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SO! Okay, sorry guys - I've been totally awol. It's been a manic few weeks - increasingly untenable current employment situation, external audits, interviews, NEW JOB (start in a month), boy getting a job for the first time in a very long time (exciting but emotionally exhausting), Vidukon organising, Vidukon panel making things, Vidukon premiere making things, AND MOST INTERESTINGLY, the thing I'll talk about in a second.

The point being, I've been all over the place the last couple of weeks and fell really behind on my flist. Please let me know if there's anything important I've missed and sorry for being so awol.

BUT! The exciting news!

I was given the opportunity to create an official trailer for My So Called Secret Identity - the new web comic from pop culture academic and professional Batman fan, Will Brooker!

If you go to the main page, my trailer is RIGHT THERE in awesome glory. Hopefully it will do its job and make you want to check out the comic itself (first issue available now, free of charge!) which is a superhero comic about a woman with no super powers, you know, except that she's really, really smart. It's a look at the genre without women in fridges, bathing suit costumes, or damsels in distress.

Anyway, check it out! I'm pretty excited I got the chance to do it:

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