by all the people in fandom who want to either excuse her villainy or dismiss her complexity, because why would you want to get rid of the two most interesting things about her?!)

Things I've Learned
Hmm, okay, two things.

1) That taking the time to make small technical tweaks; to go, "this transition isn't working, what if I add a little blur or motion," is totally worth it even if it's not hugely visible in the end result. But also that it's not worth doing if stuff is working. Basically, that it's good to have a toolbox but it doesn't always need to be opened.

2) It's okay to just vid the weird stuff you want to vid. I do feel a little sad at not having been able to share quite so much of my work with as wide an audience this year because I haven't been in many mainstream fandoms (I feel off Fringe and Doctor Who, for instance), but at the end of the day, I still chose to vid Korean sageuk drama and 15 year old anime series and craptacular 70s scifi and I think I'm happier having done that than I would have been if I'd made myself watch Doctor Who and vid that when I hadn't authentically wanted to. I've always said I vid for the fun of vidding what I want, not for the volume of comments, but I also always wondered if that were really true. Well, I think I have learned that, while lack of interaction does make me slightly sad, it basically is true. I'm happy with the vidding choices I made this year.

Things to Work On
Finding time and inspiration to vid a bit more next year. Or at least vid faster. I seriously don't know what happened to me this year... o.O

AND THERE WE GO. Meme complete.

As always, if anyone has any questions about any of my vids or the process of making them, please feel free to ask! :D

Date: 2012-12-30 05:21 am (UTC)
chaila: Diana SWORDFIGHTING in a BALLGOWN. (tscc/fringe - sarah/olivia)
From: [personal profile] chaila
Dude, I just realized that I'm familiar with NONE of the fandoms you vidded this year. O_o. Not that that's a particularly significant piece of information, or that I didn't enjoy the vids anyway (Machine in particular was gorgeous on a big screen!), but it was sort of startling to realize. I envy your ability to be zen about your vidding choices and I shall try to learn this from you!

It's also so strange, I also feel like I'm not vidding very much, but I think I still made more vids than anyone else I've seen doing this meme. So maybe we're just leveling off to a more sane output level? It seems clear I will never again vid as much as I did, or as easily as I did, in the first year after I discovered it.

People keep saying awesome things about Regina and making me want to try that show again. Except...idk.

I really wanted the vid to exist but didn't have a clear enough vision for what it should be

THIS. I really need to find a way to clarify some ideas I have so I don't hit this wall. Though at this point, when I know this will be a problem, I just don't start the vid at all, and that's obviously not the answer!

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